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Face it, the President of the U.S. deserved his nickname of  Lyin Joe Biden. He generally tells at least one every time he opens his mouth. IMHO the ones below represent his presidential best.

For instance, he claimed he was never warned about how bad his pullout of Afghanistan would be, and no one told him it was a bad idea. But several of his top generals disputed that claim. Biden then blamed Trump for the lousy withdrawal but ignored the plan Trump negotiated with the Taliban.


When Georgia overhauled its election process, the POTUS slandered the bill as the “new confederacy” and “Jim Crow 2.0. Assuming his advisors read knew the bill, Joe was lying when he slandered the bill as racist. He made his claims hypocritical during his senate career; he was so racist that one of his nicknames was Jim Crow Joe.

Biden has repeatedly claimed he was “raised in a black church.” He had constantly claimed that when he was a teen in Wilmington, Delaware, he met with black congregations to “desegregate movie theaters and restaurants.” He is a liar. There is no evidence that Joe Biden had anything to do with black churches. Heck, he was a racist.

In a speech marking the Jewish High Holidays, Biden mentioned: “that he had visited Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue, the site of a 2018 shooting massacre in which 11 people were murdered.” Biden has been to the Tree of Life synagogue almost as often as he’s been to the southern border.

The President keeps claiming that his son, Beau died in battle in Iraq. He did not. On October 3, 2008, Beau was shipped to Iraq. Biden returned from Iraq in September 2009 after completing his yearlong active duty. When stationed in Iraq, Beau spent seven months in the combat zone. Once he returned to Deleware, Beau Biden served two terms as the State’s Attorney General. Beau was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2013. Sadly in May 2015, Beau Biden died from brain cancer. At the time, he was treated at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD.

During a campaign speech in Warren, Michigan, Joe Biden, then the Democrat nominee for the White House,  falsely claimed that over 6,000 members of the U.S. military have died from the coronavirus. The actual number was seven.

The campaign saw Joe Biden repeatedly invoking the false claim that President Trump praised white supremacists in Charlottesville. He continued that claim after moving to the oval office. Fox News’s Brit Hume debunked the “very fine people” lie. found that President Trump condemned white supremacy and Neo-Nazis. Biden also claimed the January 6 rioters killed two Cops, a lie.

And, of course, we have his most famous and oft-repeated falsehood-Amtrak He told a lie during the campaign and after he moved into the White  House:

BIDEN: “I commuted every single day, 263 miles a day, on Amtrak from the time I got elected United States senator. As a matter of fact, when I was vice president, I used to like to take the train home when my mom was very sick and dying, and I’d come home every weekend to make sure I’d take the train home. …

“And I’m getting on one Friday, and then one of the senior guys on Amtrak, Angelo Negri — I got to know all the conductors really well; they became my friends. … And Ang walks up to me and goes, ‘Joey, baby!’ Grabs my cheek. And I thought the Secret Service was going to blow his head off. … I said, ‘What’s up, Ang?’ He said, ‘Joey, I read in the paper — I read in the paper you traveled 1,000 — 1.2 million miles on Air Force planes’ — because they keep meticulous tabs of it. I said, ‘Yeah.’ … He said, ‘You know how many miles you traveled on Amtrak, Joey?’ And I said, ‘No.’ He said, ’The boys and I figured it out … He says, ‘You travel 2 million…’ — I think it was 180, but — ‘2,200,000 miles.’

“I said, ‘How did you get that answer?’ He said, ‘Well, 267 miles a day. We figured you traveled 119 days a year for 36 years, and then you traveled as vice president.’ And then he goes, ‘So, Joey, I don’t want to hear this about the Air Force anymore.’

Nice story, except per Fox News and N.Y. Post

  • Negri retired from Amtrak in 1993, meaning he didn’t work there when Biden was vice president from 2009 to 2017. Since Negri died in 2014, Biden can’t have spoken to Negri in ‘year seven of his vice presidency. Biden’s office celebrated his one-millionth mile on Air Force Two in 2015. The only newspaper with the story about Biden’s Airforce Two miles that Negri could have read was “The Pearly Gates Daily,
  • CNN reported in June that “Biden’s account simply does not add up. According to his past comments, Biden did not reach the million-miles-flown mark as vice president until September 2015.”
  • Biden previously claimed it happened in the “fourth or fifth year” of his vice presidency, but on 10/21 claimed it happened in the seventh year of his tenure.
  • Biden said he was going back to visit his sick mother when the interaction happened, even though his mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, died in 2010, more than five years before Joe surpassed the 1 million miles flown milestone.

There were many more lies Biden has made as President, covering inflation, illegal immigration, crime, COVID, and so much more. Most of his lies aren’t reported by the MSM as lies. Therefore assume that everything he says is a lie until you check out the facts yourself.

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