Should we fear these news items? Exactly the opposite. The events predicted in the previously cited mishnah as harbingers of “the period that will precede the coming of Mashiach”are coming to pass. If we indeed lean upon our Father in Heaven,we will soon see the glorious culmination of history.

We stand today on the threshold of the greatest event in history since Creation.Hashemis preparing the world for the Final Redemption. Dear readers, this is not dark; it is light.


As we say every day in the morning prayer service, “Give thanks to Him Who makes the great luminaries, for His kindness endures forever. May You shine a new light on Zion and may we all speedily merit its light.”


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  1. Dark times? Jews have had many from the hands of the gentiles. The difference coming: Jews will not only act like gentiles and apostatize to idolatry (Christianity) but act like gentiles to other Jews remaining faithful. This will include the usual anti-Judaism.

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