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Trojan Horse Arabs

I want to thank Tzvi Fishman for his insightful interview with activist Michael ben Horin on the occasion of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s yahrzeit. Ben Horin is right that the Arab voting bloc in the Knesset endangers the Jewish character of Israel.


Israel’s Arabs are like the United State’s immigrants. Radical Democrats want to achieve permanent political power by allowing an unlimited flow of immigrants into the U.S. who will undoubtedly vote for them. If the border remains open, Texas will eventually vote like California and the United States will inch closer to becoming a one-party socialist/communist country.

In Israel, radical leftists insist that Arabs vote so that Israel becomes increasingly devoid of Jewish values. They want a secular “progressive” country, not a Jewish one.

Rabbi Kahane was right. Only Jews should be allowed to vote in a Jewish state. If an Arab wants to legally vote, he must first legally enter into the halachic borders of Judaism by voluntarily converting. Otherwise, he can live in any of the world’s 22 Arab countries.

David Ferster


Peace Process Impediment?

The legality of the Jewish enclaves in Judea and Samaria has long been the source of controversy. Some nations argue that no provocative action should be taken on this issue since it would interfere with the peace process, but this contention is ridiculous. Mahmoud Abbas and the PA have stated that no peace is possible without the elimination of the Jewish state.

The Trump administration’s recognition that Israeli settlements are not illegal corresponds with facts on the ground. Voters should remember the radical left’s opposition to the administration’s move when they vote for president next year.

Nelson Marans
New York, NY


Try Winning an Election

In my opinion, President Trump sincerely wishes to enhance the welfare of our country. His political enemies, meanwhile, seem primarily concerned with nullifying the results of the 2016 election.

They are currently trying to connect dots to built a picture of criminality. So far, though, all I see is a pile of loose dots.

Democrats need to resign themselves to Trump’s presence in the White House and focus on the 2020 election. The founders never intended for impeachment to be used as a weapon to remove an unpopular president.

Jerry Terdiman
Woodcliff Lake, NJ


We Dare Not Ignore the Problem

Re “Illegal Arab Construction Can No Longer be Ignored” by Hillel Fendel and Chaim Silberstein:

Since biblical times, Israel has been the “Promised Land” – promised by G-d to Abraham and his descendants. It is where Jews have lived for thousands of years – long before there was even a Muslim religion. It is where Jews can live without fear of another Holocaust.

It is therefore essential that Jews be in control of the land. Allowing a hostile, non-Jewish population to grow in it is dangerous. Too many Arabs have vowed to force the Jews into the sea and take over the land. What then? I shudder when thinking about it.

Until the Arabs are willing to accept the Jewish state and demonstrate that acceptance in word and deed, it would be a terrible blunder to help their numbers grow. Jewish lives are at stake, as is the existence of the Jewish homeland.

George Epstein
Los Angeles, CA


RCA Is Pleased

The Rabbinical Council of America – which is the leading membership organization of Orthodox rabbis in North America – welcomes the announcement affirming, as a matter of United States policy, the legality of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and thanks President Trump for his continued steadfast support for the State of Israel.

Jewish settlement in the entire Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, is our nation’s historic right. This latest move further demonstrates the legal and moral sham that is the BDS movement which seeks to collectively punish Israel for its allegedly ‘illegal’ settlements.

We thank President Trump for shining a light on this fallacy, and we appreciate the continued strong support for Israel of the administration, as well as the strong bipartisan support for Israel in the halls of Congress.

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, RCA president
Rabbi Binyamin Blau, RCA vice president


A Delusional Fantasy

I am in complete agreement with the op-ed by Morton Klein and Daniel Mandel on the viability of the two-state solution. Its advocates seem to be oblivious to the fact that it has already been tried three times. All three attempts were complete failures.

The first time was when England gave most of the land it promised the Jewish people to the Arabs. They took the territory – now called Jordan – but resisted the establishment of a Jewish state on the west bank of the Jordan River and helped launch a war against it. Strike one.

The second time was when the UN called for partitioning the remaining portion of Palestine into Arab and Jewish areas. The Jews agreed, but the Arabs didn’t and promptly invaded the new Jewish state with six well-equipped armies. Strike Two.

The third time was when Israel signed the Oslo Accords in 1993, essentially agreeing to give up most of the territory it captured in the Six-Day War. All it wanted was peace in return. The Arabs declined the offer. It wanted the territory without peace. Strike three.

Till today, most Arab states maintain the stance they adopted at the Khartoum conference in 1967: no recognition, no peace, no negotiations. And Israel still finds itself ringed by hostile enemies.

In the face of all this, it is incomprehensible that so many people, including Jews, still think Israel can live in peace with their Arab neighbors at any time in the near future.

Max Wisotsky
Highland Park, NJ


Stop With the Fiscal Band Aids

Congress just passed, and the president just signed, another stop-gap spending bill, which will keep the government open until December 20. But all they have done is kick the can down the road. Another federal government shutdown may take place in December.

I am reminded of “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel. The song’s words “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you” perfectly sum up the chaos and gridlock in Washington.

Both the president and Congress need to work together if we are ever going to put our fiscal house in order and end future shutdown threats. We need to return to the time when Congress held budget hearings for each department during the summer.

A real balanced budget, agency by agency, was adopted during an open process. Members of Congress, federal employees, the public, watchdog groups, and media were afforded sufficient time to understand the full contents prior to adoption. Full federal budgets were adopted on time prior to the start of any new federal fiscal year.

Let’s end bipartisan gridlock. Instead of another in a series of stop-gap continuing resolutions to keep the government open, pass a clean spending bill with no attached amendments.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, NY


Bizarre Priorities

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she would only try to impeach President Trump if she had bipartisan support. She did not get a single Republican member to vote for an impeachment inquiry. She began inquiry hearings anyway.

She also said Congress could launch impeachment hearings and simultaneously work on immigration, infrastructure, and the very important trade deal with Mexico and Canada. However, we now know that the trade deal is unlikely to be approved this year. We also see no progress on immigration and infrastructure.

Even though the American economy is doing remarkably well, not approving the trade deal may slow employment growth.

But I think Nancy Pelosi and many Democrats are so focused on impeaching the president that all reason has escaped them. Important work is being ignored that would benefit America. And all this for an impeachment that will be rejected in the Republican-controlled Senate. What a waste of time and money!

Arthur Horn
Fort Lee, NJ


They Just Hate Trump

The current impeachment process started right after Election Day 2016. It is a last desperate effort to remove President Trump from office so that he can’t run for office next year. It is an attempt to undermine the democratic process and deny voters the opportunity to vote for the man of their choice.

Unfortunately, many Jews are supporters of this scheme, not seeing that President Trump is great for Jews, Israel, and America. Let’s pray and hope that the president can weather this storm and be re-elected.

Mendi Scharf
Brooklyn, NY


Eliminate Them Early

It seems like the same thing happens every couple of years in Israel: An Arab terror leader is killed, sparking a violent barrage of missiles, which in turn elicits a deadly Israeli response.

No Israeli citizen should be forced to be a sitting duck or wait to be scared half to death by warning sirens every time Israel decides to assassinate a jihadist commander. Clean strikes like the one Israel launched last week against a senior Islamic Jihadist leader leave the terrorist organization intact and ready to immediately retaliate.

Israel should be killing off top terrorist commanders before they have a chance to commit acts of terror and be exalted as heroes. (Once these leaders have reached a state of veneration, retaliation is practically a given when they’re killed.) Israel should target terrorist commanders but in a way that convinces the Arab population that it will find no heroes amidst dead terrorists.

Hashem’s chosen nation should never accept for even a moment being forced to live in fear.

Lawrence Kulak