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There was a time when the gulf between the public and the media wasn’t the size of the grand canyon. Those days have long since passed and reporting occurs from a surreal manufactured world in which there is the pretense that the insane leftist ideas adopted by the media actually have any kind of play among people.

Like using race as a basis for college admissions.


If you read, listen or otherwise imbibe the media, you might think that there was a going debate on the subject, or, worse, that the majority of Americans support basing college admissions on race. Nope.

Not even close. There’s as much support for race-based college admissions as there is for pre-birth abortion, pushing LGBTQ pornography on 8-year-olds, banning cars, and other exciting leftist causes.

84% of white adults oppose colleges considering race or ethnicity when deciding which students to accept

81% of Hispanics oppose it

76% of Asians oppose it

So do 71% of blacks

Asians are not even the top non-white group to oppose racial discrimination in college admissions, Hispanics are.

Black people, on whose behalf the whole affirmative action college debate has been waged, oppose it 71% to 28% and they’re the group most favorably inclined to it.

There is no sizable constituency supportive of systemic racism in college admissions outside the media.


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