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No grounds for mayor's demands

At least Mayor Brandon Johnson is consistent. He opposes the police fighting crime in Chicago and he opposes Israeli soldiers fighting Hamas.

The Chicago mayor knows who elected him and it sure as hell wasn’t the voters of the city, but the organized political machine of the Left, the unions and canvassers, the radicals who hate police and want the city to burn. In a recent poll, only 21% of Chicago voters approve of the job Johnson is doing running the city into the ground while 70% rated him poorly.

Only 7% of those surveyed rated Johnson’s performance as mayor as “excellent” with another 14% rating it as “good.” The remaining 69% either rated Johnson’s performance “only fair” (27%) or “poor” (43%) or said they “didn’t know” (10%). Among Black men, 14% rated Johnson’s performance as “excellent or good,” with 67% branding the work he’s done as mayor as “fair or poor.” Johnson got a “fair or poor” job rating from 75% of white registered voters surveyed and 69% of Latinos questioned.


A previous poll had him at 28%, only 1% ahead of Lightfoot’s low, but now he’s below that.

So Johnson is pandering to his real electorate which loves Hamas and wants to see more dead Jews. And so he made sure to get a resolution passed for a “ceasefire”: a misleading term for letting Hamas kill Jews while Israel is not allowed to fight back.

In an ugly mob scene in Chicago, Muslim terrorist supporters jeered Ald. Debra Silverstein, Chicago’s only Jewish city councilor, when she told the truth about the big lie of a ‘ceasefire’.

In the end, Mayor Johnson cast the tie-breaking vote to oppose Israel’s campaign against Hamas.

Some councilmembers wondered why Chicago was busy talking about Gaza.

Ald. Desmon Yancy (5th) lamented that the City Council has spent so much time debating the ceasefire resolution rather than on addressing long-standing problems at home in Chicago, such as violent crime, noting two teens were shot and killed just blocks from City Hall last week while leaving school.

“I wish there was as much concern for the victims and survivors of senseless violence in the city as there is for senseless violence in and around Gaza. I also wish there was similar concern for the dozens of missing Black women and girls declared missing on the South and West Sides,” he said.

But that’s exactly what Johnson doesn’t want to talk about.

Not with 148 shot just in January alone. 6 people were shot and killed in just this week alone. Instead, Johnson is pandering to the only people who elected him and who can save him.

America’s foreign and domestic enemies.


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