As Bibi’s Coalition Starts to Veer Left, Yamina Threatens to Bolt

Netanyahu told his rightwing partners not to believe the media reports about the portfolio distributions to Blue&White... they don't believe him.

After All-Night Meeting, Netanyahu, Gantz, Ready to Declare New Government

Here's a wild prediction: Israel Resilience may turn out to be a perfect fit with Likud.

Generals’ Party Capitulates as So Many Have Done, before a Masterful Netanyahu

Bibi understood, with the mystical foresight of a hunter, that Gantz did not have it in him, Gantz did not have the killer's instinct, the total dedication, the unbound desire.

Unexpected Twist: Benny Gantz Appointed Knesset Speaker

Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid), Gantz's partner strongly opposes the move.

Speaker Edelstein Passing the Gavel to Amir Peretz, Tells Court to Back Off

Edelstein said the court had been "dragged into political negotiations" instead of allowing the Knesset to elect a new speaker with a broad consent.

Blue&White to Appeal Edelstein’s Resignation to the High Court

Edelstein's resignation thwarted the possibility of holding a vote for a new Speaker until Monday.

Massive Convoy Protests High Court’s Overreach

The protesters showed up in their cars to say the High Court had crossed a red line by unlawfully interfering in the Knesset's agenda and by ruling in direct contravention of the Basic Law of the Knesset.

High Court Orders Speaker Edelstein to Convene Own Decapitation Session

Edelstein is reportedly furious at the High Court panel of five justices, especially since they obviously didn't bother to read his lengthy and well annotated response.

High Court Orders Speaker Edelstein to Declare If He’ll Let the Knesset Replace Him

"In one of the most difficult crises since the establishment of the state, the legal system is attempting a government coup in the State of Israel, no less."

Haaretz Radical Leftist Gideon Levy: Gantz Must Surrender and Join Netanyahu

"Surrender, withdrawal, and even breach of election promises are not necessarily the worst choices."

The Solution: Both Netanyahu and Gantz to Be Sworn In as Prime Ministers

The Joint Arab List sees itself as naturally entitled to what has to be the most vital Knesset committee, bar none, because they are the third largest faction in the Knesset.

Netanyahu: Unity Government Terms Reached, Waiting for Gantz

Netanyahu described an offer that is far too generous, yet still being rejected by Blue&White.
Direct Polls Results, March 20, 2020

Direct Polls: Netanyahu Defeats Blue&White, Forms 62-Seat Coalition in 4th Election

A month ago, Gantz stepped on the biggest political landmine of his short career when he had to decide: Tibi or Bibi.

Having Lost Arizona, Florida and Illinois, Sanders Reassessing Next Move

Reassess or not, this campaign is all Joe Biden, which may not turn out to be such a good thing for the Democrats

Arab MK Who Endorsed Gantz Insists Her Goal Is Dismantling the Zionist/Jewish State

And this is the level to which Blue&White is prepared, nay, happy to sink in order to replace Netanyahu at the helm.

Disconnect: Health Ministry Warns Thousands Will Die, Yair Lapid Says Forced Isolation Is Dictatorship

Yair Lapid's follower David Roth wrote him Tuesday night: All I care about is for Israel not to become another Italy. Stop messing around and join an emergency government.

Direct Polls: Blue&White Would Be Routed by Likud in 4th Election

All in all, fourth elections could spell the collapse of Blue&White, in a fashion reminiscent of Labor's stunning crash from 24 to barely half a dozen in the last successive elections.

Members of Knesset Sworn in, in Groups of Three, Amid Coronavirus Rules

It is currently forbidden to assemble in groups of more than 10.

PA Sources: Abbas Encouraged Joint Arab List to Recommend Gantz

The Palestinian Authority put a lot of pressure on the Arab party to help Gantz oust Netanyahu.

Bennett Rejects Gantz’s Invite to Negotiate: First Unload the Joint Arab List

"Don't you understand that's exactly why he called you, so he wouldn't have to include the List?"

15 Anti-Zionist Arab MKs Can’t Be Wrong: President Tasks Gantz with Forming Israel’s Government

Liberman won't sit in a government supported by the Arabs and the Arabs refuse to support a government with Liberman in it.

Netanyahu, Gantz Agree to ‘Continue Discussions’ — But Gantz to Attempt to Form Government

In less than 24 hours, Benny Gantz will receive the mandate to form a government; then it will be clear which support he really has.

Rivlin, Gantz and Netanyahu Meet to Discuss Emergency Unity Govt

“Tomorrow around midday the president will assign the task of forming the government to the head of Kachol Lavan, MK Benny Gantz,” the president's office said.

All 15 Joint Arab List MKs Endorse Benny Gantz for PM

On Sunday afternoon, should the representatives of Labor, Meretz and Israel Beiteinu all recommend Gantz as well, then Gantz will have to be the president's choice.

Gidon Saar Tells Blue&White He Would Approve a Zionist Arab Minister

Blue&White are trying to maneuver the Likud into accepting the Joint Arab List as a kosher party.

Gantz Reluctant to Join Netanyahu Emergency Government Without the Arabs

People close to Gantz said on Thursday that, emergency, shmermengency, their most important goal is to maintain their 61-seat majority in the Knesset.

Netanyahu Invites Gantz to Meet and Form Unity Government

Gantz may be conditioning his acceptance on Bibi including the anti-Zionist Arab party into the emergency coalition.


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