Wrecking a nation and a society has consequences. Tell people enough that America was built on slavery, that it’s a racist society, or that it’s been governed by a secret elite that starts all the wars, and patriotism goes out the window. Ridicule religion, destroy moral values and you leave behind little more than political religions of cults of personality and conspiracy theories. Announce that the planet will soon die and that carpe diem is the only sensible thing anyway, and how many will choose children over the latest iPhone.

I don’t think we need to worry about WWIII. That’s so 80s. We need to worry that we’re committing cultural suicide.

Some 38% of respondents said patriotism was very important to them, and 39% said religion was very important. That was down sharply from when the Journal first asked the question in 1998, when 70% deemed patriotism to be very important, and 62% said so of religion.


Having children is down to 30%.

But don’t worry, we’re discovering what really matters in life.

The only priority the Journal tested that has grown in importance in the past quarter-century is money, which was cited as very important by 43% in the new survey, up from 31% in 1998.

You can’t get the latest Apple mixed reality headset so you can live in the metaverse without money. Until guaranteed minimum income and full luxury communism arrive.

Some 23% of adults under age 30 said in the new survey that patriotism was very important to them personally, compared with 59% of seniors ages 65 or older. Some 31% of younger respondents said that religion was very important to them, compared with 55% among seniors.

Only 23% of adults under age 30 said that having children was very important.

This is what national suicide looks like.

And while it’s the Democrats and the Left, it’s not just them. The numbers among Independents are awful and Republican numbers show what we’ve been seeing for a while reflected in internet culture.

Among Democrats, only 23% value patriotism, 29% among Independents and 59% among Republicans.

When it comes to religion, it’s 27% among Dems, 38% among Independents and 53% among Republicans.

For having children, it’s 26% among Democrats, 20% among Independents and 38% among Republicans.

There’s nothing to cheer about here.

Even among Republicans, patriotism clocks at a little over a half, religion barely that, and having children is below 50%.

Elections are important, but let’s not kid ourselves. We’re facing a cultural crisis that is much bigger than politics. Americans have lost faith in their country and themselves, they’ve lost the connection to what makes life matter and the suicides, the shootings, the overdoses and so much else are all part of the fallout.

I have felt broken after elections, but I’ve never lost hope. Seeing numbers like these however is much more devastating. Bad governments can be removed, but what happens when a people loses its soul?


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