Wokes Can’t Beat the Culture They’re Destroying

They want to rewrite old books because they can’t equal them.

50% of Americans Say Media Deliberately Misleads

VERY few Americans trust the media and 50% believe the media is lying to them.

Hollow Sanctimony Over Huwara

What the reaction to a rare Jewish riot in Israel says about Jewish liberals.

It’s Not Censorship When They Do It

Both sides agree that children should not be exposed to inappropriate materials.

Who’s Running America?

Two of the three branches of government are in the hands of the mentally incapable.

Jewish Democratic Council of America to Protest Israel

Jewish Dems show support for Israel by protesting against it.

NY Times: Riding Horses is Racist

No, this is NOT a Purim joke-the Times has become a year-round joke

Black Murders Matter

The police are too afraid to solve black murders.

The ‘Day of Hate’ Was Real and It Wasn’t

Paying attention to trolls is usually a bad idea.

History is Now “Misinformation” and a Threat to Democracy

“The United States is in the grip of a crisis of bad history.”

Equity is the New Communism

The Left is using equity to seize control over every American institution.

Were the Black Cops Who Killed Black Man ‘Racists’? REALLY?

Conservatives believe that leftists actually care about racism. They don’t. False or real claims of racism are a tool for taking over America.

Dems to Spin Tyre Nichols into George Floyd II

This wasn't about racism, it was about a climate of crime and violence unleashed by Democrats.

Who was REALLY Behind the Jerusalem Terror Attack?

This wasn't random, it was carefully calculated terrorism.

Should Americans Be Sold Into Slavery to Pay Slavery Reparations?

"The U.S. government should pay $14 trillion in reparations to black Americans"

Democracy is a Threat to Democracy

The real enemies of democracy are the ones trying to save it

UN-dignified: UN Personnel Poses in Front of Taliban Flag

What’s the best way to plan a photo op with a Jihadist group?

A Nation of Victims is Doomed to Fail

The obsession with victimhood is destroying our future.

Sculptural Degradation of MLK Must End

When Leftists aren’t tearing down noble statues, they’re putting up ugly ones.

Dad Goes Transgender to Gain Custody of Kids

"As of this moment, I am female. Now I’m also a mom"

NY Times: Save Mother Earth, Breed Midgets

"When you mate with shorter people, you’re potentially saving the planet"-Yes, that was printed in the "paper of record"

If George Santos Should Resign, So Should Biden

Why an obscure New York freshman congressman’s lies should be a national focus and not the president repeatedly telling crazy lies whose scope is entirely incomprehensible is one obvious question.

Why Investigate George Santos, and Not Elizabeth Warren?

Nobody's investigating how Senator Elizabeth Warren benefited from lying about being an Indian. Democrats care about the truth when it serves their interests.

Assaults on NY Jews: 17% Committed By Muslims

Muslim violence like this has been a constant in Europe, but this suggests that Muslim demographics in New York City have accelerated so fast that it’s starting to parallel Europe.

Hope for 2023

2023: Win or lose, it is in our hands


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