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Brian Robinson

After two solid years of total nonsense, the state and city is seeing more challengers to the progressive status quo. Not enough, but more. Meet Brian Robinson. Robinson is running a moderate Democratic challenge to Jerrold Nadler for Congress in District 10.

Robinson describes his platform as “public safety focused,” seeks to lower federal taxes on small businesses to 6%, and promises to “always back Israel.” This won’t be the first time Nadler has faced a challenger, but this is his first primary challenge from the right.


With growing antisemitism and an increasing amount of hate crimes, Robinson notes he is, “Extremely concerned. Public safety and hate crime prevention on the federal level is my number one platform point. Violent antisemitic hate crimes are up over 400% compared to this time last year”

What is an example of what he would do differently?

I will call out AOC and the squad publicly for their thinly veiled antisemitism.”

Robinson explained to me that, “My position on Israel is that they have every right to defend themselves and I wouldn’t even consider a two-state solution without a demilitarized Palestine. With that premise established, I’d still be skeptical it could ever happen.” He added that, “Israel gets lumped into this misguided social justice narrative of oppressor and oppressed.”

Robinson rejects the Iran deal out of hand, noting, “The Iran deal is not an issue I support. I wouldn’t do a deal with a country that funds terrorism in other countries.”

But if Nadler is defeated, NY will lose the hold on the Judiciary Committee, but Robinson offers reasons why it is worth it, noting, “It’s not as if I’d be undercutting someone in his prime. We need to look to the future. Hakeem Jeffries is a respected member of the Judiciary Committee.” And in terms of gain, “I would be on the small business committee which would help the community directly.”

District 10, a long, winding district stretching down from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, is one of the most Jewish districts in the nation, and both Robinson and Nadler are themselves Jewish. Most of the district is liberal, but with dissatisfaction over the effects of defunding the NYPD and a sharp rise in crime, time will tell if Robinson’s message will resonate north of Borough Park, or if Nadler will survive a challenge from his right.


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