Photo Credit: Moshe Feiglin

Who’s Responsible For Netiv Ha’avot’s Destruction?

 The following is a translated synopsis of a recent interview with Moshe Feiglin on Moreshet Radio.


RM: Is the government responsible for the destruction of Netiv Ha’avot?

MF: Yes, it is the government that sent in the tractors to destroy the homes there – not the High Court, not the Left, and not the media.

RM: But the High Court decided that Netiv Ha’avot must be destroyed. What would you have done if you were in power?

MF: Jerusalem’s Mayor Barkat was also ordered by the High Court, in no uncertain terms, to immediately destroy Beit Yonatan in East Jerusalem. Barkat agreed. But he noted that he has hundreds of court orders to destroy Arab homes and that he would now begin to fulfill all of the orders in the order they were given. Beit Yonatan is still a thriving Jewish home in Jerusalem.

RM: You’re saying they could have easily avoided this destruction? Are you saying they wanted it to happen?

MF: Not at all. But politicians make different calculations than leaders. Please answer these questions:

  1. On a scale of 0 to 10, what political price is Naftali Bennett going to pay for the destruction of Netiv Ha’avot?

RM: Zero

  1. What political price would Bennett have paid if he had threatened that if one tractor goes up to Netiv Ha’avot he will resign from the government?

RM: He may have paid a very steep price.

MF: Right. Netanyahu may possibly have brought a different party into the coalition. Perhaps Lapid, or Labor. Who knows?

And this is your answer. We do not have leaders on the Right. We have politicians on the Right. We do not have a vision on the Right. We do not have a leader who says, “The entire Land of Israel is ours, including Gaza, including Hebron.” All we have is leaders who make political calculations. That is the entire story.

* * * * *

The Trump-Kim Summit

The Trump-Kim summit this week in Singapore reminds us of what we always knew. Determination, consistency, and strength are the basic factors that lead to peace.

Other American presidents hesitantly tried to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. They all dealt with North Korea at various stages of its nuclear development – before it achieved its strategic breakthrough. They all failed. North Korea made a joke out of every state that tried to stop it.

Now, when North Korea is at the apex of its military might, President Trump succeeded in forcing the North Korean leader to announce to the world that he will denuclearize. “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Trump’s determination, consistency, and strength have made history.

It is still too early to evaluate how North Korea will conduct itself in the future, but one thing seems clear: History is made with actions – not with Nobel Peace Prizes.

To sum it all up:

  1. A peace-pursuing president with a saxophone, bad for Israel and beloved by Hollywood, signed a “historic” agreement and turned North Korea into a nuclear threat.
  2. A pro-Islamic president, who hates Israel and is worshipped by Hollywood, signed a “historic” agreement with Iran, received a Nobel peace prize, and almost turned the entire Middle East into one big nuclear threat.
  3. A brash president, good to Israel and detested by Hollywood, cleaned up after both of them and possibly saved the world from going up in a nuclear mushroom could.