‘Rally for Trump’ Caravan Drove from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

"I know everyone is saying, ‘Biden is leading’ and maybe ‘it’s really close.’ But we have some different information about that."

Jewish Candidate in Arizona Discovers Campaign Sign Marred with Swastika

“Someone that I’ve never met, never seen, hates me for a reason I can’t control, because of who I was born to be,” said Seth Blattman.

Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

The left are calling for the expanding the Supreme Court, Biden would consider rotating judges to lower courts.

‘Jews for Trump’ Pelted with Eggs, Stones, Punched Out in Times Square

One protester was arrested for pepper-spraying a Jewish family of seven inside their car.

Watch: Ben Shapiro Interviews Jared Kushner

Jared talks to Ben about the accomplishments of the Trump presidency, and makes the case for four more years.

Likud Up, Yamina Down in Friday’s Poll, Arabs Lose Support

Bennett, who was threatening to get uncomfortably close to Netanyahu's poll numbers, has apparently exhausted his drive at the current stage and is starting to lose the centrist voters.

Watch the Final Presidential Debate

Both candidates made assertions that were inaccurate, taken out of context, or outright untrue. Just like in any normal presidential debate.

Poll: 75 Percent of US Jews Would Vote for Biden, While 22 Percent for...

Trump is preferred by 74 percent of Orthodox, 23 percent of Conservative, 20 percent of Reform, 3 percent of Reconstructionist and 14 percent of secular Jews.

Twitter Still Blocking NY Post from Tweeting

NYPost: Twitter has refused to unlock The Post’s account unless the news organization deletes tweets about its own reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails.

Survey: Netanyahu Continues Downward Slide as 28% of Likud Voters Want him Out

It is interesting to note that the peace agreement with the Gulf states that has grabbed many headlines over the past month is not beneficial in the least to the prime minister’s popularity.

Twitter CEO Admits Blunt Blocking of NY Post Biden Story Was ‘Unacceptable’

No other news organization has so far verified the Post’s article.

Rumor: If Elected Biden Will Make Cuomo his AG to Prosecute Trump

Axios cited a source who said about Biden and Cuomo: "When one of them needs something, it’s automatic, it’s not a calculation.”

Gallup Finds Majority of Americans Feel ‘Better Off’ Under Trump

Under the Obama administration in 2012, just 45 percent of registered voters said they were better off than they were in 2008.

With Her Party Reaping Extraordinary Poll Numbers, Ayelet Shaked Urges New Elections

"I think Bennett can lead the country and be an excellent prime minister, but we are not forming coalitions yet."

Trump Returns to the White House: ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Covid’

Well after midnight, the president tweeted: "Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon!!! The Fake News only shows the Fake Polls."

Trump Unequivocally Condemns White Supremacists (Again), as ADL Distributes Anti-Trump Petition

Back in 2016, Chris Wallace asked President Trump if he condemns white supremacist, and then like now, the president condemned them.

Trump Campaign Launches New Outreach Initiative to American Jewish Voters

The coalition will work to underscore the significance of the Trump administration’s pro-Israel and pro-Jewish policies.

In Pre-5781 Phone Call, Trump Warns ‘Israel in big trouble’ if He Isn’t Re-Elected

Despite his achievements—and the mention of his Jewish son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren—the U.S. president expressed astonishment that the Jewish vote “seems to be almost automatically a Democratic vote.”

Despite Peace Deal Netanyahu Down in Latest Poll

And yet, despite the overwhelming dissatisfaction with his job performance, 31% of those surveyed believe that Netanyahu is best qualified to serve as prime minister.

Survey: Bennett’s Yamina Remains 2nd Largest Party as Arabs Rise to 17 Seats

Netanyahu and Bennett can form a 51-seat coalition bloc, to which they can add whomever they desire, at a bargain basement price.

Wisconsin Man Charged with Anti-Semitic Slurs at Jewish Neighbor over Biden Yard Sign

 Kirst finally left his neighbors' yard, went home and made a sign that read "Jews for Trump," which he posted in his own yard.

Former Minister in Rabin’s Government Shimon Shetreet to Run for President against Amir Peretz

Sheetrit's candidacy would conflict with Netanyahu's alleged plans to reward Minister Amir Peretz for jumping ship with his minuscule Labor party to the Likud coalition government.

Osama Bin Laden’s Niece Warns About Another 9/11, Says Only Trump Can Stop It

She believes the left in the US "has aligned itself completely with the people who share that ideology,” referring to her uncle's murderous beliefs.

As Pandemic Spreads, Survey Shows Bennett Soaring, Netanyahu Clipped, Lapid Dropping

Overall, 63% say Netanyahu's overall performance is a failure, compared to 34% who say it is good overall.

Biden Meeting Draws Attention to Jacob Blake Sr. Past Anti-Semitic Statements

Jacob Blake Sr., father of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, appears to show a history of racist and anti-Semitic views.

GOP Congressman Calls Biden’s Pledge to Restore US Funding to Palestinian Authority ‘Mental Incoherence’

“Basically, if you agree with the sentiment behind the Taylor Force Act, you don’t restore funding to the Palestinians,” said Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.)

Gov. Cuomo: President Trump ‘Better Have an Army’ to Walk Down NY Streets

Trump signed a five-page memo ordering federal agencies to send reports to the Office of Management and Budget with recommendations for funds that can be redirected from New York.

Kushner Believes Netanyahu, Trump, Will Reach Agreement on F-35 Sale to UAE

The IDF's unwavering superiority doctrine of the past 72 years could be talked away from Netanyahu – according to Kushner.


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