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An Arab terrorist stabbed a man at the Hagana Street train station. Nov. 10, 2014.

5:30 PM The condition of the soldier wounded in the attack in Tel Aviv is extremely critical. Doctors reports he arrived at the hospital with no pulse and was resuscitated.

1:29 PM Overview: It appears that around 12:15 PM on Monday, an Arab terrorist tried to grab a weapon away from a soldier in Tel Aviv, on the Hagana Street bridge that leads into the train station. The soldier was stabbed multiple times, and was injured to the point where he had no pulse and stopped breathing. Emergency responders worked to save him, and the soldier was transported to Sheba hospital in critical condition.


Sheba hospital at Tel Hashomer announced the soldier is undergoing surgery to save him.

His name, for prayers, is Almog Asa’el ben Michal.

Citizens nearby tried to stop the terrorist, an Arab from Shechem (Nablus) who was illegally in Tel Aviv. A 59-year-old man was hurt in the attempt.

Police chased the terrorist to a block away, where he tried to escape by going into a building. Police cornered him on the top floor of a four-story building, and arrested him.

The building where the Hagana Station terrorist was captured on Levanda street. (Yafa Segal /

1:13 PM The injured terror victim is undergoing surgery at Sheba hospital. The victim, in his 20’s, was stabbed on Hagana street in Tel Aviv, on the bridge leading to the train station.

1:01 PM The attacker has been identified as an 18-year-old PA Arab from Shechem who was illegally in Tel Aviv. Security forces reportedly chased him to the top of a four-story building.

12:43 PM A second person (50) was lightly injured after fighting with the terrorist at the train station.

There is a another injured person a block away on Levanda street. It is now believed that this might be the terrorist, and not another victim as originally thought.

Hagana train station in Tel Aviv. Nov. 10, 2014. Photo: (Smiley Hafuch /
Hagana street bridge leading to the train staion. (Smiley Hafuch /


12:30 PM A person was stabbed in Tel Aviv at the Hagana train station, in what is believed to be a terrorist attack. The person has tentatively been identified as a soldier, and is undergoing CPR. He is in critical condition.

Knife used in Hagana station terror attack. (Smiley Hafuch /

(Smiley Hafuch /

There is a second injured person a block away on Levanda street.

Updates to follow.


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