Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz
Arafat and Abbas; Mirror Images

Why are people so upset with the NY Times article’s omissions on Marwan Barghouti op-ed?

You know who the real author of the NYT article was? ISRAEL!


Here are just a few other facts they forgot to mention:

1. Attempted bombing of Israel’s national water source
2. Bombed SwissAir flight 330, bound for Tel Aviv in 1970
3. Firing a Bazooka on an Israeli school bus in Moshav Avivim in 1970 killing 9 Jewish students
4. Hijacking of TWA and PanAm flights
5. Murder of 11 Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics
6. The murder of 21 Jewish children in Maalot as his men threw them out a 3 story window.

No, these were not carried out by Barghouti. They were carried out by Yasser Arafat — AND the Israeli left ran to make a deal with him, gave him guns and turned him into a Nobel Peace prize winner — and you have a problem with the NYT?

They also forgot these details:

1. Funded the Munich massacre
2. Wrote a doctorate on denying the Holocaust
3. Named his son after arch terrorist Yasser Arafat
4. Honors terrorists such as the one that blew up the Sbarros restaurant in Jerusalem that left 19 Jews dead.
5. Stated that he praises all and any spilled Jewish blood in Jerusalem

Once again, this is not Barghouti but rather Abu Mazen, the man some Israelis call a moderate and are making a deal with!

What do you want from the NYT?

I loved reading Yair Lapid’s post. He is outraged at the NYT.

Lapid forgot to mention that he is of the opinion that people like Barghouti are the ones he would like to give land to and make “peace” with. Another big 2-state solution, kick Jews out and give it over to our enemy politician.

So many are being fooled and he is not the only one doing the fooling.

When you make deals with terrorists you give them power and the result is dead Jews.

I understand people are naive but the result of their naivety is dead Jews and stronger terrorists.

When one accepts the narrative of Israel’s enemies even though they know that the narrative is based on fabrications of history, you cannot expect the world to say anything different.

Two State solution? When one claims we stole or occupied anything from a people who call themselves Palestinians, you are giving them a reason to justify their terrorism and murder of Jews.

When you put an IDF soldier in jail for manslaughter because he took out a terrorist at the scene, even 10 minutes after the attack and then allow terrorists to earn degrees, get married and eat like a kings in Israeli jail before releasing them, what do you want from the NYT?

Some in Israel have accepted the fabricated national claim of our enemies and have advocated for the Arab victim narrative. By adopting it and giving into it, we have actually built the stage that allows them to go on international TV and newspapers and claim victim.

Even our own newspapers and TV stations give them a stage!

When you have people in Israel showing compassion to a terrorist’s family while branding religious Jews as worse than terrorists, what do you want from the NYT?

When we uphold a policy that keeps Jews from praying on our holiest site due to Islamic terror threats, we cannot be shocked the world says Jerusalem is not ours. When we demand it, they will understand we own in!

When we start believing in our own rights and stand up for ourselves without hesitation and when we actually fight those who call for our destruction instead of giving them guns and handing over part of our homeland to them, THEN you can be shocked when the world writes articles like the one in the NYTs. Until then, please spare me the shock effect. We do this to ourselves!

My solution? Let’s talk first about what NOT to do.

Let’s start with the only solution for a terrorist is a bullet.

No terrorist should make it out alive from their own attack.

After step 1, come back to me.

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