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People stranded at Ben-Gurion airport after anarchy supporters shut down the country. March 27, 2023.

Yesterday was a day of reckoning for Israel. A small group of anarchists and power-elites held the entire country hostage, shutting down airports, hospitals, and malls. Chain stores shuttered their gates. Unions went on strike, and the economy and security of the nation hung in the balance.

But while this criminal extortion requires its own analysis, discussion and solution, there’s another group that’s been held hostage for far too long: the Zionist-Left.


The truth is that while most of the Right are not pleased with Bibi’s decision to slow down the passing of judicial reforms, they understand the importance of consensus-building as a stable way to run a country.

Meanwhile, the Zionist-Left has been unable to break free from the leadership of the anarchists Barak, Lapid, and Michaeli (BLM), who have held them captive for months.

It’s time to call out the hypocrisy of demanding the Right negotiate, only to refuse to come to the table while trying to impose anti-democratic preconditions.

Bibi slowed down the reforms until the summer Knesset session, giving Gantz’s Zionist-Leftwing party a chance to escape BLM’s clutches and openly negotiate (he had been forced to negotiate in secret until now).

Thanks to Bibi’s leadership, the anarchists are now on the defensive. Their indefensible actions yesterday infuriated and scared every sane person in the country.

Their hostage-taking was a wake-up call for the need for even broader and deeper reforms.

Moreover, yesterday’s massive demonstration of public support for the reforms was undeniable.

This morning, Netanyahu had Rothman’s judicial reform bill moved to the Knesset for immediate voting in case talks break down, sending a clear message that he hasn’t accepted any preconditions, while he is still willing to talk, as has been clear all along.

And this is acceptable to Gantz, who hasn’t even complained about the “technical” move.

Because Bibi liberated Gantz who is now free to negotiate and fight for his own policies, without being chained to the anarchists and Ehud Barak.

Gantz is the head of the alt-opposition, out from under Lapid’s thumb.

Let’s be clear: Two sides won. The Zionist-Right and the Zionist-Left, and most importantly the anarchists lost.

It’s time to move forward with consensus-building and constructive dialogue, rather than allowing a small group of extremists to hold the entire nation hostage.

We all know real judicial reforms are needed to end the judicial oligarchy and the tyranny of the Legal Advisors and save our democracy.

Hopefully, Gantz, will approach the negotiations with the needed courage and foresight that the moment requires.

And if not, Rothman’s watered down bill is ready to be voted on.


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