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Moshe Feiglin

The local police were basically apathetic toward the New Year’s gang-rape assaults in several Western European cities, perpetrated by thousands of Muslim immigrants targeting local women. The European media remained silent and the politicians shrugged their shoulders. Western Europe is on its knees and invites the noble Muslim wild-man to rape her.

What is the meaning of this phenomenon? Where were all the European men at the German train station?


Why did the Syrian refugees flee to frozen Germany, Sweden, or Finland? After all, there are countries much closer to Syria that speak their language. And if they opt to flee to Europe, why not to the closer European countries? What’s wrong with colorful Hungary? Green Poland? A refugee fleeing a war zone with just the clothes on his back is not choosy. He usually stops at the first place that he can safely rest his head.

The answer is that the motivation is not just economic. Something much deeper lies beneath the surface. Western Europe is the most secular place in the world. Most of humanity believes in G-d. Most Americans are believers. Western Europe, on the other hand, is an oasis of heresy. It is a culture that removed G-d from its consciousness. It eliminated G-d from daily life and imprisoned Him in museums. The intense pressure in the religion of “Allah hu akbar” naturally bursts into this faithless vacuum. It is pure physics. Intercontinental masculinity and femininity.

Generations of exclusion of G-d gave rise to a hunger for authority and meaning. The police do not attempt to prevent the rape, just like they did not attempt to stop Kristallnacht. Because in truth, they want the refugees. The battered wife syndrome, the subconscious, Markel’s politically correctness, and those who invite the refugees – actually want them. Mein Kampf is also making a huge comeback and is selling out for the same reason. Because of the same hunger for absolute – violent – authority.

ISIS mesmerizes the West. Europeans are converting to Islam at an astounding rate. London is adorning the burka. Walk outdoors in groups, Europe’s leaders tell their female citizens. Get used to it.

We are coming full circle at breakneck speed. Women’s liberation is but a distant memory. The state will no longer protect you. Get used to it. Your G-dless culture has evaporated. Find yourself a man who will protect you. A Muslim, of course. There are no other real males around…

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Moshe Feiglin is the former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He heads the Zehut Party. He is the founder of Manhigut Yehudit and Zo Artzeinu and the author of two books: "Where There Are No Men" and "War of Dreams." Feiglin served in the IDF as an officer in Combat Engineering and is a veteran of the Lebanon War. He lives in Ginot Shomron with his family.