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A well-organized group of protesters took over Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, March 26, 2023.

The Left, in Israel and in the United States, bet that with enough pressure they could shut down democratic judicial reform in Israel. The weak point in the coalition government, as in every government where he has served as prime minister, is Netanyahu. The tragic truth to anyone who has been paying attention to Israeli politics long enough is that given enough pressure, he buckles, frees terrorists, freezes construction and backs off attack plans.

This was a mostly solid coalition that, like a fish, rotted from the head down. And, to be fair to Bibi, this time there was a lot of pressure. The Biden administration and the EU joined forces with not only the Israeli Left which rioted in the streets, but assorted influencers who play at being pro-Israel in the U.S. Usually credible papers like the Jerusalem Post did nothing but churn out hateful propaganda. And yet, approaching the finish line, Bibi held out until he buckled. A weak man is always the weak point and he’s a weak man.


What was at stake in judicial reform was democracy itself. The howling leftist mobs stole the slogan, shrieking that they were defending “democracy” when what they were actually defending was an unelected oligarchy sidelining the voters. Those voters had rallied to usher in a Zionist government only to be sold out yet again.

Netanyahu’s surrender put them and the county through weeks of suffering only to throw it all away and show the Left that they are in charge and that if they riot hard enough, take the country hostage, destroy its reputation internationally and collaborate with its enemies, they will get to stay in power.

What are the odds that, like their PLO and Hamas pals, they’ll do it again until they win?


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