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Never has the longtime criticism that Israel’s response to Muslim terrorism been as ghoulishly absurd as it is now

Norway’s prime minister says the Israeli army’s response to the deadly Hamas attack that killed 1,400 people and saw over 230 abducted by terrorists has been disproportionate, and denounces a “catastrophic” humanitarian situation in Gaza.

“International law stipulates that [the reaction] must be proportionate. Civilians must be taken into account, and humanitarian law is very clear on this. I think this limit has been largely exceeded,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store says on NRK public radio.



Turning terrorism into a math problem never made any moral, logical or strategic sense.

How many Arab Muslim women should Israel rape to be proportionate?

How many children should it kidnap and hold hostage?

Wars should be fought and won against military personnel. When terrorists hide behind civilians, then they have to be fought and destroyed. And the civilian casualties are their fault and the fault of those who don’t evacuate.

There is no proportion in fighting an enemy who brutally tortures and massacres your women and children. You utterly defeat and destroy them instead of proportionally trading crimes for crimes and evils for evils until the UN and the prime minister of Norway approve.

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