Liberman Continues to Fail as Kingmaker

Liberman's machinations created the coalition stalemates, and he refuses to take the one step that would end it.

Watch: Corbyn Flees Scottish Minister Asking Where’s his Islamic Jihad Scarf

According to shocking revelations, Reverend Richard Cameron also "shared a series of controversial views on Islam, describing terrorism as 'a problem Islam needs to deal with.'"

Mayor Pete Condemns Jihad Rockets Unconditionally But Dems Don’t Love It

This is one of those stories that involves very little input from the writer. It's all right there, in the exchange of tweets. It...

UK Labour Candidate Withdraws After Comparing Israel to Nazis and Child Abuser

Kate Ramsden said, "to me the Israeli state is like an abused child who becomes an abusive adult."

Trump Tells Orthodox Jewish Fundraiser: If Impeached, I’d Become Prime Minister of Israel

"What kind of a system is it over there, right?" Trump said. "They're all fighting and fighting. [...] They have two elections and nobody is elected."

Gantz Supports Netanyahu’s Call While Labor Senior Questions Assassination’s Timing

Yes, Netanyahu mercilessly takes the lives of an innocent Islamic Jihad human beings.

Netanyahu: Arabs Split into Those Who Want Us Dead and Those Who Fear Them

"The Middle East is rife with failed states and so the idea that we would abandon our security control in Judea and Samaria is ludicrous, we must not do that."

Rabin’s Grandson Slammed for Exploiting Memorial for Political Sniping

Yonatan Ben-Artzi used the ceremony's platform to slam the Prime Minister.

Smotrich: Rabin Festival Now the Bonfire of Endangered Extreme-Left Tribe

Smotrich told Army Radio on Sunday that the memorial services for Yitzhak Rabin do not belong to his heirs, they belong to the nation.

Gantz Booed in Bnei Brak, Outmaneuvered in Jerusalem

59% of potential voters oppose a minority government with backing from the Arab parties and only 34% support it.

UK’s Jewish Chronicle Publishes Editorial Urging Non-Jews to Not Vote for Jeremy Corbyn

"Putting oneself in the shoes of another person, or another group, can be difficult. But we believe it is important—and urgent—that you do that,” the paper said, citing a recent poll that found 87 percent of British Jews consider Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to be an anti-Semite.

Naftali Bennett Appointed Defense Minister

Bennett and Shaked were offered two small ministries or one big one. They chose the Defense Ministry.

Can Michael Bloomberg Beat the NYC Mayors’ Curse?

The former mayor does not believe any of the nice men and women who are currently running for the Democratic nomination will be able to topple President Donald Trump.

Report: Blue&White Ready for Sovereignty in Jordan Valley

Blue&White is ready to go for applying sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea, Zeev Kam reported on Reshet Bet radio...

Jerry Nadler: Conditioning US Assistance to Israel is ‘Wrong’

“We have a $38 billion commitment over 10 years for military aid to Israel,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), who is the chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. “The Israelis need it for defense.”

Labour Election Candidate Apologizes for Netanyahu Death Fantasy

Zarah Sultana, 26, Labour's candidate for the Coventry South seat in the UK House of Commons, on Monday night apologized for her online post...

Report: Abbas to Call for February Legislative Elections, Followed by Presidential Vote

The last time the PA held legislative elections, in 2006, a Hamas proxy party won 44.45% of the vote and 74 seats, and the PLO won 41.43% of the vote and 45 seats.

Smotrich Attacks Bennett for Letting Rightwing Bloc Disintegrate

Bennett obeyed the same martyr's impulse that lost his Habayit Hayehudi party 4 mandates to Netanyahu in the 2015 election.

American Jewish Congress Wants Bernie Sanders to Fire Linda Sarsour

“As the only Jewish presidential candidate in the field, and as someone who may become the first Jewish President of the United States, you bear a special responsibility to the Jewish American community.”

Bibi and Benny Courting Bennett

Gantz may see Bennett as key to breaking up Netanyahu's seemingly unbreakable right-wing bloc, while Netanyahu need to shore up his weakest link.

Jewish Labour Movement to Shun Corbyn Come New Elections

"When two accomplished and dedicated Jewish Labour MPs no longer see a place for themselves in the Labour party, it’s clear that the party has lost its way."

Kedar’s American Trip Cancelled a Week Ago, Also: Everybody Knows Y.R.

Incidentally, according to surveys published over the past quarter century, about 25% of the Israeli public believe Rabin was not assassinated by Yigal Amir.

Lebanon’s President Asking PM Hariri to Stay On as Protests Continue

Lebanese financial institutions plan to reopen on Friday and brace themselves for a certain run on the banks.

Klobuchar: ‘I Disagreed’ with Trump’s Golan Recognition

Klobuchar did not indicate whether or not she would keep the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem if she were elected.

Corbyn’s Jewish Arch Enemy Wins Barking Nomination

Dame Margaret was “triggered” through Labour's new ballot procedures which encourage local members to challenge the incumbent MP.

Nikki Haley Ridicules Sanders’ Idea to Transfer Funds from Israel to Gaza as ‘Unreal’

Sanders wants to take money we give to Israel to defend itself from terrorists, and give it to Gaza, which is run by terrorists.

J Street Pressuring Democratic Candidates to Use Aid in Fighting Settlements

God bless Senator Klobuchar who told her hosts: "I am so wedded right now to make sure we are actually continuing the aid.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Formally Joins The Squad’s Endorsement of ‘Uncle Bernie Sanders’

"Amo Bernie is what I like to call him . . . 'Amo' means 'Uncle' in Arabic."

Likud Top Negotiator: Blue&White Still Toying with Arab-Supported Minority Coalition

"The quorum of ministers the Likud would receive would be lower, because of the distribution of portfolios to our partners, so that Blue&White would have more ministers than the Likud."


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