Shaked Plans Knesset Confirmation of Next Supreme Court Judges

"In the vast majority of Western democracies," Shaked noted, "It is the elected officials who appoint the judges of the highest court in the judicial system."

Smotrich Compares Supreme Court to Iran’s Supreme Council

MK Bezalel Samotrich tweeted: "Israel will not be Iran."

High Court Disqualifies Ben Ari, Approves Anti-Zionist Arab Parties, Cassif

"Ofer Cassif, Tibi and Zoabi, supporters of terrorism every one, are in, but Ben Ari, a Zionist Jew whose sons serve in the IDF, is out."

Expert: Iranian Hacking of Gantz’s Phone Meant to Generate Political Storm, Destabilize Israeli Democracy

Gantz’s political partners expressed anger that he did not share this information with them prior to its publication in the news.

Ben Ari Claims Reform’s Appeal for his Disqualification Chock Full of Willful Distortions

The right-wing parties union is preparing to launch a huge protest in the event that the court reverses the Knesset's decision.

Feiglin’s Haredi No. 2 Speaks Up: Not Crazy about Weed, LGBT

The state must keep Shabbat according to Halacha. But but there can be private initiatives of public transportation on Shabbat.

Smotrich Attacks Feiglin on Legalizing Weed

While several parties, including Likud, have been quick to reflect Zehut chairman Moshe Feiglin's rise in the polls and to copycat his agenda of legalizing both medical and medical cannabis in Israel, National Union leader Bezalel Smotrich appears to be betting on religious, right-wing voters who are opposed to the idea.

A-G Agrees to Hold Back Netanyahu Pre-Indictment Hearing, Transfer of Evidence Until After Election

The news is a win for Netanyahu, who requested the delay in order to avert any adverse impact on the polls.

Both Netanyahu and Haaretz Fear Feiglin Rise in Polls

"Look who attacks me and who runs venomous campaigns against me, and you will understand where our votes come from – from the New Right and from Meretz," Feiglin told Maariv on Monday.

Avoiding Serious Policy Debate, Bibi Clashes with Fashion Model on Definition of Jewish State

Netanyahu had something important to say, but since it's now officially the silly season of the 2019 elections, he picked a strange venue in which to state it.

Jewish Power’s Ben-Gvir Suing Liberman for $70K over Shin Bet Agitator Accusation

Ben-Gvir said this morning, "I understand that Avigdor Liberman is under pressure."

Haaretz Sat. Night Poll: Gantz Drops Dramatically, Likud Stable, Feiglin Firmly Above Threshold

Blue and White is approaching the size of the late Kadima party, led by Ehud Olmert and later Tzipi Livni: 29 and 28 seats in the 2006 and 2009 elections.

Latest Poll: Liberman Gone, Feiglin to Decide Fate of Right-Left Blocs

With 4 seats, Feiglin could tip the Bibi vs. Gantz balance to Gantz 62, Bibi 58. With more seats -- the sky would be his limit.

Elections Committee Bans 2 Extremist Arab Parties, Jewish Candidate for ‘Moderate’ Arab Party

On December 28, 2015, Cassif posted on Facebook an attack on Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked whom he called a "neo-Nazi [expletive]."

IfNotNow Boast They Helped Block Dems’ Rebuke of Anti-Semitic Omar

"With Democratic leaders like Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders condemning the [proposed] resolution, it’s clear that grassroots movements are shifting what’s possible in the halls of power."

Sanders Administration to Feature Numerous Anti-Israel Advocates

"The Israelis, whose lives depend on their future dependence on America as much as their past reliance, may come to fear him."

Pompeo Arriving in Middle East Ahead of April 9 Vote

There's little doubt regarding the effect of photo-ops featuring Pompeo and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Regardless of Results, Fight Over Expelling Otzma Candidate Likely to Reach High Court

Meanwhile, Attorney Ben Gvir filed a 500,000 shekel ($138,000) defamation lawsuit against MK Stav Shafir (Labor), for calling the members of Jewish Power "Nazis."

Trend Continues: Netanyahu, Right Bloc, More Likely to Forge Coalition Government

Avigdor Liberman and Orly Levy-Abekasis do not pass the 3.25% vote threshold. It should be noted that one of them (not Orly) was the genius behind the decision to raise the threshold.

New Right, Habayit Hayehudi, Launch Desperate Effort to Vilify Feiglin

Zehut's recent rise in the polls is a source of anxiety for its right-wing competitors, uniting them in taking desperate measures against one of their own

Mandelblit Approves Jewish and Arab Parties to Run in Israel’s April Elections

The Jewish Otzma Yehudit, and anti-Zionist Ra’am-Balad and Hadash-Ta’al parties, will be allowed to run in Israel’s upcoming national elections, thanks to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

Report: Haredi Parties Would Join Gantz Provided He Dumps Lapid from Rotation

"We have no problem with Gantz in the first place, our problem is with Lapid," a source inside UTJ told Maariv.

New Survey’s Dream Predictions Sure to Cheer Up Anxious Right-Wingers

Assuming Jewish Power is not in the government, walking away with their 3 seats, Bibi still comes out with a solid 65-seat coalition government.

Speaker Edelstein: Jewish Power Won’t Join a Likud Coalition Even If Netanyahu Pushes For...

"How I am supposed to feel if I now, as speaker of the Knesset, say to [Netanyahu], 'Go home,' and later it turns out he was innocent?"


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