Smotrich Rules Out Coalition with Ra’am Party, Bennett Rules Out Fifth Election

Smotrich and Bennett notwithstanding, it may yet come down to a fifth round at the polls.

PA Elections: Shots Fired at Home of Candidate from Muhammad Dahlan’s List

Dahlan’s faction issued a statement of condemnation and placed the responsibility for the safety of all candidates on Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas and his security apparatus.

Jewish Republican Lee Zeldin Announces Bid to Run for Governor of New York

“I’m ready to go all-in on this mission and bring New York back from the brink and return it to glory,” said the congressman from Long Island.

President Rivlin Nominated Netanyahu to Form Coalition Government

"With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, …let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds."

If Israel Doesn’t Get a New Government – See You at the Polls Yom...

Bennett has seen the murky relationship between Netanyahu and his previous main partner, Benny Gantz, who was made irrelevant by the PM.

Rivlin: ‘Cannot See Way to Form Coalition’ But Netanyahu Has Most Mandates

"I cannot see a way to form a coalition. After four election campaigns, democracy has exhausted itself."

Blow to Bennett: Yamina’s 3rd Slated MK Resigns Amid Rumors of Coalition with the...

The resignation is further proof of the reports that Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid has struck a deal with Bennett for a coalition government.

Rivlin to Hear All 13 Parties in 1 Day, Issue Verdict on Tuesday, Netanyahu...

Yair Lapid said in a meeting behind-closed-doors that there was progress in his talks with Yemina chairman Naftali Bennett.

Smotrich: Netanyahu’s Whitewashing of Mansour Abbas Will Terminate the Jewish State

Say what you will about Bezalel Smotrich, the man is a great dreamer. And this time around, the math is in his favor.

Religious Right’s Victory Frustrates Netanyahu’s Government Building Efforts

The very party that received artificial respiration from the prime minister refuses to return the favor because he relies on an Islamic party.

Ra’am Party Chairman Mansour Abbas: ‘The Time Has Come to Listen to Each Other’

“We will certainly have disagreements; but we owe to ourselves the right and opportunity to be allowed to recognize one another.”

Bennett Could End Up the Next Prime Minister, But at What Cost?

The radical change in Netanyahu's strategy happened after President Rivlin said he would give the mandate to form a government to the candidate most likely to succeed.

Netanyahu Calls on Bennett, Sa’ar to ‘Come Home’

"It’s no secret that we’ve had differences . . . but we’ve known how to get over them and work together for the benefit of Israel’s citizens."

Terrorist Leader Marwan Barghouti to Run Against Mahmoud Abbas’s Faction on Separate Ticket

The terrorist currently serving five life sentences in Israeli prison could pose a serious threat to the Palestinian Authority leader’s hold on power in Ramallah.

Ra’am Official: We Will Support a Netanyahu Coalition ‘From Outside’

“For 30 years, we’ve tried the path of isolationism, and it hasn’t gotten us anywhere. It’s time for a change,” says a senior member of the Arab-Israeli party.

Lapid, Gantz, Liberman Launch Effort to Unseat Netanyahu

According to some media outlets in Israel, the Lapid camp is ready to offer Bennett a rotation deal, according to which he would serve as prime minister for the first year.

After All Votes are Counted, Israelis Again Face Deadlock

Official results will be published on Friday morning, just a few hours before the start of the Passover holiday weekend.

Choosing Life: EMTs Perform Successful CPR in Jerusalem on Election Day

“I’ve been doing this for more than eight years and every time I help someone, it is a gift."

Smotrich Urging Bennett, Saar, to Join Netanyahu in Stopping Arab Expansion Emboldened by Netanyahu

He is suggesting that the only way to correct this borderline criminal neglect of crucial national issues, is to support the man who is most emphatically responsible for them.

Attorney Demands AG Investigate Pollster Camil Fuchs for Hyping False Results

Journalist Ben Caspit said "the scandalous leaks from Fuchs's direction that this is an evening of a dramatic decision is a form of vote-suppression."

Pragmatism Won the Day in Arab Centers as Non-Pragmatic Voters Stayed Home

Will Ahmad Tibi's secular party, Taal, follow suit should it recognize that cooperation in exchange for compensation is what their voters want?

Likud Party Quarrels over Reliance on Arab Party

Senior Likud figure Tsahi Hanegbi openly called to rely on Ra'am.

National Religious Movement Wins 13 Seats – Highest in Its History

In 2018, Bennett explained to reporters at a press conference in Tel Aviv—not Jerusalem—that Netanyahu’s contempt for religious Zionism had reached an intolerable peak.

PM Netanyahu Declares Victory for Likud, Heads for Record Seventh Term

Netanyahu reached the necessary 61 mandates with allied right-wing parties, as long as Yamina joins in.

Israeli Elections 2021: Lowest Turnout Since 2009

Apathy has grown in the face of repeated trips to the polls; this time around makes it the fourth Israeli national election in two years.

Democracy In Action: Israel Goes to Vote for 4th Time in Less than 2...

The 6,578,084 eligible voters can arrive at 12,127 ballots across the country and cast their vote for one of the 39 parties running for the Knesset.

Algorithm Website to Predict March 23 Knesset Election Results – Nerds, Political Junkies Invited

If we could find a function that superimposes the previous election results over the new results, we could run the same transformation for the rest of the votes to get a reasonable approximation of the overall results.


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