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Ismail Haniya (L) kisses Yahya Sinwar after his release in the 2011 Gilad Shalit deal/

In the 6 days of the truce with Hamas, the Islamic terror groups targeted Israeli soldiers with two IED attacks and murdered a pregnant woman and a 73-year-old Rabbi in Jerusalem.

And the latest truce, ceasefire or whatever you want to call it is still young.


So far the death toll from the truce includes Liba Dickman, a 24-year old preschool teacher pregnant with her first child, Chanah Ifergan, a 67-year-old principal and Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, a 73-year-old rabbi. Who knows what more deaths the bloody truce will bring.

3 dead and at least 11 wounded after only 6 days of truce.

That’s what truces, ceasefires and peace agreements with Islamic terrorists amount to.

Wait two years, the way Hamas did before Oct 7, and the ceasefire will kill a thousand people. After 30 years of the Oslo Accord peace deal with the PLO, it’s around three thousand.

The one thing sure to happen after negotiating with terrorists is that the body count will go up. Reaching agreements with Islamic terrorists doesn’t end the violence because they never stop wanting to kill you. All it does is give them the time and space to plan their next attack.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar (pictured above) used the truce to issue a statement declaring that, “October 7th was just a rehearsal”. Ghazi Hamad, the head of Hamas’ political operation, previously vowed that the Oct 7 attacks  “is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth” until Israel is destroyed. What is the point of a ceasefire with terrorists who exist to destroy you?

And yet the streets of every major city are filled with Hamas supporters and Marxists howling for a “ceasefire”. Some members of the House and Senate have called for a “permanent ceasefire”. The only way to achieve a “permanent ceasefire” with an Islamic terror group is to destroy it.

Hamas is thrilled by its supporters and urged them “to continue their rallies in solidarity with our Palestinian people and our just cause” and against Israel and “to call for an end to its barbaric aggression” even as Hamas bosses boast that they will go on attacking until Israel is destroyed.

But that’s what a ceasefire is. The Islamic terrorists get to attack you, you don’t get to fight back.

The entire ceasefire narrative is a lie. A means to recruit useful idiots to a genocidal cause. A ceasefire with terrorists doesn’t end the killing, it enables it, it doesn’t end the violence, it perpetuates it. The killing and the violence won’t end until the Islamic terrorists are destroyed.

The only reason that Hamas isn’t killing Israelis at any given moment right now is that its capabilities have been reduced by weeks of bombings and assaults. The Islamic terror group has lost some of its top commanders, weapons caches and command centers. Its Jihadis have been dispersed among the civilian population and no longer control some of their old positions.

That’s why they want a ceasefire to regroup, consolidate and stage another assault.

Hamas leaders have been open about this: it’s their ceasefire propagandists rioting in our streets, staging insurrections at the Capitol and blocking bridges who are lying about it.

But then again when has the anti-war movement not lied about the intentions of its allies?

When Communists protested against the United States entering the war against Nazi Germany during the Hitler-Stalin Pact, when they marched in the streets to save Communist China, North Korea, Pol Pot and every Communist monster in Asia, every Marxist madman in Latin America, and after that every Islamic terror state around the world: they did it in the name of peace.

The blood of over 100 million people are on the hands of a century of “peace protesters” who have been consistently on the side of evil every single time in 100 years of riots and rallies.

Theirs is the credit for camps and famines in China and North Korea, for the devastation (and the constant migration) out of Latin America, and the destruction of the Middle East.

Now they’re out there demanding that Hamas get a chance to finish what it started.

When they call for a ceasefire with Hamas, what they’re really calling for is Jewish genocide. They’re pulling on the soldier’s hand that holds the gun so the terrorist can stab him in the back.

There are no truces or ceasefires with Jihadists: only a balance of power. The moment they can attack you and kill you, they will because that is their entire purpose in life and the primary means of expansion of the religion that they represent. The only way to stop them from killing you is to kill them or to build a wall and watch it every second of every day.

The moment your attention wanders, they will come across, as they did on Oct 7, and kill you.

No agreement that Hamas or any Islamic terrorist group, including the Palestinian Authority, makes is worth anything to anyone except it. A truce or ceasefire with Islamic terrorists gives them the ability to carry out a surprise attack and robs you of the right to strike first.

Truces or ceasefires with Islamic terrorists don’t work for Israel, nor do they work for anyone else. The Taliban violated every part of the agreement that they negotiated with us through their intermediaries in Qatar (who also negotiated the previous Hamas ceasefire and the current truce.)  Ceasefires and truces in the Syrian and Yemen civil wars were violated more often than kept. Saddam Hussein broke every truce, whether it was with Iran or the United States. Iran violated all the agreements that it signed with us. Agreements with Islamic terrorists and terror states are worthless whether they’re with non-Muslims or even with fellow Muslims.

The only sacred rule that holds in Islam is the law of force. It is the only true law in Islam. From the earliest days when Mohammed ethnically cleansed the Jewish population of Arabia to the wars of the present day, everything is settled by the sword, and nothing by treaty or humanity.

The Sunni and Shiite wars have gone on for nearly as long as Islam existed, and they continue. All the endless agreements, truces and ceasefires never stopped Muslims from killing each other for 1,400 years over whether Mohammed should have been succeeded by his father-in-law or his cousin and son-in-law. What hope do non-Muslims have for peace? None.

There can be no truce with terrorists. The only two choices are terror or victory.

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