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A fascinating exchange is going on in the Twitterverse.

Hamas’s online Jihadi supporters and groupies are desperately trying to differentiate between their support for Hamas and supporting ISIS. It appears that supporting ISIS, even among these radicals, is not yet 100% acceptable (but give it a year, and it will be), probably because of the beheading.

An example of someone tweeting the difference between Hamas and ISIS.

When confronted by pro-Israel Twitter activists comparing Hamas to ISIS, the affronted Hamas Jihadi supporters try to backpedal and claim that Hamas and ISIS are not similar at all, and they don’t support ISIS, only Hamas.

The primary proof they’ve use is that ISIS is expansionist, and Hamas (they claim) isn’t.

In reality, besides the color of their flags, its impossible to really differentiate between the two.

Both want to create Islamic states. Both brutally murder, torture and oppress their political and religious opponents and citizens. Both use and brutalize children. Both drag dead bodies (they killed) through the streets. Both hate Israel. Both promote Jihad. Both are Islamic.

In truth, the online Jihadi supporters raise an important point. There is one fundamental difference between the two terror organizations / Islamic states.

ISIS is interested in setting up a Global Caliphate, whereas Hamas would be satisfied with setting up an Islamic state only where the State of Israel exists today.

So, could it then be that the fundamental difference is not actually between Hamas and ISIS, but rather with these Hamas supporters?

These Jihadi supporters only want the Jews and Israel destroyed, but don’t necessarily want an Islamic Caliphate in their own backyard (NIMBY).

Apparently, even the Red-Green alliance (Radical Left + Islam) has its limits.

These social media activists don’t seem to grasp that their double-standard political position (only kill the Jews, but not the whole world) is not as morally superior as they think it is.


Video: Hamas prefers cutting off legs, not heads (and that makes Hamas morally superior?)


Here’s Prime Minister Netanyahu also comparing ISIS to HAMAS:


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  1. You know what’s really funny? Israel is the country that’s aimlessly murdering loads of innocent people in this conflict and you call Hamas and all Muslims satanic. What also really amuses me, is that you clearly have never read the Quran or paid attention to recent news, where both Islam and the most respected and prominent Muslim religious leaders have all condemned ISIS, support for them and funding for them. What some people are thinking now, by the way, is that ISIS will stretch across Syria and into Gaza and eventually try and take down Hamas.

  2. well said david huebner, muslim=satan. It’s pretty easy to see that the only religious groups shown persecution throughout the world are judaism and christianity, every other religion, no matter how strange, is granted tolerance and even applauded.

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