Jewish Lawmaker Punched in the Face by Man Yelling the Jews Have Taken Over...

The attacker also threatened to kill Zyskowicz by pushing him in front of the subway train.

Edelstein’s Independence on Judicial Reform Is his Springboard for Likud Leadership

Edelstein was fighting Justice Hayut before anyone else on the right had even dreamed of challenging her tyrannical rule.

The Left Takes Politics to the Streets with 100K Demonstrators in Tel Aviv –...

If the left could bring a million angry Israelis to the streets, it probably would have won the last election.

Jewish Democrat Josh Shapiro Sworn in as Pennsylvania Governor

Shapiro took the oath of office on a stack of three Hebrew Bibles.

Bet. 15 and 80 K Demonstrated Against Judicial Reform – 2.3 M Demonstrated in...

Lapid’s Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar issued his plan for reforming the judicial system, resembling Yariv Levin's reform.

George Santos Faces Growing Calls to Resign for Lying about Jewish Heritage, Family Fleeing...

“I will NOT resign!” tweeted the newly elected Republican congressman in response.

Former Meretz MK Calls for ‘Large-Scale Civil Uprising’ Against Netanyahu’s Government

Yair Golan's Meretz party couldn't garner enough votes to get into the Knesset, but he's calling for civil war.

Re-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Sends a Message to the Kotel

Rabbi Schneur Oirechman, Chabad emissary in Tallahassee, Fla., read the note, which he then placed in the Western Wall as is customary.

Russia, Ukraine Prefer Netanyahu over Lapid – But Can He Love Them Both Equally?

Zelensky declared: "I don't want them to balance between Ukraine and Russia. This is a bloody war."

RJC Says Congressman-Elect Not Invited to Future Events for Lies about Jewish Heritage

Republican George Santos admitted to lying on the campaign trail about his mother being Jewish and his grandparents fleeing the Nazis.

Watch: With Just Minutes to Spare, Netanyahu Informs the President ‘Ala Beyadi’

Prime Minister-Designate Benjamin Netanyahu called President Isaac Herzog to inform him that he [Netanyahu] is able to form the next coalition government.

Wednesday Netanyahu Told President Herzog: I Did It

The juicy positions left for Netanyahu to dole out are Speaker of the Knesset, Defense Minister, Foreign Minister, and Transport Minister.

NY Times Editorial Rant: Why Must Israel’s Right Wing Reject 2-State?

In its superior “analysis,” the NY Times actually absolves antisemites who attack Jews over the actions of the State of Israel.

Netanyahu’s Ally Yariv Levin Appointed as Temporary Knesset Speaker

Netanyahu now has until December 21 to finalize his coalition.

Netanyahu Asks for 14 More Days, Must Pass Laws Empowering Deri, Smotrich, Ben Gvir

Netanyahu is like a three-card-monte trickster whose been working the same corner for too long.

Likud, Shas Sign Preliminary Coalition Agreement

Netanyahu now has preliminary agreements with all of the parties in his right-wing coalition.

UTJ and Likud Sign Preliminary Coalition Agreement

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu has until Sunday to finalize coalition agreements, or ask for an extension from President Herzog.

Dems Secure Senate Majority as Anti-Israel Warnock Wins Georgia

A video from 2018 shows Warnock delivering a hate-filled rant against Israel and the Trump administration.

Noam Party Leader Condemns Lapid-Led Campaign as ‘Sedition’

Avi Maoz pointed out that teachers hide what they are teaching from the parents, and he plans to make sure parents know what their kids are being exposed to.

Lapid’s Calls for Insurrection Puts Civil Society at Risk, Legal Analysts Say

Israel's outgoing PM urged municipalities not to cooperate with an educational department to be headed by lawmaker Avi Maoz.

UTJ Head Gafni: ‘Whoever has a Problem with the People’s Elected Government – Go...

Gafni has little patience for those who are implying that the religious parties planning on usurping Israeli democracy.

DeSantis Ties Biden in Latest National Poll, Trump Lags 10 Points Behind

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents differed considerably on reducing US military aid to Ukraine.

Jewish Organizations Heavily Involved in Warnock-Walker Race as Georgia Senate Runoff Approaches

Will not having control of the Senate in question be demobilizing for Republican voters?

Likud and Religious Zionists Reach Coalition Agreement

The Religious Zionists party will be responsible for civilian life in Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu, Ben Gvir, Reach Draft Agreement, Smotrich Deal Still Pending

Likud officials say Smotrich is much tougher than Bennett, they also said his demands are outrageous and baseless.

Smotrich: Likud Reneged on Everything, We’re Back to Step One

Otzma Yehudit Chairman Itamar Ben Gvir encountered similar fundamental disagreements with Netanyahu.

Report: Coalition Talks Breakthrough Between Smotrich, Netanyahu and Deri

Dafna Liel is reporting a significant breakthrough in the coalition negotiations between Likud, Religious Zionism and Shas.

If the Establishment Attacks Smotrich So Furiously, He Must Be Doing Something Right

Keep doing what you’re doing, Bezalel and Itamar – we are proud to be your voters.

Kevin McCarthy to Republican Jews: I’ll Kick Ilhan Omar Out of Foreign Affairs Committee

If only 8 pro-Biggs Republicans vote against McCarthy for Speaker, he won’t win the post.

Pelosi’s Presumed Successor Hakeem Jeffries Friend of Jews, Israel

At a rally in July 2014, Jeffries said: "Israel should not be made to apologize for its strength."


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