I consider myself a realist, and that is why I do not depend on foreign allies. Honestly I do not think that the State of Israel has any true allies. There is no country we can ever count on and that includes the USA.

On the other hand I see a lot of sincere interest from ordinary Americans when they ask me where I am from. Salespeople and taxi drivers have been nice.

And I also think that the popularity of the non-establishment Trump and Sanders is proof that Americans do not agree with what is happening in the White House.


In my opinion, more educated Americans, those exposed to the extreme Left anti-Israel rhetoric in universities, are less sympathetic to Israel.



  1. Not all Americans like Israel. I have plenty of Armenian blood running in my veins and I just can't love Israel, for it loves Ankara!
    It's no wonder actually that now Turkish leader Erdogan is so supportive of ISIS terrorists. Birds of a feather flock together. Dig into history to find shocking evidence of the Armenian genocide by Turkey in 1915. They tortured men chopping their heads, raped women, killed kids. The photos of the victims are very similar to those of ISIS terrorists.
    Btw Turkish president Erdogan calls the awful massacre of Armenian people (according to many respected scholars, it ranks second after Jewish Holocaust) sort of myth just! Oddly enough, Israel wouldn't condemn Armenian genocide exercised by Turkey. Instead Tel-Aviv has been intensely supplying Ankara with most sophisticated military equipment and cooperating with it in intelligence sphere and other. Expect no good of this cooperation…. Btw they call Turkey "Israel Junior".

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