4 Days Before Deadline, Netanyahu Preparing for New Elections

Netanyahu's fixer, Natan Eshel, has not given up his effort to recruit a Kachol Lavan deserter, who would give the PM a 61-seat coalition, with Liberman out.

Liberman Tells Netanyahu He Won’t Vote Yes to 60-Member Coalition

The religious-Zionist parties stand to gain the most from an election re-run, seeing as they've probably lost as many as eight seats due to the threshold vote.

Report: Netanyahu May Dissolve the Knesset, Call for New Elections

Liberman is not the only one refusing to accommodate Netanyahu's demands: the Rightwing Union has yet to be satisfied regarding the two portfolios it demands.

Immunity Bill Submitted to Knesset Approval, Will Determine Netanyahu’s Political Future

The PM's mortal enemy, MK Gideon Saar, skewered him over the move, suggesting the amended law would yield "zero benefit" and cause "maximum damage."

Netanyahu May Settle for Minority Government over Conflict between Liberman, the Haredim

It means that at any point Liberman could join the rest of the opposition in toppling the Likud government.

President Approves Bibi’s 2-Week Extension Request

"I hereby extend the time allocated to form a government by fourteen days.”

Rightwing Union Leader: Coalition Negotiations Stuck over Justice Portfolio

"We lay down on the barbed wire fence on behalf of the right wing."

Quran Burning Lawyer Leads ‘Hard Line’ Party in Danish Elections

Denmark's justice minister, Søren Pape Poulsen, who leads the Conservative People’s party, argued against exclusing the new party from a future government coalition

Days After Sweeping Right-Wing Election Victory, 100s of Policemen Demolish Binyamin Outpost

Local residents reported the demolition forces brought along porta-potties, which means they plan a long stay and much damage to Jewish homes in the entire area.

Newest Likud MK: My First Bill Will Institute Sovereignty

"We are the eve of the Trump program," she said. "If we don't take care of our own, no one will."

Australia’s Labour Party Dumps Candidate over ‘Shape-Shifting Jewish Lizards’ Post Ahead of May Elections

Two weeks ago, Labour candidate Melissa Parke was forced to step down after claiming that a pregnant Arab woman had been forced to drink a bottle of bleach by Israeli soldiers.

First Cracks Showing Between Smotrich, Peretz at Top of Rightwing Union Faction

Smotrich remains forceful and ambitious regarding his expectations of the Likud government, and is planning to demand a lot more than just the Justice and Education portfolios.

Did the NY Times Just Pick the Perfect Metaphor for the Barriers Against Peace?

The "deal of the century" will compensate local Arabs with billions of dollars in investments in their economic and civic well-being, for the fact that they will remain an autonomous canton, but not a state.

Likud MK Supports Judge Melcer’s Call to Investigate False Poll Results in Arab Villages

"Around 7 PM, when we had about 40% of the voters, one committee member came up to me and suggested they double the money I receive for this day, and in return I would allow them to share the votes of those who hadn't voted."

Ukraine Elects Jewish President Volodymyr Zelensky

Zelensky’s mother Rima is Jewish, a fact that he acknowledges but does not emphasize in media interviews.

Smotrich Firm on Justice Portfolio, Expects Pushback from Supreme Court

Smotrich noted that "trust in the judicial system is at an unprecedented low according to all public surveys and studies."

Bennett, New Right Concedes Defeat

After days of conflict with the Central Elections Committee and demands for vote recounts, Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked finally close the book on Israel’s 2019 elections.

President Rivlin Receives Official Election Results from Judge Melcer

A disenfranchised citizenry is more likely to choose desperate measures than one that feels it is being heard.

Rivlin Receives 61 Recommendations to Appoint Netanyahu

"Unity of the people, hugging, sympathy for one another is what's important, otherwise we will have fights inside the family."

Ocasio-Cortez Mad at Israel for Reelecting Netanyahu, Threatens Cutting Military Aid

The honorable Congresswoman from the Bronx and Queens is notorious for saying stuff she doesn't really understand.

Kachol Lavan Tell President They Won’t Join Netanyahu-Led Government

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman said he had just been informed that his party had risen to eight Knesset seats at the Likud's expense.

Central Elections Committee Pushing Back Claims of Worrisome Vote Count Irregularities

Watch the official results from the Arab village of Kisra-Sumei. Not a single Arab party received any vote, while a variety of Jewish parties received votes in obviously doctored batches, none of which included any single digits.

Report: Rivlin Pushing Netanyahu, Gantz, to Forge National Unity Government

To comply with the President's request, Blue and White would have to violate their promise to their voters not to sit in a Netanyahu-led government.

Final Results: Bibi Up One, Bennett Out, Right Bloc at 65 Seats, Left Without...

There probably is going to be a recount of the soldiers' votes due to the unusual number of reported irregularities.

Reports: 23,000 Ballots in 35 Polls Were Never Counted

Needless to say, the honorable judge Hanan Mercer did not sound convincing, and the real results he promised might not become available any time soon.


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