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Cosplay protesters against fixing the judicial system. March 28, 2023
The hypocrisy of the leaders of the anti-democracy coup, and the media, screams to high heavens.
They have brainwashed people to believe that the judicial reform would destroy Israeli democracy, the IDF and the economy.
Guess what? There is no judicial reform.
But guess what has destroyed Israeli democracy?
The anti-democratic protest movement that has proven that an elite few can stop a democratic process by a democratically elected government voted in to implement judicial reform, by scaring the masses with a fear campaign of misinformation.
Guess what has destroyed the unity of the IDF?
The anti-democratic protest movement that had high-level IDF and security officials threatening to refuse to serve, even refusing to bomb Iran if ordered to do so to defend Israel.
Guess what has hurt the Israeli economy?
The anti-democratic protest movement that had Israeli investors and CEOs pull out money from Israel. Foreign investors didn’t pull out money, Israelis did!!! They succeeded in hurting Israel economically more than the anti-Israel BDS movement, over years.
Guess what has now endangered Israel like never before militarily and diplomatically?
Iran knowing that our air force pilots might disobey orders to bomb Iran. And Saudi Arabia knowing that too, so instead of being able to count on Israel, they signed a peace deal with Iran!
This anti-democratic protest movement has hurt Israel is tremendous ways. But don’t hold your breath waiting to hear these truths from the media.
I’m all for the politicians talking and compromising on the judicial reform.
But I’m against the hypocrisy and the brainwashing trying to rewrite reality for the masses about the biggest internal danger ever to Israel.
We are being manipulated by an elite few, with former Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak at the top, who just succeeded in destroying Israeli democracy in a coup.
With this, Am Yisrael will prevail and overcome the powers from within that currently are trying to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.
Am Yisrael Chai!!!
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