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Israel Uncensored: Biden Administration Making all the Wrong Moves

Biden’s Long History of Betrayals in Afghanistan

Biden: "If we're surging troops anywhere, it should be in Afghanistan"

Any Afghan Migrants Who Reach America or Europe are Undeportable

And after Taliban win, millions of Afghan migrants may head to U.S. and Europe.

Cuomo Quits Over Cuomosexuality, Gets Away With Cuomocide

Nursing home patients who choked out their last breaths still await justice

The Cuomosexual Chickens Come Home to Roost

Cuomo doesn’t want to “#BelieveSurvivor” anymore.

She Cheered BLM Rage. Biden Picked Her as a Federal Prosecutor.

And I quote, “I’ll call the police on you and make an allegation, and we’ll see how that works with you.”

While Military Leaders Lie, White Men Die

White male military suicide rates show who’s really suffering from systemic racism.

Who Was Karl Marx?

A new book delves into 200 years of his evil influence.

Obama and the Broken Nation He Made Come Of Age

A generation doesn’t remember life before the crises he created.

Biden’s Terror Strategy: Republicans are the NEW TERRORISTS

If you disagree with the Democrats, you’re a “domestic terrorist.”

Why Pro-Israel Hasbara Fails

A compelling story is about struggle.

Biden’s War on Jerusalem

Violating Israeli sovereignty and US law to support Islamic terrorists.

Hitler’s Multicultural Supporters

You don’t have to be a white supremacist to love Hitler.

The Richest Homeless in the World

"$2,600 tents, $100,000 shacks, and $300,000 toilets." OH MY!

How the UN Stole Jewish Homes in Occupied Jerusalem and Set Off the Latest...

In 1948, the armies of seven Arab nations invaded Israel. They failed to wipe out the newly reborn nation, but Jordan occupied part of Jerusalem and ethnically cleansed its Jews.


And the AP is complaining about what? Israel warned it that the building was a target. AP chose to share a building with Hamas and pretended not to know about it.

California Leaving

No children; no middle class; no future.

How Spielberg and the Genesis Prize Funded Anti-Israel Activism

Sur-PRIZE: The Genesis Prize was created to make American Jews more pro-Israel. Instead it’s become just another American ‘foundation’ funnelling cash to the organizations of the anti-Israel Left.

Systemic Racism is a Conspiracy Theory Cult

A conspiracy theory that explains everything in the world as racism.

Cuomo’s Vaccine Passports and the IBM Connection

Are you a New Yorker who wants to live a normal life? Move to Florida.

The Last 3 Dem Governors of New York Sexually Harassed Women

For 20 years, Democrat sexual predators have run the state of New York

Democrats Want to Free Criminals, Open Borders and Lock Up Guns

Passing gun laws they won’t enforce to stop the criminals they won’t arrest.

Muslim Nanny Who Beheaded 4-Year-Old, Shouting, “Allahu Akbar”, Will Go Free

n counterjihad circles, there lives the belief that there is some ideal country that has the right approach. The cold hard truth is that there isn't one.

If Cuomo Goes Down, So Should Whitmer, Newsom, Murphy, and Wolf

Tens of thousands of grandfathers and grandmothers are dead. The Democrats killed them. The Biden administration is covering it up and protecting the perpetrators from facing justice.

Biden Puts Anti-Israel BDS Activist in Charge of NSC Intel

From calling for the destruction of Israel to the National Security Council.

Impeach Obama for Inciting Black Lives Matter Riots

If it’s good enough to impeach President Trump, it’s good enough to impeach Obama.

The Language of the Unheard

{Reposted from the Sultan Knish website} When the Black Lives Matter riots raged in cities around the country a spectrum of the leftist oligarchy, from...

Hail to the Thief

Democrats celebrate a “victory for democracy” with barbed wire, soldiers, and political terror.

Democrats Were For Riots Before They Were Against Them

Contrary to the media’s spin, Republicans have never normalized violence. And Republican political power doesn’t depend on political terror and violence. Leftist power invariably does. The Left began a new age of political violence in 2016. It can turn it off anytime it wants to. The problem is that it won’t


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