DeSantis ‘Hit Right Notes’ in New York Meeting with Orthodox Leaders

“He clearly sought our input in order to best serve us, along with all Americans, in a future administration,” said Rabbi Yaakov Menken, who was a part of the meeting.

Ramaswamy Defends New Hampshire Co-Chair’s Right to Call Israel ‘Apartheid’

“I’m not going to toss someone to the wolves and cancel them,” the presidential candidate said.

Democrat Sam Berger Beats Republican David Hirsch in Queens Assembly Seat Special Election

Republican Hirsch managed to get a much bigger share of his voter base to the polls than the Democrat Berger.

In GOP v. DNC Race for NY State Orthodox Vote Speaker McCarthy Has the...

The nice folks in Satmar could probably teach the Speaker a thing or two about anti-Zionism.

Minority Leader Jeffries, Dem Leaders, Endorse Ilhan Omar

According to Gallup, "more Democrats side with the Palestinians than the Israelis, 49% versus 38%.”

Justice Elron Throws Hat in Ring for Supreme Court President Defying Traditional Seniority System

President Hayut was not amused, and announced Elron’s punishment on the same day he made his announcement.

At First Republican Debate, White House Hopefuls Spar, Largely on Domestic Policy

In one rather dramatic moment, Nikki Haley accused Vivek Ramaswamy of not being a supporter of Israel.

Former President Trump Arrested in Atlanta, Mugshot and All

Later, at 4:38 AM, Former President Trump returned to Twitter (a.k.a. X).

Republican Jews Set the Record Straight on US Aid to Israel; Also, Vivek Ramaswamy...

I wish Brooks had told Ramaswamy the US needs the aid package as much as Israel does, and maybe even a little more.

Ramaswamy Tells Reporters he Hopes US aid to Israel Reduced by 2028

Ramaswamy also wants to go further than Trump with the Abraham Accords 2.0.

Argentina’s Next President May Be a Right-Wing Libertarian and Jew Wannabe

Milei loves Jews and is a strong supporter of Israel. If elected, he plans to move his country's embassy to Jerusalem.

Three US Presidential Campaigns Respond to Biden’s Netanyahu Snub

The lack of an invitation to the Oval Office for the Israeli prime minister reflects the “bankruptcy" of the administration’s Israel policy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., told JNS.

Trump Booked, Fingerprinted, Arraigned, and Leads Republican Field by Miles

Trump's multiple indictments in different courts appear to encourage his growing support by the Republican base.

Religious Zionism Party to Merge with Jewish Home for Local Elections

The merged parties will run under the "Tet-Bet" acronym, as they did in past elections.

Hayut Court Pursuing Constitutional Crisis with Netanyahu’s Incapacity Hearing

Now they’ll try to take Bibi down by breaking the law, courtesy of the supreme court.

In Shot Across Bibi’s Bow High Court Unanimously Cancels Coalition Candidate for Mayor of...

"Yesterday we saw a spectacle of the court that showed it can easily run over a law of the legislator."

George Soros and Son Donate to Representative Jayapal Who Called Israel ‘Racist’

The billionaire family sent $13,200 to a progressive representative criticized for statements called “dangerous and antisemitic.”

DeSantis Campaign Fires Staffer for Video Featuring Nazi Symbol

Once used by Old Norse and Celtic cultures, white supremacists now tend to wield the Sonnenrad.

Shmuley Boteach Discovers RFK Jr. May Not be an Antisemite, But He Is Terribly...

The candidate, a dyed-in-the-wool antivaxxer, declared earlier this month that “the people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.”

Jewish Levi Strauss Heir Challenging Mayor of San Francisco

After decades of capitalizing on its proximity to Silicon Valley, everything in San Francisco changed when the pandemic hit.

Will 250,000 Protesters Cancel Out 2,304,964 Voters?

If we lose this one, we might as well hand over the keys to the rightful owners of the country and beg for mercy.

Haley Slams Biden: ‘Acting Just Like Obama Did When it Comes to Netanyahu’

At the CUFI Summit in Washington, the former governor and ambassador said that the president, the United Nations and congressional Democrats fail on Israel and American Jewish issues.

It’s Disruption Tuesday: Anarchists Burning Down the Country to Reverse Election Results

There will also be a protest of Israeli boomers and trust fund babies in Washington DC on Wednesday, to coincide with President Itzhak Herzog’s White House visit.

Direct Polls after Reasonability Clause Passes: Netanyahu Regaining Power

The Direct Polls survey is pointing at a continued positive momentum for Netanyahu.

DeSantis Blasts Biden Over Netanyahu Snub

"Biden meets with dictators... but snubs the democratically elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu," said DeSantis.

Gantz Bill Allows Voters to Shuffle Candidates’ Names at the Ballot Box

Needless to say, Gantz, himself has never been picked through a primary process.

AfD Wins District Council Election in Germany, Advocates Ban on Circumcision, Kosher Slaughter

At the same time, AfD is pro-Israel and supported President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Former ‘Miss Iraq’ Sarah Idan to Vie for Adam Schiff’s Congressional Seat

“Our democracy is fundamentally at stake,” said the Baghdad native, 33, who fled her country after posing in a selfie with “Miss Israel” in 2017.

Arabs Look to Create Earthquake in Jerusalem City Hall

Candidate Walid Abu Tiya wants to force Israel out of Judea and Samaria and establish a "Palestinian State".


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