Last night at the Begin Prize Ceremony in Jerusalem, Zeev Elkin predicted that rising international antisemitism will bring the annual aliyah rate back up to what it was over twenty years ago, when the USSR opened the gates just before its collapse.

American Jews have always pooh-poohed such talks touting the USA as a bastion of freedom and tolerance and safety for Jews. They’ve done this for over a century totally ignoring the difficulties of Jewish Sabbath observers, the fact that FDR barred Jews fleeing Nazi Germany from entering the states, the public state-supported Xmas displays, the difficulties in getting Jewish Holidays off from work, the communities that barred Jews and now the officially sanctioned pro-Palestine sic groups in universities and the rise in Arab terrorism in mainland USA.  You’re invited to add more in the comments.

I’m among those who has no doubts that things will only get worse in the United States of America. That is for the very simple reason that academics all over the states, and the world, all accept and teach that the State of Israel replaced an Arab “country” called Palestine sic and that only this Arab “people” sic has a legal and moral right to be here. They consider us invaders and occupiers. This is taught as “history.” It is mainstream and not relegated to places considered antisemitic. Even Jews cooperate with this pseudo-history.


So, when I see an article like the news report in The Algemeiner that the brave student who protested an anti-Israel rally being let off, I’m not relieved.

Ethics Committee Clears Jewish Student Who Confronted Anti-Israel Demonstrators on Michigan CampusThe student government’s ethics committee at the University of Michigan unanimously voted on Sunday not to take disciplinary action against a Jewish student who was under investigation for challenging anti-Israel demonstrators on campus, The Algemeiner has learned.
The Central Student Government (CSG) Ethics Committee released a report concluding that sophomore and CSG representative Jesse Arm “did not engage in unethical behavior or engage in conduct unbecoming of a representative.” The decision was made after the committee heard testimonies from all involved parties and reviewed footage of Arm confronting the protesters.

I kept going through the article looking for a hint that the Central Student Government (CSG) Ethics Committee had considered the anti-Israel demonstration unethical, but I came up empty. And that has me worried. While ordinary Americans, like the salespeople I meet in my trips to the states who want to know why I don’t have a charge account in their stores are excitedly pro-Israel, the more academic and upper classes are on a greased slide towards the worst antisemitism possibly ever seen in America.

The question is if American Jews will recognize the signs or keep making excuses…


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  1. As a Jewish American who enjoys his 2nd Amendment rights, owns several guns and has a concealed carry permit, I would need to have those same rights that I enjoy here, in Israel, from day one, so I could defend myself against Muslim thugs with knives! I am my last line of defense, not the police.

  2. I feel we are in the last days. Im jewish by birth but believe in the new testament. Things are happening too fast and scary. Im only 30 mins from the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. Be wary America for they are plannng another attack soon. Much worse!!

  3. If we lose our 2nd amendment rights and then our 1st amendment rights will b gone yep I will go gladly. AMERICA WILL BE NO MORE! ISRAEL IS every Jews homeland and Future hope. Prophecy declares it. But Europe must go first then we will be the last ones before Messiah comes back! !!

  4. Israel isn’t a safe haven for the Jewish people. What goes on here against Jews would never be tolerated in any other country in the world. How Jewish Press can print this stuff is beyond me when they write nothing about Netanyahu and successive government’s malpractice in protecting Jews.

    It’s a disgrace. And no government since Oslo has been autonomous. We are a puppet state to the whims of fascists like Kerry, Obama, Clinton or Bush.

  5. What are the signs, American Jews would be able to recognize? Well, the majority of them? By the way I love it, when a simple question about American Jews are being commented on by mixing in conspiracy theories, prophesies, constitutional amendments, gun-laws etc. etc. I think that Israel doesn’t really need that kind of emigration!

  6. of the approximately 5 million jews, approximately 10% are orthodox and maybe another 10% are jewish and zionistic. The rest are assimilated and intermarried. This means there is a potential pool of about 1 million jews who would consider going to israel if things got bad in the united states which it will
    This future aliya will rival the russian aliya of the 90s.

  7. No way. I was in Manhattan the other day and no Jews were attacked. Manhattan has 24 hour security cameras watching your every move. There’s like 2 guys always around Michael Bloomberg. I couldn’t even stare at Mr.Bloomberg as he was in the elevator lobby. Don’t worry about Jews/Yourself. It’s the economy that I’m worried about.

  8. Ruth Feldman Don’t let fear get to you. Jewish people out number them all, especially in Manhattan. There’s a Jew walking on every street corner. With the cops and cameras, nobody is foolish enough to attack Jews in their homeland (aka New York)

  9. If think that Jews while being in real bad situation will change their mind and flee as possible and will change their mind in favor of Aliya because the difficulties and harassments they'll face at their places. It was the same in Europe between the wars that only few percentage of Jews were Zionists and the atmosphere was totally changed as far as Jews were more and more persecuted. Yet, instead of ~1930 potential of 8 million Jews making Aliya from Europe (although the British occupier’s restrictions), only 1.5 million did it, but unfortunately After WWII war, most of them made Aliyain difficult conditions between 1945 – ~ 50's.

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