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Obama and Abbas. One of them is lying and one of them won't listen to the truth.

Israelis (and Jews in general) hate to accept certain truths. Pretty much every Holocaust book, whether memoir or history tells how the news, rumors, reports of massive killings were received by those in relative safety, whether just days from being forcibly moved or murdered themselves or on safer shores.

People refused to believe it. The idea that perfectly innocent Jews had been herded together, shot and killed, or carefully sorted with the lucky ones being forced to join slave labor camps and the weaker ones being systematically and efficiently “eliminated.”


It’s a simple matter of “projection.” Since we would never do such a thing to others, we can’t believe that they are capable of doing it to us.

That is probably one of the main reasons that Israelis are having such a difficult time accepting that the United States of America is an enemy of Israel. Yes, even those who do understand that U.S. President Barack, Hussein Obama can’t abide our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, are under the false impression that push comes to shove, the USA is Israel’s best friend.

Unlike many Jews, I’m not comforted by the fact that there are large, well-endowed Holocaust museums in the United States and other foreign countries. I find those museums to be like one of the trickster’s fast moving cup/shell tricks.

If they cry enough crocodile tears, most Jews and Israelis think they care about us, but it’s no different from any other con, trick. It distracts us, or most of us, from what they are really doing.

The American Government is facilitating the strengthening of the Arab terrorists, whom they constantly refer to a “moderates,” “peace partners” and “Palestinians,” and the delegitimization of Israeli sovereignty. By referring to Jerusalem neighborhoods as “settlements” and refusing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital City, the United States is acting as an enemy of the State of Israel.

The simple fact that the United States, while claiming to be mediators, is doing its best to dictate to the State of Israel what final solution/end to the so-called “negotiations” with the Arabs should be is a clear indication of their lying and blatant hypocrisy.

U.S. President Obama has made it clear numerous times that he wants to facilitate the establishment of an Arab “Palestinian state.” He considers Israel an “occupier” and firmly believes that there had been an Arab country called “Palestine” here before the establishment of the State of Israel.

There is an additional, even more serious problem, and that is the fact that the Israeli Left and Center believe and promote that there should be a separate “Palestinian state” in the heartland of the Land of Israel. They rationalize that Israeli Jews would be safer if borders were drawn that would reduce the amount of Arabs in the State of Israel, as if by drawing those borders the Arabs would disappear or at least be demilitarized and neutralized. That’s as realistic as when an infant panics when the mother hides her face behind a blanket.

The Arabs, the P.A. Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Hamas etc are unabashedly public about their aim to destroy the State of Israel. That’s the ideology they teach their children.

In this new game, players have to “get rid of the Israeli settlements, buy weapons and to implement prisoner exchanges,” as explained in Hamas’ Falesteen newspaper. The game teaches players that negotiations “can never bring to any positive result” and that “the language ofweapons is the most effective with the Israelis,” according to one of the game’s developers.

The game is also meant to “strengthen the national culture and plant desire for the liberation of Palestine in the hearts of the players, especially children,” according to Falesteen. In other words, the game is meant to inculcate the idea that Israel should not exist. Karam Hussein, one of the game’s developers, stated in an interview for “Arabic Sky News” that “the idea is to develop the spirit of resistance among Palestinian boys and girls.”

Remember that while the United States  misses no opportunity to condemn building in Jerusalem for Jews, it doesn’t bother with the violence being taught to Arab children. Obviously that does not bother them at all.


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