The Next Generation of Doctors: Diverse, Woke–and Incompetent

Instead of doctors being chosen for their ability to help patients, they're being chosen to make them feel represented.

Why Does the Murder of 3 Jews in Israel Rate Less of a Response...

Condemnations from the organizational American Jewish establishment lacked the intensity of outrage over the recent wave of cultural antisemitism from black celebrities.

Who Lost the Senate? Everyone.

The Democrats were united and they had a plan. Republicans were divided and didn't.

Biden’s Corrupt Green Subsidies May Lead to EU Trade War

This is like two mangy dogs fighting over a rotting sausage with taxpayer money.

25% of Black Dems Say GOP Better on Crime

“80% of Black Democratic voters say violent crime is a ‘very important voting issue,'”

Palestinian Mayor Ponies Up $5 to Anyone Who Kills a Dog

US tax dollars don’t only subsidize the killing of Jews, but also the torturing and killing of dogs.

The Fall of the Israeli Left

They're down to 4 out of 120 (3.33%) legislative seats

In Israel: Right Wins, Left Loses

First up is another effort to roll back the unelected tyranny of the Supreme Court.

The Holocaust Is NOT Your Metaphor

"A production of Romeo and Juliet for non-binary performers"

Congressman Urges Berkeley to Cut Off Cash to “Jewish Free Zones” Groups

“Cease funding to any student organizations that effectively bar Jewish speakers”

Wake Up America! ‘WOKE’ Weakens Military-Lowest Ranking EVER

But Biden’s National Security Strategy says diversity is our STRENGTH.

Google’s Search is Rigging Midterm Elections

“Researchers caught Google burying 10 of 12 Senate Republican Party candidates’ campaign websites”

Experts Say: “Don’t Trust Experts”

Between 2000 and 2018, the number of people with doctorates more than doubled.

Inflation and a GOP Working-Class Party

The growing shift of upper-class urban and suburban liberal Republicans to the Democrats and the move of working-class rural Democrats to the GOP isn’t a new phenomenon

Biden’s Mass Refugee Invasion is ‘Uncapped’

“That number excludes roughly 180,000 Ukrainians and Afghans”

The Immorality of Identity Politics

Its only liberation is from personal responsibility and conscience.

The Only Certainty About Ukraine War: It Will Go On

Had Trump or a strong Republican been in office (or at least a less pathetically inept Democrat), Putin might not have gone all in. Now that he’s all in, this war isn’t just going to vanish.

Keeping Up with the Times–in Death

How the NY Times Covered the Deaths of Stalin and Queen Elizabeth’s

Biden is More Dangerous Than Ever

His only hope for being more than a one-termer is a civil war against Republicans.

Transgender Historical Revisionism

"The sex and gender binary was produced out of colonialism”.

Biden Lied, Americans Died

Congressional report exposes Biden's Afghanistan lies.

Russian Spies Were Behind Black Nationalist Protest Groups

Indictment exposes ties between Moscow, black nationalist groups, and Antifa.

The Democrat Economists in Charge of Deciding ‘IF’ There’s a Recession

Why the Biden administration wants the “experts” to determine if there’s a recession.

Environmentalism is an Environmental Hazard

Solar panel lead in the groundwater and wind turbine fiberglass in your lungs.

Military ‘Woke’ UP–Now No Recruits

The transgender pronouns, diversity training, and lesbian wedding ads aren't working.

The Google Cult’s Sex Abuse and Mandatory Abortions

“I was fired from my team… because I raised the alarm about a cult within Google.”

Permanently Short of Everything

Globalists were wrong. The world isn’t flat.


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