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I asked her if she had a message for the young women of today.


“I believe very strongly in the power of women,” she said. “The geulah from Egypt came about because of the women and the future geulah will also come about through the women. Women have the ability to see the whole picture, they don’t get lost in the ‘forest.’ Stay the course; the geulah will come. We have to continue to raise good G-d-fearing children in our own modest way.

Our interview was almost over and I was getting ready to leave when Rebbetzin Feige said she wanted to say a few things about her husband. Her face took on a glow as she said, “When Hashem created the human and had a vision of what man should be like, He must have had my husband in mind. My husband has a wonderful, gentle soul. He is non-judgmental and brilliant, an exalted neshamah. There is an aura about him. People feel good just being in his presence. I have been very blessed.”

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