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The moon’s light is reflected, but we know its source. The sun is there. During the night we can’t see it, but the moon’s brilliance in the night sky is our assurance that the sun has not vanished. Chanukah reminds us of that unshakable truth.

As I watched, a glow appeared on the eastern horizon. It became brighter, until all nature was in expectation. Suddenly, a brilliant light exploded and the world was reborn.


If you look to the east right now, you will see a glow on the horizon. Keep your eye there, because soon a brilliant light is going to illuminate our entire world, a light of truth, “with healing on its wings” (Malachi 3:20).

Nothing can stop it. Not our enemies, not even ourselves. Even if we try to work against it, at a certain time Hashem will save those of His children who cleave to Him.

In our current deep galus, we can learn from Chanukah. Even in the darkness you will see light. Galus is not totally dark. The light has to come from Somewhere.

On Shabbos, Hashem rests and we rest. On Motzaei Shabbos a flame is kindled and we sing about the coming of Mashiach: “Eliyahu Hanavi, Eliyahu haTishbi, Eliyahu haGiladi …. May he come to us with Mashiach ben Dovid!”

During shviis (the shemittah year), Hashem rests and the Land of Israel rests. And then, “bemotzai shviis ben Dovid ba – upon the conclusion of the year of shviis, [Mashiach] the son of Dovid will come” (Megillah 17b).

We are now in shviis. How far off can Mashiach be?

Eliyahu Hanavi, Eliyahu haTishbi, Eliyahu haGiladi …. May he come to us with Mashiach ben Dovid!”


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