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Leftist Anti-violence protest in Tel Aviv

It pains me that I even have to write a post like this, but with the latest Left-wing hatefest starting up (and it isn’t even October yet), it’s unfortunately needed.

The Left have cynically begun to use the murder of the infant Ali Saad Dawabsha from Duma and the attack at the gay parade to paint the settlers, the religious and the right as evil incarnate.


Last night, rallies were held in response to the attack on the gay parade and the murder of the Arab child.

At the rally, right-wing politicians, such as Yuval Steinitz (Likud) were heckled, Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) was told he wasn’t welcome and MK Yinon Magal (Bayit Yehudi) claims he was subtly threatened with physical violence if he dared show up.

The Left talk peace and tolerance, but far too often that tolerance only extends to those that think like them, the rest they would prefer to silence.

But where were all the Left-wing rallies calling for Arab peace and tolerance these past few months as Arabs were attacking and murdering Jews?

I don’t want to talk about proportionality, because murder is murder and is unacceptable, but right now I think it’s important to publish the list below, as entire communities get painted black by left-wing pundits, protesters and politicians.

That first list are all the Arab children killed by Jewish terrorists over the past 25 years or so.

The second list are all the Israeli (Jewish and Arab) children killed by Arab terrorists over the same period, many of them by terrorists enabled through the Oslo Accords foisted on us by the Left.

Arab children killed by Jewish terrorists – 2
Muhammad Abu-Khdeir, age 16
Ali Saad Dawabsha, age 1 (possibly by Jews)

Israeli children (Jews and Arabs) killed by Arab terrorists – 177

Please note, this list of children murdered does not count the times Jewish children were specifically targeted but only adults were killed… for instance, the Kfar Darom school bus hit by roadside bomb (Nov. 20, 2000).

Leo Alexander Sendler, age 5
Gabriel Sendler, age 3
Daniel Aryeh Viflich, age 16
Elad Fogel, age 4
Hadas Fogel, age 1
Yoav Fogel, age 10
Jonathan Palmer, age 1
Shlomo Nativ, age 13
Segev Peniel Avihayil, age 15
Yonatan Yitzhak Aldar, age 16
Yonadav Haim Hirschfeld, age 18
Neria Cohen, age 15
Yochai Lifshitz, age 18
Avraham David Moses, age 16
Roey Aaron Roth, age 18
Anas Awisat, age 18
Khaled al Ziyadat, age 12
Fathi Assadi, age 4
Eliyahu Pinchas Ashrai, age 18
Raviah Taluzi, age 6
Mahmoud Taluzi, age 4
Mazal Zaribi, age 15
Daniel Welch, age 16
Muhammad Hamudi Faoure, age 17
Dua Abbas, age 16
Amir Naim, age 17
Shaked Lasker, age 16
Omar Manasseh Visachov, age 8
Ella Abuksis, age 17
Rachel Helli Ben-Abu, age 16
Oz Yisraeli Ben-Meir, age 14
Nufar Hurvitz, age 16
Avihay Levy, age 16
Aviad Yehuda Mansour, age 15
Yuval Ababa, age 4
Afik ZahaviOhayon, age 3
Lior Azulai age 18
Aviel Yitzchak Atash, age 3
Khalil Zatunyah, age 9
Dorit Masrat Binsan, age 2
Ronnie Sarah Hatuel, age 6
Meirav Rachel Hatuel, age 2
Hilo Esther Hatuel, age 10
Hadar Simcha Hatuel, age 9
Binaya Yonatan Zuckerman, age 18
Lior Liorinkha Niv age 3
Gilad Giladi Niv, age 11
Qamar abu-Hamed, age 13
Shaked Avraham, age 1
Tomer Almog, age 9
Haviv Dadon, age 16
Benjamin Bergman, age 15
Avraham Bar-Or, age 12
Samuel Zargary, age 1
Noya Zer-Aviv, age 1
Liran Zer-Aviv, age 4
Erez Gizro Hershkowitz, age 18
Tom Hershko, age 15
Daniel Harush, age 16
Shmuel Taubenfeld, age 1
Moran Menachem, age 17
Yuval Mendelevich, age 13
Abigail Leital, age 14
Noam Leibowitz, age 7
Samich Sarsur, age 10
Muhammad Sarsur, age 12
Tehilla Natnazan, age 3
Elisheva Mashulmi, age 16
Elizabeth Liz Katzman, age 19
Assag Balondi Tzur Tzolinger, age 17
Smadar Firsteter, age 16
Assaf Shteir, age 10
Issachar Dov Reinitz, age 9
Tal Kerman, age 17
Shani Avitzedek Abotzedakah, age 16
Osnat Abramov, age 16
Matan Ohayon, age 5
Noam Levy Ohayon, age 4
Yael Ohana, age 11
Orly Ophir, age 15
Noa Auerbach, age 18
Dvir Anter, age 14
Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu, age 1
Lidor Ilan, age 11
Oriya Ilan, age 1
Gal Eisenman, age 5
Galila Bogela, age 11
Hodaya Hodiyosh Asraf, age 13
Noi Anter, age 12
Shoval Tzion Dickstein, age 9
Elmer Dazbrailov, age 16
Adi Dahan, age 17
Yehonatan Gamliel, age 16
Hadar Hershkowitz, age 14
Rachel Gila Teller, age 16
Gabriel Choter, age 17
Shmuel Efraim Yerushalmi, age 17
Atara Libna, age 15
Rachel Heli Levy, age 17
Shiraz Nechmad, age 6
Shaul Nechmad, age 15
Liran Nechmad, age 3
Avraham Eliyahu Nechmad, age 16
Baruch Asher Zvi Marcus, age 18
Aviha Malka, Age 1
Nehemia Amar, age 15
Lino Sarussi, age 14
Avraham Yosef Haim Sitton, age 17
Gaston Farfi Farfiniel, age 15
Ilan Perlman, age 8
Aharon Mordechai Eric Karogliak, age 18
Sinai Keinan, age 1
Tal Zvi Talik Kurzweil, age 18
Ran Korn, age 18
Gal Korn, age 14
Assaf Moses Tzfira, age 18
Abraham Neriah Shebo, age 16
Avishai Joseph Shebo, age 5
Keren Shatsky, age 14
Netanel Riahi, age 17
Erez Shlomo Rond, age 18
Ofer Ron, age 18
Yafit Revivo, age 14
Daniel Bat-El Shefi, age 5
Adi Shiran, age 17
Sarah Tiferet Shilon, age 1
Gilad Stiglitz, age 14
Tzvi Yaakov Yisrael Shebo, age 12
Hadas Turgeman, age 14
Michael Szerszevski, age 16
Assaf Avitan, age 15
Irina Osdetchi, age 18
Yosef Ish-Ran, age 14
Yossi Elezra, age 18
Yuri Gostz’inm age 18
Marina Berkovsky, age 17
Shoshana Rachel Shushi Ben-Yishai, age 16
Adam Weinstein, age 14
Israel Yaakov Danino, age 17
Jenia Dorfman, age 16
Ido Cohen, age 18
Maria Tegiltzab, age 14
Tamar Mesengiser, age 8
Jacob Koby Mandell, age 13
Aliza Malka, age 16
Mariana Medvedenko, age 16
Naftali Ben-Zion Lentzakron, age 13
Ronen Landau, age 17
Alexei Lufalo, age 17
Raya Sachiweschurder, age 14
Hemda Bracha Sachiweschurder, age 2
Abraham Yitzchak Sachiweschurder, age 4
Irina Nafomniastzi, age 16
Raisa Nemirovsky, age 15
Yerena Nemilov, age 18
Julia Nemilov, age 16
Avraham Nahman Avrum Nichni, age
Shalhebet Tehiya Pas, age 1
Yair Amar, age 13
Julia Yael Sklianik, age 15
Liana Sakian, age 16
Michal Sarah Raziel, age 16
Malki Chana Roth, age 15
Eliran Rosenberg, age 14
Simona Rodin, age 18
Menashe Manny Regev, age 14
Katrina Arias, age 15
Anya Aniota Kazachkov, age 16
Golan Turgeman, age 15
Yocheved Shushan, age 10
Judah Shoham, age 1
Ophir Rachum, age 17
Gil-Ad Shaar, age 16
Naftaly Frenkel, age 16
Adelle Biton, age 4
Yael Botwin, age 14
Chaya Zissel Braun, age 3 months


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  1. Yes, get the list out, plus the children killed in Rome and other various terrorist actions, in Italy and Europe now, let s make the list, and get the hell out of those Fakestinians and hamas-stininas, musliminians, islaminians etc…

  2. Plus add please, Stefano Tache’ a little Jewish boy, killed inside the synagogue in Rome, by a few Fakestinians, that trew a Molotov inside the synagogue…also burned alive, and this innocent angel had absolutely nothing to do with the fakies…

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