The Google Cult’s Sex Abuse and Mandatory Abortions

“I was fired from my team… because I raised the alarm about a cult within Google.”

Permanently Short of Everything

Globalists were wrong. The world isn’t flat.

He Called America Racist, Now He’s in Charge of Our Nukes

“When I see what happened to Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks… that could be me.”

Liberating our Jerusalem

Confronting the forgotten history of Muslim occupation of Israel.

The Last Jewish Congressman in New York

Liberal Jews and their politicians are vanishing.

Uvalde and the Problem of Evil

People may not believe in evil, but evil believes in them

A Tyranny of Moral Minorities

When the will of 2% of the country is imposed on the other 98%.

Left Wages War on Childhood

Leftists demand safe spaces for themselves but take them away from children.

As Panic Plagues Media, Dems and Never-Trumpers, ‘The Donald’ Calls Putin’s Bluff

Putin pretends to be a loose cannon, but Trump can actually pull it off.  Trump understands that Putin is bluffing and therefore he can be bluffed, which is why we wouldn't be dealing with this whole mess if 2020 had turned out differently.

Stop the Russian Invasion of America

Biden wants to protect every border except our own.

Zelensky’s Holocaust Denial Should Be a Red Line for Jews

A combination of Holocaust minimization and exploitation, which quickly becomes inversion with the Ukrainians as the new Jews and the Jews as the apathetic people ignoring genocide.

Israel Gave Zelensky a Forum

Instead, it Got a Smear Campaign From the Ukrainian Leader

Left Isn’t Letting the Ukraine Crisis Go to Waste

Biden doesn’t want the invasion to go to waste, he wants to use it.

The Left Goes Full Orwell

Regulation is freedom; Freedom is authoritarianism.

Celebs Backed BLM Fund That Bailed Out a BLM Assassin

Celebrities eagerly organized donations to free race rioters and criminals, but are unwilling to accept responsibility when the BLM fund they backed releases an assassin. The creator of "Hamilton," rappers, actors, and TV stars all donated.

ADL Hires Jewish Jew-Hater as Director for Jewish Outreach

The ADL’s idea of “Jewish Outreach” is an identity politics hire who spends her time castigating Jews for opposing critical race theory and intersectionality because of its inherent antisemitism.

Biden Against Israel Pipeline to Europe. OK with Putin’s Pipeline

What's wrong with EastMed and Keystone that isn't wrong with Russia's NordStream 2?

Soros General Demands Purge of Military

While Democrats go after dead Confederate generals, we ought to look at living Soros generals.

Biden Frees Gitmo Terrorist Linked to Chanukah Murder of Israeli Children

On Chanukah 2002, four Hercules planes bearing hundreds of people evacuated from Africa landed in Israel. The passengers included Israeli families who had been vacationing in Kenya, some alive, some wounded, and some children returning to their homeland in small coffins.

When Daniel Greenfield Joined ISIS

A counter-jihadist collides with his evil twin. What a SMALL world!

FrontPage Magazine’s Man of the Year – Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle reminds us that any American can stand up to evil. And win.

Biden Won’t Stand Up to Russia OR China –Only to America

The Summit for Democracy shows how much Biden and Kamala hate the USA.

Democrats Legalized Crime, Thousands Died

At the local supermarket, staff have been told not to interfere with shoplifters. The new system abolishes private property by legalizing theft.

How Obama Sabotaged the American Military

Obama fundamentally transformed the military the way that he did the country.


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