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:Originally posted to The Lid website}

To be honest, it more than hurts.  It’s created a pit in my stomach that won’t go away. I am usually able to separate my emotions from the goings on in DC, but this was different. I am terrified of the future. It wasn’t a political loss, it was a statement by the Democratic Party. In a 407-23 vote, the Democratic Party-led House of Representatives that me, my wife, my two kids and the other 6,850,860 Jews living In the United States do not matter.


Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) made her second anti-Semitic declaration in the past month. To address her hatred, the spineless Democratic Party leadership couldn’t muster the courage to stand up to Omar’s Antisemitism. Instead, they passed a generic resolution that basically said that being mean to others is a bad thing.  Really?  I learned that lesson when I was a child watching programs such as Romper Room, Howdy Doody, and Captain Kangaroo. As for the Jew-hating Rep Omar, she not only voted for the measure but celebrated it as a step toward fighting Islamophobia. Omar and the other anti-Semites in the Democratic Party celebrated, an indication that they took the vote as a sign that Jew-hatred is okay.

The Democratic party already rejected different types of hatred even when it isn’t even there.  If someone calls the terrorism coming from the radical Islamic community, Islamist terrorism, they are branded by Democrats as Islamophobic. Those who disagreed with the policies of President Barack Obama, they were branded as racist. But that same party, the Democrats refuse to recognize Antisemitism. It hearkens back to the days when FDR allowed about 200,000 Jews to die in the Holocaust because he believed there were enough Jews in America already.

If you believe that the message of this resolution is all hatred is terrible, you are naïve. My first article warning that the Democratic party was becoming anti-Semitic was posted on January 29, 2007. Eleven years later the party’s Antisemitism had metastasized and infected much of the party. The message the Democrats sent with their feckless resolution is the party is embracing the Antisemitism that has affected the party, and they do not care about Jewish Americans.