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The New York Times has run dozens of shrill and false stories accusing Florida of banning books. The paper has numerous stories about what it calls “book bans”: virtually all of them involve removing sexual content from schools at the behest of parental groups and conservatives.

And then it runs this.

Should Classic Children’s Books Be Updated for Today’s Young Readers? New York Times


The Times largely links to an op-ed, ‘The Truth About the ‘Censorship’ of Roald Dahl’ arguing that it’s no big deal. “Making changes, even rather sweeping ones, to classic works of literature is not as controversial as some would like to imagine.”

The Left never censors or bans books even when it banishes Dr. Seuss’s books to oblivion and bans them from being resold on the platforms, like eBay, that it controls. Only the “right” censors books.

Both sides agree that children should not be exposed to inappropriate materials.

The Left and Right differ on what inappropriate materials look like.

To the Left, any negative comment about obesity or even implied comment is inappropriate.

To conservatives, books describing sex with 8-year-olds are inappropriate.

We’re in the throes of disagreement about the most basic things imaginable that define who we are. The Left could be honest that this is a debate about values and we no longer share common values, at least not with lefty elites, or its members could go on redefining censorship to mean things that other people do.

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