Photo Credit: Edi Israel/Flash90
At least five people were killed n a terrorist attack in a synagogue in Jerusalem. / Edi Israel/Flash90

The photo above is of one of the three Israeli-Arab men who were transported to Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon on Sunday.

The Israeli-Arab men were at the Erez Crossing along the Gaza border when they came under a Hamas mortar barrage.


It’s not incidental that I point out that the three men who were injured are Israeli Arabs, and members of the same family too.

Because it’s not coincidental that they were all at the Erez Crossing when it came under fire.

The men were there to pick up and transfer their injured relatives from Gaza, and bring them into Israel for medical treatment.

Hamas knows what goes in and out at Erez, and Hamas knew these Gazans would be crossing at that time at the Erez junction, and Hamas knew they were going to be picked up by their relatives.

So when Hamas opened fire at the Erez crossing, Hamas was purposely targeting their own citizens they knew would be there, and openly vulnerable to the attack.

The Israeli-Arabs who were injured today, were injured by Hamas who had purposely targeted them, just as Hamas had previously turned their Gazan relatives into human sandbags, to be injured or killed in the battle with Israel.

I don’t know how to state it more clearly, that an enemy like Hamas can not be negotiated with. It can only, and should only, be eradicated.


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  1. It is the Western media that need to see this. The UK’s TV channels that broadcast biased reports and lay the emphasis on Israel for blame. It is our politicians that say nothing. It is Obama for manipulating Israel to submit to Hamas, thus encouraging Hamas to continue their murdering and barbaric acts. Why won’t the West see that there is a clash of civilisations? The Islamists want to return to the 7th century to avenge their honour, and the West thinks that they can ‘negotiate’ with these evil people. When will they get it? When it’s too late…..

  2. Negotiations with the devil…it just won’t work…never has…never will!!! I agree with Sylvie Schapia. Here’s my problem…the leaders don’t live in tents in the desert. They live in luxury sometimes NOT even in their own country. GOD is about to step in ad clean up this mess. HIS WORD is final even if you don’t believe in IT.

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