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It seems like Arab terrorism against Israelis, Jews and non-Jews alike considering that one of the recent victims was a Druse, has again become a daily occurrence.

The IDF soldier, Almog Shiloni, who was stabbed by an Arab terrorist in Tel Aviv earlier today has succumbed to his wounds. The attack happened around 12:15 PM on the bridge near the train station entrance on Hagana Street. The terrorist from Shechem (Nablus) tried to steal the soldier’s weapon. During the altercation, he stabbed the soldier multiple times. (complete article n Jewish Press)


Yesterday there were two fatal attacks, a stabbing in Tel Aviv and a stabbing in Gush Etzion. Yes, Tel Aviv isn’t immune to Arab terrorism. As I have said many times, the Arab Terrorists aka Palestinian Authority want Tel Aviv more than they want Shiloh. Stabbing is a much more personal type of killing than the recent fad of running over innocent people at crosswalks and bus stops.

As awful and dangerous as these Arab terrorists and their terrorism are, they aren’t the cause of the problem to the State of Israel. They are the symptom.

The cause is the misguided Israeli “peace ideology,” the claim that under the right circumstances, the right “deal” we can, in exchange for Land liberated in the 1967 Six Days War, make peace  with the Arabs.

The nicer we get, the more we offer the Arabs the more violent and dangerous they become. There won’t be peace for us until we truly practice “zero tolerance” for all levels of violence against Jews and we state without any weakness that there will never be a Palestinian State and the level of autonomy the Arabs now enjoy will be reduced.

There must be automatic death penalty for all Arab terrorists and security forces must execute terrorists on the spot. Do not let them live and enjoy legal rights, education, medical care, room and board (prison) paid for by Israeli citizens.

  • The State of Israel must expel all the ambassadors of countries that have recognized Palestine.
  • And we must transfer our embassies from capital cities of all countries that don’t recognize Jerusalem as our capital.
Only simple reactions like these will show that we mean business. And only policies like I’ve listed will bring us true peace.

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