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Hellfire missiles.

It’s getting harder and harder for even diehard apologists to make a case that the Obama administration supports Israel. The latest news comes after a very rocky period in which the administration tried to do an end-around to coerce Israel into a bad ceasefire deal with Hamas, while experimenting with an unseemly and embarrassing (and short-lived) flight ban to Israel’s international airport, and straightforwardly mouthing the false Hamas narrative about an Israeli attack in southern Gaza.

Now administration officials have disclosed, in a leak-blast full of astonishing quotes, that a shipment of arms to resupply Israel after the recent operation in Gaza was stopped when senior officials became aware of it.


But they aren’t just disclosing that the shipment was halted, and that other shipments will be getting a closer look. They are concocting an entire narrative about the Israelis “outflanking” the administration, running off on their own, and being unreceptive to U.S. influence.

Obama is transparent, if you read his oracular signs with the right key. Most responsible observers have been reluctant up to now to use that key. But there’s really nothing else left to do. We’re beyond the point at which the damaging implications of tailored “leaks” from the Obama administration can be explained away.

The most positive interpretation of the administration’s posture, as revealed in the incendiary WSJ article, is that it is ideologically committed to a radical-left view in which Israel figures as the villain. From this ideological motive, Obama hopes to use American influence to limit and confound Israeli policy. Think of the policy the typical flotilla activist would adopt toward Israel, and that’s the thematic pattern in Obama’s executive-branch campaign. The campaign can’t be waged too overtly, because of the inevitable blowback from Congress.

Tending the “BASE

Characteristically, the latest escapade with the halted arms shipment is being disclosed in a way that will gratify Obama’s radical-left political base. Right away, the disclosure has the Obama signature on it (emphasis added):

White House and State Department officials who were leading U.S. efforts to rein in Israel’s military campaign in the Gaza Strip were caught off guard last month when they learned that the Israeli military had been quietly securing supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon without their approval.

Is Obama ever not caught off guard? This opening sentence explains to his base that he and his top officials weren’t responsible for seeming to approve of the IDF’s operation in Gaza by providing supplies to it.

But the sentence also flat-out lies – by implying that there was something sneaky about Israel’s procurement of ammunition. In fact, Israel was reordering ammunition under Foreign Military Sales cases for which reordering is already authorized, without the need for renewed approval. This is not uncommon with foreign military sales (and is actually acknowledged later in the same article, as Jeff Dunetz points out). Depicting a reorder of ammo as “adroit bureaucratic maneuvering” is worse than tendentious, and can have only one purpose. The purpose is clarified here:

But Israeli and U.S. officials say that the adroit bureaucratic maneuvering made it plain how little influence the White House and State Department have with the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu —and that both sides know it.

Certainly this can be read as the Obama administration distancing itself from Israel in a diplomatic and geopolitical sense. But don’t discount the reality of who Obama is as a politician. He’s equally invested in distancing himself, in the minds of his most loyal supporters, from whatever outcome Israel is able to secure from the current conflict. The narrative crafted by this very tailored “leak” is perfectly designed to appeal to those supporters, who at this point are virtually certain to be disappointed in Israel’s outcome.


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  1. Then why is your rhetoric here? It is not even an attempt at appearing logical. It is not entirely clear whether you are attempting an ad hominem attack, or merely involved in an existential fallacy.

  2. Folks, this isn’t like reading tea leaves…It is obvious except to those who close their eyes, stop up their ears, wag their tongues and growl loud enough to drown out the voice of reality. This is merely another in the long line of executive orders tagged with “my way or no way.”

  3. Well to be fair, your prime minister and a lot of comments on this site have bashed President Obama, People in Israel mock
    Kerry and said America needs to stay out of your business and never tell you what to do,, cant have it both ways,, just saying,, thats what he is doing now and its kinda your wishes all along, wasnt it? Who needs US support ? And US should mind its own business..just saying,, always two sides..

  4. obama is undermining Israel on purpose. He said a long time ago that if push comes to shove he would side with the muzzies. It’s just like when he tried to stop El Al and other planes coming in and out of Israel. He is sneakily trying to get Israel to lose!

  5. This muslim-born US Pres is, was, and always will be the most hostile-to-ISRAEL US Pres in history. He and his ANTI SEMITIC posse’s deceptions toward the US’ most loyal steadfast ALLY ISRAEL are despicable and egregious.

  6. I have to agree with Judy Shapiro, am amazed from here in England that he is getting away with this i n the land of the free, be very wary there, Islam on the march scents blood and needs to be stopped in its tracks, and who better than Israel to do that. GOD SAVE AND BLESS ISRAEL , AND RESTORE THE USA TO

  7. So it’s not enough for you that 0bama has funded hamas and iran and blocked resupply of defenses to Israel – now you expect us to get down on our knees and thank this b*str*d?????

  8. Surak Vulcan Sir, to whom is your condemnation addressed? Surely it can’t be aimed at me, since I am in full agreement with the above article and was merely chastising Michael Krauss for his non sequitur whine…

  9. How much more evidence to the braindead American Jews (and others) still supporting this Disaster of a President need to understand that from the beginning, he’s had nothing but contempt for Israel, its leaders and people, and open admiration for the Islmaofascist terrorists
    relentlessly attacking her.

  10. You are out of your mind — AND you are a liar. There is not one word of credibility in your remarks.

    @ Pastor Allister Watkins, It appears that YOU have a problem with freedom of religion. Do you know what that MEANS?

    This country is run by a set of laws and the United States Constitution — not your bible Period.

  11. Cindy Gray Pastor Allister Walkins was stating his opinion – by definition, it is possible to lie about your opinion, only I don’t think he was doing that. And your statement about the Pastor having a problem is a little weird, given that he is obviously Christian and voicing his support for the Jewish state. You may be an Obama supporter and want to say something in his defence, but as the article said there is very little left to say in his defence. Hence your incoherent post.

    G-d bless Israel and save her from the Obama administration.

  12. A Muslim to age seven is emotionallyMuslim for life;??? with antiZionist neighbor, rabbi Arnold Wolf, and 20 years’ with aggrieved pastor, what are we to expect ?

  13. Vicki Sandilands , she is the result of what passes for upper level education in America. And of several generations that have not had to defend themselves against the completely inalienable horror that is radical Islam. Social Media takes the place of critical thought in anything under 28. Do take my word for it, as FaceBook, its part of their marketing strategy. “Dont think now, buy, consume, regurgitate what we allow to stay online, It’s safe. Trust Us.” Then, they get a buddy or a friend or some dreamy eyed romance with some one of Faith and Inshullah, they must convert the world.” Pathetic, but true. This is what is becoming of America. Condemn her, yes, but let us not forget the pity that such indolent ignorance deservesnd the necessary scorn that is required of such social stupidity.

  14. If I believed in a Devil, it would take the form and function of Barack Obama. Never have I known one person to fool so many for so long – i.e., not since Hitler and his henchmen. But Hitler fooled only his own country, while Barack fooled Israel, South Africa, Australia, the world. I am ashamed of my gullibility, and I pray that Israel will forever be protected from his evil intentions.

  15. I can’t understand why we let this happen since 78% of the 300 million Americans are pro Israeli. So why do we let the tail wag the dog? Why do we let Obama and his cohorts treat our friends this way? Isn’t it time to write your congress person/senator and demand that they do what we sent them to Washington to do? I think it is!

  16. Que Pho Please, spare me the “innocent adolescent” rhetoric. Were the upper level educated not around on September 11? Did they not see Drummer Rigby beheaded on a London street? Do they not feel compassion for James Foley and his parents? Terrorism is contemporary and at their door. Antisemitism, on the other hand, is a learned, or indoctrinated state of mind. G-d help us all. Because as they support their hatred of anything Jewish – even the medicines that cure them – they plunge us all into the bedlam of terrorism.

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