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2021 has come to an end and with it, another tumultuous year filled with pandemics of sickness and of hatred.

Because in 2021, 74% of all resolutions passed in the United Nations Generally Assembly were against Israel – a country with just 0.11% of the world’s population. And by doing so they have slandered all Jewish people of the world – a population making up less than .2% of the world’s population.


Think about that for a moment.

With all the evil despots in the world presiding over all those countries that have no human rights, no rights for women, no protection for the vulnerable, they have decided to single out the only Jewish country on earth – a country so small it can fit into Egypt – just one Arab state – 50 times! A country so small that the Arab world is over 600 times bigger!
And yet… in the past few days, 125 countries in the United Nations Generally Assembly, voted to fund an open-ended probe, initially launched by the United Nations Human Rights Council, into investigating “Israeli human rights violations.”

Do you know what an open-ended probe is?

It’s a probe that will never end! Or in other words – a witch hunt.

Despite the many resolutions passed against Israel over the years, there has never been such an investigation ever levelled against any other UN member state.


Should we be surprised?
No, because unfortunately, it is part of a long history to try to eradicate the Jewish presence on earth.

–The Babylonians destroyed our First Temple and expelled us from our land – and yet we came back.
–The Romans destroyed our Second temple, renamed our country and also expelled us from our land, and yet we returned.
–Some of the early Fathers of the Church preached that we were a “rejected people” destined to disappear or exist only in misery, yet we did not disappear.
–Pogrom after pogrom took place in Europe against us, murdering our men and our women and our children, and yet we remained alive.
–And who can even count the number of countries that expelled us including those “enlightened” ones like France or Britain, banishing us from their shores, yet to their great distress, we did not fade away.
–Christian and Muslim empires rose, determined to forcibly convert us out of existence, yet we remained defiant and stubborn. Those empires are now gone.
–The Soviets tried to prevent us from practising our way of life, our faith, our language, our customs, our traditions, but they failed, and our traditions live on.
–The Nazis threw all their resources at us even while losing the war, desperately trying to physically eliminate us from this earth. But as strong as they were – they too failed.
–And the Arab world dreamed of pushing us into the sea, soaking our land of milk and honey with the blood of our children. But it too was a dream that failed.

Over thousands and thousands of years, some of the most powerful empires on earth did everything they could with all their vast resources, their vast powers, their vast strength to make us, a tiny nation, disappear… and yet we’re still here.

In each and every generation, we are faced with adversity – from hypocritical preachers to vicious dictators to bogus human rights committees, the attempts to eliminate us have not diminished, nor will they in the future.

And yet, with all that has occurred, we are still here!

So this is not a time for despair, but for optimism and hope.

Because we are a people of hope. And of pride. And of truth.
We need to remain strong in our beliefs – our beliefs in each other and the good people of this world that support us, for our faith is unwavering as is the knowledge of our place in the world – and that self-belief is our greatest strength of all.


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Justin Amler is a noted South African born, Australia-based writer and commentator on international issues.