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According to many, there’s some unique and super-advanced Israeli technology in the   F-35s, which are now part of the Israeli Air force.

Jack Crisler, the Vice President of the F-35 Business Development and Strategy Integration at Lockheed Martin, praised the F-35 fighter plane and the Israeli technology it incorporates at the inaugural ceremony marking Israel’s acquisition of its first F-35s. (Arutz 7)


There was a time in our technological “Camelot,” when we in Israel thought we  had a real chance to play in the big time league of advanced fighter plane development with the Lavi, instead of just “tweaking” American planes.

A multi-role fighter. The Lavi never did make it to operational service, but nonetheless forms an important milestone in the development of the IAF, and even more so – of the IAI. The independent development of a state-of-the-art plane was a first in the annals of Israeli technology. True – the IAI had previously produced the Nesher, Kfir and Tzukit, but those had essentially been upgrades – whereas this was a plane planned and manufactured in Israel from scratch.

The Lavi was intended to become the IAF’s standard-bearer and Israel’s first line plane. It was to be one of the world’s most advanced planes at the turn of the millennium…


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