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Elizabeth Warren

New York is overrun by an endless crime wave unleashed by Democrats who decided that criminals were the real victims and should be set free and no longer locked up for minor offenses like shoplifting or violent assault, have dedicated all the state’s prosecutorial resources to investigating Republicans.

This time out it’s Rep. George Santos whose absurd lies have been front-page material for a week.


Why an obscure New York freshman congressman’s lies should be a national focus and not the president repeatedly telling crazy lies whose scope is entirely incomprehensible is one obvious question.

Earlier this month, Biden told an entire story about awarding his own uncle a purple heart for fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.

His uncle died ten years before Biden became vice president.

Biden began his story by saying, “My dad, when I got elected vice president.” His father died during Bush’s second year in office.

Nobody’s investigating Biden who has spent about 40 years making up lies about his background. No one’s going to go back and determine how Senator Elizabeth Warren benefited from lying about being an Indian. And yet if she’d stayed aligned with the libertarians or went right-wing, you know that they’d find an angle.

Then there’s AOC’s own fictionalized background. Sandy from Westchester was not the girl from the Bronx.

Santos probably doesn’t belong in Congress, but I’m not sure how many elected officials do. Voters did pick him and they’ll have a chance to get rid of him in a few years. Did they vote for him because they believed he was a gay Jewish man who lost his mother on 9/11? Or did they just vote against his opponents or for a change? We can find out a few years from now. But unless Santos clearly and plainly broke the law, then an investigation is a political exercise in trying to criminalize what politicians do all the time.

Like Hillary Clinton claiming to have tried to join NASA and the Marines, coming down under fire at an airport, being named after Sir Edmund Hilary, or fibbing that Chelsea was near Ground Zero on 9/11,

Politicians telling lies to make themselves seem more interesting or likable is not a crime. Although if they, like Hillary or Obama, charge people money by way of books or speeches for those lies, there may be grounds for legal action there.

It is possible to believe that Santos appears to be a clumsy con artist and that the same double standard is in play that operates the system for the benefit of one party. When that system also controls the legal system, that’s a tyranny.


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