Congressman Lee Zeldin struck just the right note when he tapped New York Police Department Deputy Inspector Alison Esposito to be his running mate candidate for lieutenant governor. He not only chose an 24 year NYPD veteran crime fighter to work at his side, but he also underscored his campaign theme that he is serious about doing something about the out of control crime that has gripped our city and state.

In announcing his choice of Esposito, Zeldin said:

Deputy Inspector Alison Esposito is a fighter who has served a long time at the NYPD and has instilled fear in the hearts of        criminals everywhere. It is exciting news for New York State that she is now willing to bring her fighting spirit, vision, ideas, and energy to the state capital.

And as reported by Politics NY, during her career at the NYPD Esposito has been assigned to the NYPD Anti-Crime, Emergency Services and Gang units in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. In some recent remarks she said:

Time and time again, we’ve heard politicians talk about what they’re going to do to fight crime. Well I’ve actually done it and I’m not slowing down. My job was to protect the innocent and to keep the people of the City of New York safe…. Now my job is to keep the people of the State of New York safe.


In sum, Esposito seems just the right pick for an anti-crime governor.

More endorsements in next week’s issue.

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