Netanyahu Indicted

The move means that the indictments against Netanyahu can now be filed in Jerusalem District Court.

Gantz: ‘Will Work for Peace Plan in Permanent Government and with Countries in...

"After the elections, I will work toward implementing it from within a stable functioning Israeli government ... with the other countries."

Senior Gantz Adviser Called US President ‘Donald Adolf Trump’

Gantz brought senior adviser Ronen Tzur to Washington DC for the meeting with Pres. Trump despite his past vicious anti-Trump tweets.

Michael Bloomberg Only Democrat in Presidential Race with Pro-Israel Agenda

The Trump folks could wake up one morning to discover their lunch money missing.

Sanders Has Huge Lead in Iowa Ahead of Feb. 3 Caucuses

Darling of the left, filmmaker Michael Moore declared that only Sanders can beat President Trump in November.

Netanyahu and Gantz to Visit White House Next Week for the Deal of the...

Two major party leaders don’t “come to Washington just for a conversation,” which poses questions as to why an initiative would be released a month before the third round of Israeli elections, says Aaron David Miller, a former Mideast negotiator.

Ilhan Omar Running Unopposed in Dem Primary as Trump Attacks Boost her Donations

Like the Brian Epstein of modern politics, Trump created “The Squad” – a group of four women elected in 2018 to the House of Representatives.

Youngest Statewide Official in the US Visits IDF Base, ‘Grateful for the Alliance’

“The hard-working soldiers of the IDF put themselves in harm's way in the service of Israeli citizens and are dedicated to keeping the peace,” LaTurner said.

Latest Poll: Gantz 35, Bibi 31, Blocs Still at Stalemate

Itamar Ben-Gvir's Otzma Yehudit does not cross the 3.25% vote threshold, getting only 1.9% of the respondents' votes in this survey.

Likud Officials Say Netanyahu Waiting for Trump’s Green Light to Annex Jordan Valley, But...

"The talk of applying sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Samaria and Judea is welcome. But for now it's just that, talk."

Netanyahu Gives Putin Disputed Old City Church in Exchange for Jailed Israeli Woman

Israel was going to recognize the ownership over the Russian compound in the Old City sooner or later anyway, the Naama Issachar arrest was just an incentive.

Gush Etzion Mayor Responds to Gantz’s Dodging of Jordan Valley Sovereignty

"The citizens of the State of Israel will count very well every hand that doesn’t go up and vote for sovereignty over the Jordan Valley."

Netanyahu Weighs Quid Pro Quo: Drop Immunity Request for Gantz Jordan Valley Sovereignty Pledge

“First let us discuss [your] immunity, [and] later we’ll manage claiming sovereignty [over the Jordan Valley,]” Gantz said.

He Wants to Ban their Pro-Terrorist MK, But Arab List Insists They’ll Back Gantz

Benny Gantz would have no choice but to lean on the Joint Arab List in the Knesset, if he wants to form and maintain a majority government.

Netanyahu Assigns New Ministerial Portfolios in Year-Old Temporary Government

These are all temporary appointments, although, with the Israeli voters' track record so far and this being the third election in less than a year, in their place I would buy a suit.

Liberman Insults Miri Regev: I Say Shavua Tov Only to Human Beings

Last October, Liberman called Regev "beheimah" (barnyard animal) in an interview with Maariv.

New Polls Show Blue&White Widening Gap Over Likud

Center-left-Arab bloc wins 58 seats, rightwing-Haredi bloc with 55 seats, Liberman remains the decider.

Knesset Lists Submitted: Allied Zionist Right Dumps Otzma Yehudit

Naftali Bennett stood on his hind legs and stubbornly refused to add Ben-Gvir to the united list.

MK Gadi Yevarkan Defects to Likud from Blue & White

We have so much to do, so much to fix, in the struggle over violence, over discrimination, over equality."

Bennett Establishes 7 Nature Preserves in Judea & Samaria

"As usual, we have come to carry out the strengthening of our Land of Israel! Not talk. Deeds."

It’s Official: Bennett – Shaked – Smotrich Running Together, Habayit Hayehudi Abandoned

New Right chairman, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett declared: "It's a big day. We've reunited our home." Of curse, we also broke the home apart in the first place, last February, but that was two elections ago.

Smotrich – Peretz Alliance Dies Amid Violent Clashes, New Right Emerging as Sole Survivor

Make their slogan: "The party with internal fisticuffs only some of the time."

Bayit Yehudi Green Lights Merger with Otzma Yehudit

The committee voted to continue with the list of candidates that was established for the September 2019 elections.

Provocative Tiberias Mayor Fired

Ron Kobi was accused of provoking and instigating against religious Jews. He was fired for failing to pass a budget.

Knesset Committee Removes Speaker Edelstein’s Power to Influence Netanyahu’s Immunity

"No democracy in the world has changed the rules of the electoral process during a vacation. "

Knesset’s Legal Advisor: Edelstein Can’t Block Committee Formation to Rule on Immunity; Edelstein: Convening...

The Likud believes that the Knesset Advisor has a conflict of interest, as his wife participated in the state prosecution’s ruling on Netanyahu’s cases.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon is ‘Ready to Retire’

Kahlon, who is 59 years old, says he is fatigued after heading the Finance Ministry for the past five years and wants to spend time with his family.

Delaware Republican Leader Apologizes for Blaming Jews for Trump’s Impeachment

“After much reflection and thought, I now realize my words were inappropriate. I apologize for raising questions about a people, a faith and a culture whose beliefs span a broad political spectrum,” she wrote.


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