Netanyahu, Katz Unveil Comprehensive Economic Stimulus Plan

The nine-step plan includes grants for businesses and families and aid to the unemployed • Blue and White dismisses the move as a political stunt ahead of the March elections.

Palestinian Authority Appeals to EU to Send Election Observers to Eastern Jerusalem

As part of the assault on Israeli sovereignty, the PA and Europe are trying to include Arab residents of Jerusalem in the Palestinian Authority elections..

Efrat Settler Running for Labor Party Chairwoman (Remember the Labor Party?)

Efrat settler Nava Katz is running for the chairmanship of the Labor party. Say again!?

In First, Woman Elected to Head Israeli Religious Party

Hagit Moshe defeated Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett’s confidant, Nir Orbach.

Egypt & Jordan Send Message Abu Mazen: ‘Israel Warns of Consequences of Hamas Election...

Hamas stands to take control if any elections are held in the Palestinian Authority.

Biden’s Pick for Sec. State Won’t Move Jerusalem Embassy

Altogether, it looks like the Biden team has learned a thing or two from Trump after all.

Despite Record Vaccinations, Lockdown, Israel Sees 1,000+ Daily Corona Patients

"We are currently in a state of war, and in a state of war you don't check prior commitments or this or that budget."

Importing the Swamp: Gideon Saar Hires ‘Lincoln Project’ Team to Do to Bibi What...

No doubt, it's by far more effective stuff than Israelis are used to both in terms of the sophistication of the video production and the raw bluntness of the message.

PA Elections: Jibril Rajoub to US Officials: I Will Work to Ensure Abbas’s Victory

Jibril Rajoub is seeking the chairmanship of the Legislative Council and is behind an attempt to establish a joint list for Hamas and Fatah.

After 16 Years Abbas Declares Elections Risking Hamas Takeover

The only major power on the planet Abbas can rely on to resuscitate the old and tired concept of a Palestinian State is… the Democratic party.

WATCH: Trump Addresses the Capitol Riots, Censorship and the Need for Unity

Tackling the issues that could potentially redefine his entire presidency, President Trump addressed the nation and called for unity.

Watch: Kissinger Warns Biden About the Nuclear Deal with Iran

Kissinger urged President-elect Joe Biden to rethink his plan to conduct talks with Iran on renewing the nuclear deal and warned that it could usher in a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Arab-Israeli Ma’an (“Together”) Party Recognizes Israel as Jewish State, Hopes to Join Next Coalition

“Our ultimate goal is to be a joint Arab-Jewish list that can be a source of influence in politics and in the Knesset.”

NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang Against Circumcision, Supports 2-State Solution

“From what I’ve seen, the evidence on it being a positive health choice for the infant is quite shaky.”

Nikki Haley Laments Damage to Trump’s Legacy Following Jan. 6 Riots

Haley commented: "An embarrassment in the eyes of the world and total sadness for our country. Wake up America."

Back from the Ban: Trump Condemns Attack on the Capitol

President Trump releases a video statement following the Capitol riots.

While a Nation Is Licking Its Wounds Some Seek to Cut Them Deeper

"If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral."

PA Spreads Corona Libel Even as Israel Secretly Vaccinates Abbas’s Inner Circle

Former IDF spokesperson Peter Lerner tweeted: "Blaming the worlds failures on the Jews, now why does that sound familiar?"

4 Dead, 52 Arrested, 14 Police Injured as Rioters Break into Congress

Four of the rioters were arrested for carrying handguns without a license, possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, and possession of unregistered ammunition.

President Rivlin Shares Report Saying Public Trust in the State Badly, Maybe Fatally Harmed

"We will have to deal with the shocking hatred that undermines our national resilience," Rivlin said.

Bennett, Smotrich Preparing to Split as Latest Poll Predicts Only One Survivor

With a little bit of luck, Bennett and Sa'ar could go a long way together.

Was the Congressman’s Blessing a Show of Idiocy or a Pun? It Went Viral...

His defenders said it was a pun intended to recognize the record number of women serving in the new Congress.

The 2021 Squad Is Bigger, Posing Real Threat Against the Democratic Establishment

We wish Speaker Pelosi much success in taming her progressive infestation.

Meretz Going After Joint Arab List Voters, Looking to Boost the Israeli Left

In past elections, Arab voters have saved Meretz's hide, giving it the votes it desperately needed to stay above the threshold percentage.

Photo-Oops: Netanyahu’s 1,000,000th Vaccination Photo-Op was with Former Arab Convict

Part of Netanyahu's upcoming election campaign is addressing Arab on Arab violence and murder in Israel.

As Biden Prepares to Take Office, Putin Announces Russia’s ‘Satan 2’ ICBM Almost Ready

The Sarmat has a short boost phase, which cuts the time it can be tracked by the American space-based infrared system, making it more difficult to intercept.

Polls Show Likud Still in the Lead as Newly Minted Parties Rearrange the Map

In the end, Israel's parties may have new names, but the problem remains: a split down the middle between Netanyahu and those who want to see him gone.


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