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Preparing for 2024, Trump Complains He Is Ignored by Jewish Voters

Asked whether he believed in God, Trump told his guests: “It’s all based around God — it’s so important."

Report: Fearing Leaks, Netanyahu Downgraded Iran Intelligence Sharing with Biden Administration

Israeli officials complained that the Biden administration doesn't care about Israel's concerns about a nuclear Iran.

Centrist Democrats Fighting to Push Back the Left Ahead of 2022 Vote

The solid base of the Democratic party is still moderate, still favors law and order does not want to defund the police, and certainly supports Israel.

Benny Gantz Declares He Could Be Prime Minister of Israel

Rumor has it that Netanyahu is planning to offer Gantz a very sweet deal.

Pfizer Chief: Bibi Was on Top of Everything, Knew Everything

Bourla is the son of Holocaust survivors. “I was never vocal about these things,” he told the FT.

Netanyahu’s Candidate Defeated in Eilat Mayoral Election

Eilat's Deputy Mayor for the past 18 years, Eli Lankri, was elected on Tuesday night as Mayor of his city. Lankri has served as...

Russian-Tatar Albany Democrat Running for Congress Praises Chassidic Yeshivas

"What I saw in South Williamsburg is a community where people do trust one another."

Jewish-Supported Mainstream Democrat Defeats Sanders-AOC Candidate in Ohio House Primary

Brown thanked “my Jewish brothers and sisters” in her victory speech.

Ohio Special Election has Become Latest Battleground in Democratic Party’s Clash Over Israel

Two leading candidates—Nina Turner and Shontel Brown—have staked out vastly differing views on Israel, with pro-Israel groups throwing their weight behind Brown while deriding Turner’s hostility towards Israel and support from “The Squad.”

Lapid-Bennett Blackmailed into Appointing Anti-Vax Minister

Why did I digress from the story of the MK who threatened to smash the coalition if he doesn't become a minister to the Bennett speech? Oh, you'll love it.

Pro-Israel Democrats Battle Bernie Sanders, AOC, for Ohio Seat and Party’s Future

Brown was recently endorsed by Hillary Clinton and is considered a moderate Democrat.

Netanyahu Leaves Official Residence after 12 Years, Bennett Will Only Sleep Over

the Shin Bet wants to renovate the prime minister's residence at a cost of between NIS 10-15 million ($3-4.6 million) after Netanyahu's departure.

4 Out of AOC’s 6 Endorsements Fail to Reach NY City Council

The big winner on the left was the Working Families Party of New York, which is no big friend of Israel.

New Book Claims: Trump Accused Netanyahu of Betrayal for Congratulating Biden

It isn't clear when Trump’s own memoirs will be published, after his revelation a week ago that he was “writing like crazy” and had already turned down two offers from publishers.

Orthodox Jews’ Favorite Eric Adams Wins Democratic Primary, Will Be Next Mayor

Satmar were not necessarily convinced that Adams was their man because of the good things he had to say about Israel.

Board of Elections Mayoral Results a Mess But Adams May Still Be the Winner

The city won't see the final results by the July 4 Day of Independence, nor by the July 14 French Bastille Day.

New York Mayoral Frontrunner Adams Gets High Marks from Orthodox Community

“The Flatbush Jewish community, our leadership, residents, yeshivah leaders, parents and business owners all agree that, for our community, the No. 1 issue in the election was public safety,” said community leader Chaskel Bennett.

Left-Wingers Grieving over Adams’ Projected Win Because He Loves Israel

There's no doubt Mondoweiss and the American left are angry. They were sure AOC's choice for Mayor, Wiley, would win the race.

Relax, Eric Adams Will Probably Beat Maya Wiley Maybe

We could go like this until July and still not have a final answer – especially as more than 200,000 absentee ballots are still waiting to be counted.

Progressive Maya Wiley Could Win Today’s Mayoral Race for Coming In Second

In this wonderful city that never sleeps, more second-picks are likely to go to Wiley than to the two guys ahead of her.

Revealed: Former Commissioner Alsheikh Counseled Anti-Netanyahu Protesters on Outmaneuvering Police

The former commissioner allegedly provided information and advice over the phone on dealing with the police and police behavior.

Edelstein on the Warpath: Netanyahu Offered PM’s Post to Bennett & Sa’ar, But Not...

"He made all the possible mistakes," Edelstein said about Netanyahu.

Human Rights Groups, US, Want New Iranian President Investigated for Crimes Against Humanity

"We continue to call for Ebrahim Raisi to be investigated for his involvement in past and ongoing crimes under international law."

North Jersey Jews Recall the PM from Teaneck

Bennett joked: “Teaneck back then was not yet Israel. We annexed Teaneck a few years ago.”

Brooklyn Jewish Community Throws Weight in Democratic Primaries for New York Mayor Race

The leadership of the Satmar Chasidim in New York announced that they are backing of Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams for mayor after previously endorsing his closest competitor former Democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Yang.

MK Ben-Gvir Injured in Car Accident, Refused Hospitalization to Vote Against Bennett

The accident between two vehicles was reportedly the fault of MK Ben-Gvir's chauffeur.

Two Years Later Israel Gets New Government Sans Bibi

Most important: this government will pass a new, biannual budget, which its predecessor has failed to do.

Shas Leader Deri: Bibi Made a Huge Mistake and I Should Have Stopped Him

Deri promised: "We will overthrow this government very quickly."

Despite Homage to Dinkins Who Let Rioters into their Neighborhood, Crown Heights Jews Still...

An NY1 survey this week, two weeks ahead of the June 22 Democratic primaries, shows Adams with 22% of the votes, leading over Andrew Yang's 16%.


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