The Jewish Press endorses Democrat Sam Berger in the special election scheduled for September 12, which will determine the successor of retiring Democrat Daniel Rosenthal for the 27th Assembly District.

A recent graduate of St. John’s Law School, Berger was nominated by the Queens County Democratic Party. He has also been endorsed by fellow Orthodox Jew Rosenthal.


Our choice of the Democrat Berger is an interesting one. We certainly share the concern of many in the Orthodox community that the overwhelming Democratic majority in the Assembly continues to pass legislation with which we strongly disagree, but Republicans do not come anywhere close to having the numbers necessary to challenge Democratic control of legislation.

As such, it is in the best interests of our community to avoid a “go down with the ship” attitude and blindly vote Republican; instead, we should back Democrats who may think like we do and who are also able to forge a working relationship with the Democratic leadership on key issues.

We think Sam Berger is that sort of Democrat, and we therefore support him in the September 12 race.


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