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Soldiers and Citizens at the Gush Etzion Junction. December 03, 2015

Gideon Levy of Ha’aretz wants to know what we Settlers think when we drive through the Gush Etzion junction and see the army garrison it’s become.

For Levy, that the junction has become a military zone is proof to him that we Jews don’t belong here as the Arabs will never give up their right to try to kick us out and kill us. He sees a violent, fearful state “that insists on living by the sword.”


But that’s not what we Jews see.

We see an Arab society that is just as evil and sick as it was back in 1929 when they massacred and wiped out the ancient Jewish community of Hebron. You know, back when we didn’t have a sword to live by, much less settlers and a state.

And we remember 1948, when the Arabs destroyed the Jewish communities of Gush Etzion, massacring 240 men and women.

So when we see the heavily guarded Gush Etzion junction in 2016 and the ongoing Arab terror attacks, we see that the Arabs still haven’t changed.

But we have…

In 2016 we are prepared, and more importantly, able to fight for what is ours.

We see our soldiers standing firm, prepared to kill any Arab terrorist trying to murder us.

This isn’t the Gush Etzion of 1948 which Levy pines for.

But admittedly, we are also dismayed by what we see.

Two or three years ago, most of the soldiers we saw at the Gush Etzion junction were there to drink coffee and eat cake at the Pina Chama – the free coffee stop for soldiers.

But not anymore, and that’s a sign of failure of our political leaders.

The need to station so many armed soldiers at the Gush Etzion junction is a result of their failure to deal with the root of the problem.

It means our deterrence has deteriorated.

Our political leaders are afraid to fight to win. They’re so terrified of winning they instead build more Iron Domes, they put up more concrete barriers and they pave more bypass roads.

Instead of acting on offense, cleaning out the source of this evil, which includes the Palestinian Authority, we play defense, defense and more defense.

The IDF’s overnight pinpoint operations are like trying to empty a swimming pool with a thimble.

And by the way, this policy isn’t fair to the members of the Arab communities who don’t support terror, when we don’t uproot the terrorist families living in their midst.

So to answer Gideon Levy, when we see the army garrison at the Gush Etzion junction, we see our strength and our will to live. And to answer Gideon Levy, when we see the army garrison at the Gush Etzion junction, we see the strength that our leaders are too terrified to use.


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  1. Why does the government not stop these attacks by not returning bodies for a heroes burial, but instead smear the bodies with pork fat and blood and burn the bodies. Dont they get it, that Muslims beleive in marterdom and reward of 72 virgins and this action will put an immediate stop to attacks.

  2. Gideon Levy also doesn't see Kapo's who though that they can outlive their persecuters. In the end, the Nazi's killed them all anyway. Too bad Levy will never see that. There's nothing more sicker than a person who is sick and thinks he's healthy!

  3. Hadara, we are all angry and want to vent our rage, but remember that we must not comedown to their level – lower than the gutter. We may not be able to control what they do, but we can control what we say. I think we need to send emails to our government. To protest loudly, that is one course of action. If enough of us do this, perhaps they make take some notice….

  4. I don't see the political leaders as weak; they are slowly, sometimes not so slowly (Gaza every couple years), committing genocide on the Arabs, and over time, will win in their goal to eleminate the Palestinians, no matter that 170 countries say….that apartheid is illegal. (And, don't forget the massacre of Deir Yassin, which needed to be mentioned in this article.) I was recently in Israel and Palestine and one thing I will never forget: to every Israeli Jew I asked, "Do you ever go to the West Bank?" the answer was, "Of course not, they want to kill me!" What was interesting was that everyone of these people (of all ages) looked at me as though I were crazy to ask such an unthinkable question. When I told one woman I was going to Tul Karem, she looked at me with horror and said,
    "But that's an Arab village!" You should know what I discovered, the vast majority of Palestinians do not want to kill Jews but would like to live freely and in peace. There are hot-heads on both sides, but those are the folks who need to be ignored…the rest of both peoples could get along just fine. Too bad leaders in many countries are war-like (look at the United States and all their illegal wars and destruction of several countries in the middle-east, for example). As for me, I'm pro-children and think they should all grow up without being taught hate.

  5. I don't know which miffs me more:Sylvie's patronizing or you disgusting troll. You have no life if all you do is read Israeli and Jewish newspapers and comment with ridiculous remarks about what YOU think is going on in Gaza. You're truly pathetic! Actually, the choice is easy. Congratulations, Gerry!

  6. Gerry Hawke SO you think I should worry what you think of me? People like you don't like to see us Jews defend ourselves. You're happy to swallow whatever garbage is out there without an critical reflection at all. Go ahead, I'm not stopping you from keeping your own false convictions and remaining a whore to the media. Just realize when you point at us, you've still got 3 other fingers pointing back at yourself. You bleeding hearts disgust me, and all you're doing is infantilizing the arabs. So get on with your impressive little self and may I suggest contemplating the negativity the Pals and the Muslims soil the world with. It's probably more in keeping with your level of gullibility.

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