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You don't need a magnifying class to find anti-Israel bias in the NY Times,

Has there been any other era in history where the establishment embraced a spiraling spaghetti pot of madness like this one? Satire has been useless for a while now. Anything you can think up, no matter how crazy, is either already a leftist viewpoint somewhere or will shortly become one.

A breeding program to make human beings short to save the planet? New York Times op-ed unlocked.


Short people don’t just save resources, but as resources become scarcer because of the earth’s growing population and global warming, they may also be best suited for long-term survival (and not just because more of us will be able to jam into spaceships when we are forced off this planet we wrecked…

When you mate with shorter people, you’re potentially saving the planet by shrinking the needs of subsequent generations. Lowering the height minimum for prospective partners on your dating profile is a step toward a greener planet…

I want my children’s children to know the value of short. I want them to call themselves “short drinks of water” with “legs for minutes.” While one yells, “I’m the shortest,” I hope the other will bend his knees to gain an advantage, shouting, “No, I’m the shortest!”
How many resources does Mrs. Altman generate by writing op-eds for major media outlets? As opposed to a 5’9 dairy farmer in Minnesota?

The people obsessed with husbanding resources on what they claim is a shrinking planet invariably produce nothing of any use to anyone.

If she’s really concerned with saving resources though, she can move from San Diego to Minnesota which would be much more resource efficient.

But that’s not happening.

However expect some version of this to be embraced by environmentalists before too long, followed by further efforts to ban dairy products and replace them with soy, and a dwarf lobby that will fight to ban medications that help children grow the same way that conversion therapy was banned.

The Left is insane, but also entirely predictable to anyone who has been following their insanity.

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