London’s Muslim Mayor Picks Tranny Hookers Over Queen

Instead of a statue of Queen Elizabeth, Trafalgar Square will feature "transgender sex workers"

Biden, Egypt Warn Israel Not to Finish Off Hamas

"A military operation now in that area cannot proceed."

Biden Warned Israel Not to Enter Rafah, Israel Entered and Rescued 2 Hostages

"On the second floor, Louis and Fernando were held by armed Hamas terrorists"

Leaked Iranian Gov Docs Show Soros Group Acted as Foreign Agent

Should Soros and allies be arrested for failing to register as foreign agents?

Kamala Keeps Pushing Biden to be More Anti-Israel

In Kamala’s Jihad, I noted her long history of collaborating with Islamists and her pressure campaign on Biden to take more of an anti-Israel...

Israel’s War on Hamas is the Least Deadly War in the Region

So why does the media describe it as “among the deadliest… in history”?

Biden Permits Pro-Hamas Protests in U.S., Demands Israel Stop Hostage Families From Blocking Hamas...

"Any aid to Hamas must be conditioned with disarming its forces and returning all hostages"

The ‘Rabbi’ and ‘Peace Activist’ Who Cheered the Hamas Oct. 7 Attack

“When I heard the initial reports of Hamas’ attacks on Israel this past Saturday... my first reaction was ‘Good for them.'”

Pro-Hamas Insurrection Attacks White House, Force Evacuation

"The Secret Service made no arrests associated with the march"

Protesting Truckers Got Martial Law, Hamas Thugs Get Coffee From Cops

What we’ve seen in Canada, as well as previously in the UK, is a political establishment dominated by leftists and in bed with Islamic terrorists.

Hamas Supporters Declare War on Christmas

“How many of y’all would come out on Christmas Day and ruin their Christmas?”

This is Why America Forgot How to Win

When wars are run by politicians, the end result is a defeat that comes from never really trying.

Muslim Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Don’t.

The vast difference between how Paul Kessler’s killing and the wounding of the Muslim men were treated is a microcosm of the political bias and media narratives.

No Truce With Terrorists

6 days of truce, 3 dead and 11 wounded.

The Nazi Roots of Hamas

What the true origins of Hamas reveal about its nature.

Hamas Continues Attacks on Israel During ‘Truce’

That’s what a “truce” with Islamic terrorists looks like.

How Hamas Became an Environmentalist and Gun Control Cause

If the Left actually cared about the things it claims to care about, it would be natural for it to side with Israel. But if the Left actually cared about those things, it would wave the American flag and condemn the Third World

Disney Admits to SEC its Politics are Hurting its Profits

Did Disney defraud investors by putting woke politics over profits?

The Myth of Gaza’s Innocent Civilians

Poll shows the vast majority of “Palestinians” supported the Oct. 7 massacres

The Hostage Deal Was Not Inevitable. It Was a Choice. A Bad Choice.

When you make the wrong choice, you don’t save lives, you cost lives

Equity, Equality and Hamas

Siding with Israel or Hamas has become a litmus test for the left of center. It evenly divides liberals from leftists. The dividing line is between human decency and ideology.

Who’s Afraid of Thanksgiving?

Wrecking Thanksgiving, like the family, womens' sports and Star Wars is just one of those things lefties do.

7 Reasons Why the Hostage Deal is a Mistake

Israel had a clear moral case for taking out Hamas.

A Deal with Islamic Terrorists is Always a Mistake

When you think of terrorists in diplomatic, not military terms, you can't win.

Media Covered 100s of Anti-Israel Protesters More Than 290,000 Pro-Israel Protesters

The AP has put out its wire stories falsely claiming that only tens of thousands attended.

Sarsour: ‘Kidnapped’ Posters are a Jewish Conspiracy

"You think they're ordinary people, trust me when I tell you they are everywhere," says Obama's "champion of change."


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