She Will Be the Next Squad Congresswoman Unless Pennsylvanians Stop Her

God help us if she makes it in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, and God help us even more intensely should she win the November race.

Islamist Party Delays Decision on Staying in Coalition Citing Jazeera Reporter’s Death

Ra'am demands a written commitment by the PM to soften Interior Minister Shaked's rigid stance on burning issues in Arab society.

As Knesset Prepares to Topple Bennett Government, Shaked May Have Readied a Lifeboat

PM Bennett has an urgent need to appease his coalition partners quietly.

Opposition Preparing Vote to Disperse the Knesset; Ra’am Demands Jordanian Control of Temple Mount

Whether or not this vote happens is almost completely in the hands of the Islamic Ra'am party.

Ohio Rep. Shontel Brown Repeats Victory Over Nina Turner in Gain for Pro-Israel Democrats

Her campaign was endorsed and supported by AIPAC and its new political action committee, which can support candidates directly.

Republican Jews Congratulate Opponent of Jewish Candidate in Ohio’s Senate Primary

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Tuesday congratulated J.D. Vance “on his victory tonight in the Ohio Republican primary for U.S. Senate” over the Jewish...

Republican Jews Congratulate Opponent of Jewish Candidate in Ohio’s Senate Primary

Candidate J.D. Vance said: “In my experience, Jews, whatever their political affiliation, are pretty patriotic."

AIPAC Reverses Position, Will Support Liz Cheney Despite her Anti-Trump Stance

Rep. Cheney attacked the pro-Israel lobby for supporting Republicans who share Trump’s assertions that the election was stolen.

Go Figure: Macron Wins by 57.4%, Euro Falls Against the Dollar to $1.07725

Macron clashed with Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, calling him a "far-right antisemite."

If Le Pen Wins, She’ll Ban Kosher Shechita in France

Marine Le Pen could not care less about kosher meat, foreign or domestic. Her target is the Muslims.

DM Gantz Says Chomesh Will be Evacuated Soon and Evyatar Deal Won’t be Implemented...

Gantz claims that Bennett, Shaked and Sa'ar all know he is going to make this happen.

MK Amichai Chikli’s Ninety-Eight Theses on Yamina’s Indulgences

On April 7, 2022, the Yamina faction announced its decision to declare MK Chikli a “dissenter.”

Smotrich: I’ll Sit in One Government with Bennett But Not One party

If Netanyahu is stupid enough to leave me out, I'll come back with five more seats.

French Presidential Hopeful Marine Le Pen: Jerusalem Must be Capital of Two States

Jewish organizations call to “barrage” the extreme right candidate and vote for incumbent Emmanuel Macron

New Survey Finds Jewish Support for Biden Dropped 17%; Only 0.5% Concerned about Israel

“The generic congressional ballot question in the Jewish Electorate Institute’s poll showed that Democrats are hemorrhaging Jewish voters."

3 Polls Show Right-Wing Bloc Ahead, Without Bennett in the Coalition

While not as dramatic as Thursday night's poll, they do confirm the trend in Netanyahu's favor for building a post-election coalition.

New Israeli Election Poll Shows Shocking Results

Just as surprising, were the results of a separate question asked about what end-result they'd like to see from the current coalition crisis.

Yamina MK Orbach Poses 3 Ultimatums to Bennett or He Walks

MK Orbach threatened Bennett that "without a solution to these issues I will not be able to remain in the coalition."

2 Yamina MKs Play Hooky in Moldova, Away from Bennett’s Watchful Eye

Bennett didn’t explain how he plans to fix the coalition gaps with at least 2 MKs from his faction having gone AWOL. Should be very educational.

Who’s Next? Likud Fishing for Coalition Deserters, Bennett Struggling to Keep the Ship Afloat

There can be a motion to disperse the Knesset, after May 8, when the Knesset comes back from spring break.

Orbán’s Election Victory Highlights Shift Among Hungarian Jews

The Jewish community of 100,000 or so has been divided on the prime minister largely across religious-political lines, even though they agree that anti-Semitism has not really been an issue.

Pushed by Presidential Candidates, French Police Investigate Death of Disabled Jewish Man

According to Jeremy Cohen's family, the victim's white yarmulke was found by investigators at the scene.

RJC Endorses 14 More Candidates for 2022 Midterms

The organization previously endorsed six candidates, bringing its total number of endorsements to 20.

One Year Later, Only 41% Believe Bennett-Lapid Government Will Serve Full Term

Despite his three consecutive failures to put together a coalition government, Netanyahu is still way ahead of everyone else.

Squad Congressman Bowman Facing Primary Challenge from Kosovo-Born, Pro Israel Vedat Gashi

He was offended by Bowman’s ties with the Democratic Socialists of America, which has endorsed the BDS campaign against Israel.

Pro-Israel America Endorses Rashida Tlaib’s Challenger and 7 Other Primary Candidates

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) has been a leader in the progressive “Squad” standing against Israel on key votes in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jewish Agency Extends Chairperson-Selection Process

The process will be continued “until a suitable candidate is found,” says the Agency, after none of the current candidates was able to secure enough votes for nomination.

Minister Kahana Pushing Law that Changes How Chief Rabbis Are Elected

There are no representatives of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria in the Electoral Assembly.

Direct Polls: Bennett Circling Threshold, Sa’ar Wiped, Ra’am Weak, Bibi’s Comeback Scratching 60 Votes

Meanwhile, the left-wing parties are holding on to their power, give or take a seat.


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