Like many Americans, we’re waiting to see what, if anything, the United States Supreme Court will do to address allegations of fraud advanced by President Trump and his supporters.

We hope it takes up one of the many cases working its way up to the court. We hasten to add that while we haven’t been shy in urging the reelection of President Trump, we support these cases being heard by the Supreme Court, not to express further support to that end, but to call attention to the risks to our very electoral process posed by the current standoff.


No one can wish for a flip side replay of the last four years of “Resistance” politics during which the Democrats never let President Trump breathe based on the rationale that Trump was an illegitimate president having been put into office by the interventions of the Russian government.

Now, rightly or wrongly, over half of Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was fatally corrupted and that the reported results in favor of Biden are, to put it simply, bogus. And in all fairness, there is some startling information that has surfaced that would tend to feed this perception.

At all events, while there are no guarantees, nothing less than a Supreme Court review – together with the articulation of correlative standards – can conceivably satisfy the many skeptics. And that should be the fervent wish of all Americans, including those who support Biden and are convinced he won fairly and squarely.

Surely something has to give if we are ever again as a nation to have confidence in the outcomes of our elections.


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