Biden Condemns US Rising Antisemitism in Passover Message

"Jews around the world are still coping with the trauma of that day and its aftermath."

MK Gilad Kariv Makes a Big Racket and Carries a Tiny Stick

MK Gilad Kariv has degraded his public reputation from responsible politician to party hack.

Direct Polls: Likud Back on Top, Gideon Sa’ar Gone

On the right, the big winner besides Netanyahu was Itamar Ben Gvir's Otzma Yehudit, which rose from its current 6 mandates to 9.

Yaalon’s Bedouin Political Partner Gets 1 Year for Spying for Iran

Al-Qia'an’s communications with Haider continued until his detention.

RJC & AIPAC Collaborate to Defeat Indiana Anti-Israel Republican

“RJC has a long history of taking on the tough fights – including within our own party - and winning.”

Biden Uses Aid Workers’ Accidental Death to Attack Israel

When a US airstrike in Kabul killed ten civilians, in 2021, Joe Biden dismissed criticism, offered no apology, and went to the beach.

Insurrection: Thousands of Anarchists Attack Netanyahu’s Residence with Torches

Ronen Bar who failed to foresee the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, is failing to see the coming violent coup in the streets of Israel.

Biden Buries Ban on Transgender Girls Competing Against Female Athletes until November 5

25 states have enacted bans preventing transgender students from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity as opposed to their biological identity.

Sa’ar Quits Gov’t, Claims Cabinet Managing War ‘Contrary to National Interest’

After breaking up his political alliance with Benny Gantz on March 12, New Hope Party leader Gideon Sa'ar had demanded a spot on the War Cabinet.

Trump Blames October 7 on Biden but Says Israel’s Fighting Back As It Did...

I’m not bringing out the party noisemakers just yet. A Trump victory would be an improvement, that’s all.

Governor Newsom Stops Short of Inviting PA & Gaza Arabs to Come Over

The governor is not interested in the truth, or reality.

Trump: ‘Only a Crazy or an Idiot Wouldn’t Respond like Israel did to Oct....

The former US president's secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, also gave public backing to the pending Rafah operation.

Senior Democratic Pollster Mark Mellman Says Biden Has Nothing to Fear from his Pro-Israel...

Mellman is very critical of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for his attacks on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

House Speaker Johnson Tells CNBC Netanyahu Will Address a Joint Session of Congress

President Biden may yet discover that bullying your best friends has its consequences.

Schumer: Without America Israel Is Finished

“It came from here,” he said, pointing at his gut. And then he told his first lie.

Israeli Officials Blast New Biden Admin Sanctions Over ‘Settler Violence’

Gush Etzion Regional Council mayor calls the sanctions "another scandalous decision from the chairman of Joe Biden's election campaign."

Jewish Candidate Claudia Sheinbaum Leads Mexico’s Presidential Race by 19 Points

A devout leftist, Claudia Sheinbaum opposes free market capitalism and austerity policies.

Schumer’s Rabbi Rachel Demands Israelis Dump Netanyahu or Face the Consequences

This really is her view of her Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel: they are all dupes of Netanyahu.

White House Preparing to Retaliate Should Israel Attack Rafah

So far, the administration has not conditioned its military support on Israeli obedience, but Biden officials advocate withholding weapons sales as punishment.

Israeli Official: Biden Seeking to Oust Netanyahu

"We expect our friends to act to overthrow the terror regime of Hamas and not the elected government in Israel,” said the official.

Round 2: Haredim Take Back Beit Shemesh, Yona Yahav Takes Back Haifa, Oded Revivi...

Last Thursday, Degel HaTorah, Agudath Israel, and Shas united to support Greenberg in Beit Shemesh.

Biden Struggling for Coherence on Gaza, Bibi, Hamas, and, as Always, Michigan

In his first lengthy post-State of the Union interview with Jonathan Capehart on the liberal echo chamber channel MSNBC, President Joe Biden was visibly...

‘Uncommitted’ Continue to Bite Biden’s Heels on Super Tuesday

Trump currently holds an advantage over President Joe Biden in the majority of polls.

Direct Polls: Gantz Leading, Lapid Crashing, Liberman and Ben Gvir Soaring

Balad, the vehemently anti-Israeli party, for the first time, received 4 mandates.

Israel’s Municipal Elections: Lapid Sustains Major Blow in Tel Aviv; Haredim and Hardalim Take...

Everything we report here could change once the soldiers’ votes are counted.

Netanyahu Responds to Biden’s Warnings and Threats

Netanyahu pointed out that US citizens overwhelmingly support Israel over Hamas.

Barak Calls for ‘Siege’ of Knesset to Oust Netanyahu

"If we can call elections by the end of March, there is still time to hold elections in June, which is critical," said Barak - in order to create a "Palestinian" state.

Trump Beats Haley by 20 Points in her Home State

Donald Trump emerged victorious Saturday night in the South Carolina GOP primary, with 59.8% of the votes, advancing him further toward a rematch with...


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