The Coronavirus Experts Were Wrong, Now They Need Scapegoats

It’s not about fighting the virus but punishing political and cultural enemies.

While Cuomo Targets Orthodox Jews, Muslim Mass Gatherings Go On

Like Black Lives Matter riots, Muslim mobs don’t spread the virus (nudge, nudge; wink, wink)

Anti-Semitic Democrats Blame Orthodox Jews for the Coronavirus

Cuomo and De Blasio blame the Jews to distract from their failures and crimes.

Cuomo: “I’m Going to Close the Synagogues.”

Now it's Governor Cuomo's turn, ranting at a press conference, “I have to say to the Orthodox community tomorrow, ‘If you’re not willing to live with these rules, then I’m going to close the synagogues.’”

Dems Can’t Decide if Trump Faked Virus Or Is Gasping for Breath

Once again the social media Democrats are fundamentally split between 'Gaspgate' and 'Hoaxgate.' A chunk of the media and its social media base keeps suggesting that President Trump is much sicker than he let on. Another insists that he faked the whole thing.

Rich White Leftists Encourage Black People to Loot Their Neighborhoods

Learn why private property is just a social construct for only 21 bucks.

What Happens when you Defund the Police? You Get 17-Year-Old Boys With Rifles Patrolling...

Kyle Rittenhouse, is a 17-year-old boy who was one of the handful of people left to stand between the rioters and the local people.

Amazon Bezos’ Ex-Wife Funds BLM, Provides White Privilege Polemic

Marry well; get divorced; become the richest woman in the world due to the settlement; support insane racist causes

Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Funding Leftist ‘Black Flag’ Riots in Israel?

The anti-Israel protests are backed by a group funded by the world’s worst child rapist.

Democrats Destroyed New York Once. They’re Doing It Again.

Giuliani had left City Hall Park as a legacy of what he had stood for. De Blasio is leaving City Hall Park, with its needles and human waste, its hateful Black Lives Matter graffiti and violent fights, as his legacy.

After Turning Hagia Sophia into a Mosque, Turkey’s Tyrant Threatens Jerusalem

Al-Aqsa is the Islamic occupation mosque in Jerusalem that had been planted as a symbol of the Islamic conquest over the holiest site in Judaism. The similarity to what Erdogan had just done was obvious.

The LA Black Lives Matter Rally That Became a Pogrom

{Originally posted to the FrontPage Mag website} "It’s no coincidence that the riots here escalated in Fairfax, the icon of the Jewish community. I saw...

A Tale of Two Funerals in New York

Like many traditional bigots, the mayor now found Orthodox Jews to be a convenient minority to scapegoat for his own failures while butching up and playing the tough guy. It was classic anti-Semitism.

Pandemic Hardening Can Make America Great

We need fewer dense cities and more factories.

Masks, Masks, Masks-Where are the Masks?

Federal bureaucracy has slowed down the process for both distributing existing masks and making new ones. There are plenty of companies eager to make masks, without any Wartime Production Act pressure. They just need a streamlined process that will clear as many of the barriers and delays out of the way.

ICE Should Deport George Soros as a Nazi Collaborator

George Soros never paid for a lifetime of misdeeds. And it would also be fitting to start with what may be his oldest crime. The Holtzman Amendment leaves no room for Nazi collaborators in America.

Bernie Sanders Went to ISNA Convention w/Supporters of Killing Gays, Won’t Go To AIPAC

Bernie did go to ISNA where there are plenty of supporters of killing Jews, Americans, and other people Bernie hates.

Why a Jewish Democrat Mayor Praised Trump for Standing Up to Anti-Semitism

The words of the two New Jersey mayors--Wildes and Fulop-- both Jewish, showed how isolated Jews had become. But it also showed that some Jewish Democrats were willing to challenge state and national party officials.

Black Nationalist Hate Group Praised by Media Shot Up Kosher Market

It’s the everyday hate that we can’t talk about. The hate that the media is quick to cover up. If you want to understand why children are beaten on Brooklyn streets and why a Kosher supermarket was shot up, it’s because we aren’t allowed to talk about it.

New Sanders Surrogate is a BDS Supporter Who Compared Israel to ISIS

Sanders is just a shambling socialist zombie surrounded by Islamists and anti-Semites. He had his attack in a Halal restaurant.

Israel’s Election Disaster Explained in a Few Words

The Israeli electorate has the potential to fundamentally transform Israel. Politically the country is ready for a right-wing revolution. But every election brings the same crooks back into power. Or votes are wasted on reform third parties

The Media Master Race

How the media became the enemy of a free press.

“I Am a Proud Jewish Person”, Says Bernie Sanders Who Pals Around With Anti-Semites

And every time he's defending an anti-Semite, the son of a Polish immigrant, suddenly declares himself to be a proud Jewish person, when he's actually a shameless leftist weasel who colludes and collaborates with the worst sorts of anti-Semites on a regular basis.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Justified Violence Against Jews Twice in 7 Days

AOC also endorsed the anti-Israel progressive group IfNotNow, saying it is “amazing” and “organizing for justice.”

16 Muslim Countries Endorse China Forcing Muslims to Eat Pork

What really effective diplomacy looks like. If ISrael or the US supported this, they'd be accused of 'PIG-otry'


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