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Amit Ben-Yigal

21-year-old Staff Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal was murdered this morning in a village occupied by Arabs in Samaria. He was killed by an Arab terrorist.

You will not see this headline in the media you are familiar with.

Most media outlets present this kind of incident with a different  choice of words:
Instead of murdered; died or killed.
In my view, a person may die of many things and be killed in many ways, from a lightning strike to a car accident.
In our case, Amit was murdered. He was killed when a huge rock was dropped on his head from a roof.
In my book he did not just die or was simply killed, he was targeted by someone who was not threatened by him. and therefore murdered.
Israeli security was seeking wanted terrorists in that village (yes, terrorists not “activists”). Young Yigal, in defending the Jewish people from those sworn to murder them paid the ultimate price.
The media invariably uses the word “occupied” to  Arabs being illegally occupied by Israel.
In my opinion, the only occupied lands in the land of Israel are those in which Arabs live.
We Jews can never be considered occupiers in our own land. It is an oxymoron.
To understand this basic truth one needs a healthy Jewish education or even just a clear understanding of history; both lost to most of the media and they would simply disturb the narrative that they have bought into.
Samaria is the West Bank.
Samaria is Samaria, an ancient name for an ancient Jewish land that belongs to the ancient Jewish people.
That does not jive with the music of occupation, colonization, racism and all the other names used to block honest debate by the media.
West Bank is their choice as it has no Jewish ring to it.
On the contrary, “West Bank” of the Jordan reminds us there is an East Bank, ruled by the Arab  Kingdom of Jordan. (It was created by the British from of three-quarters of the land of Israel) so, an uninformed reader might ask, what exactly what connection do Jews have there?
I thought of the above as I heard a caller on a radio show today(He claimed to be a veteran of an elite unit). In response to the murder of Amit, the man said that he was killed as an occupier by those fighting the Israeli occupation.
He saw no difference between the killing of Amit than when Jewish resistance groups like Lechi and Irgun killed British occupiers before the British finally left our land.
What can one say?
A history lesson will not change his mind.
He has no ears or eyes for that. He is one of the very confused and lost Jewish souls who try to find some comfort and identity within the bosom of those who want to kill him and his people.
One thing is certain. Its “Jews” like him that give our enemy any hope of victory

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Shalom Pollack, a veteran Israeli tour guide, served in the Israeli Navy and lectures on the Mideast.