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Many of the 290,000 people who attended the March for Israel in Washington DC on Nov. 14, 2023, held signs demanding the return of the 239 hostages abducted by Hamas terrorists and Gaza civilians during their invasion of Israel on October 7, 2023.

The pro-Israel rally in D.C. was vital to convey to elected officials that there is a solid pro-Israel majority, but the media as expected is doing its thing.

Rally organizers had confirmed that 290,000 people passed through the metal detectors and tens of thousands more were left outside. That number is more impressive when you consider that there are only millions of Jews in America. Not tens of millions. Probably only 4 million or so committed Jews. Maybe less.


Out of that population, as much as a third of million blew off work and headed to Washington D.C. on a workday. Arguably the largest number of American Jews to gather publicly.

The media insisted on claiming that only tens of thousands showed up and provided less coverage than they did to hundreds of anti-Israel protesters.

This bias is as obvious as it is inevitable.

The AP has put out its wire stories falsely claiming that only tens of thousands attended.

In sharp contrast to the pro-Hamas ‘ceasefire’ rallies, there were no arrests and no fights with police officers. And no monuments defaced.

This was the majority of American Jews and Christian supporters being heard. Expect the media to go on amplifying the voices of the tiny minority of IfNotNow extremists in favor of killing Jews.

This is America. Opposed to it are the enemies of America and Israel.

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