A Yale School of Medicine professor who recently disclosed that she is the director and co-founder of something called the Yale Pediatric Gender Program, which helps children from the age of three with their “gender journey.”

According to Fox News, Yale Professor Chrisy Olezeski says in a video circulating on social media that the gender project she heads “is an interdisciplinary program working with gender-expansive individuals 3 to 25. We help individuals who are questioning their gender identity or who identify as transgender or non-binary and we help them with their gender journey.”


She describes how the program provides guidance on whether “medical intervention” is appropriate and when such a process should start. The program website details that transgender surgeries are only available to those aged 18 and older, but there is no information as to how young hormone and puberty blockers may be introduced.

It is hard for us to get our heads around the notion that grown people could come to the conclusion that youngsters can have serious and enduring thoughts about their preferred gender. But we are also fascinated by what seems to undergird the thinking of people like Professor Olezeski, who seem to believe that gender is totally a matter of choice, birth genitalia notwithstanding.

Should a young child be uncritically led and guided along a road to transgenderism? We think most Americans believe, as we do, that they should not. Yet more and more laws are being passed which restrict what they can be told. If our elected officials don’t get the problem with this, then they should be voted out of office so the message is clear.

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