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What Kind of State?

The Biden administration supports a Palestinian state. But what kind of state? Under the current Palestinian leadership – and any prospective Palestinian leadership in the near future – it would be a failed, unstable, kleptocratic, and despotic state, a danger to itself and regional peace.


There is still absolutely no sign of Palestinian leaders abandoning their intransigent rejection of the legitimacy of a sovereign Jewish state. Absent that, and absent any willingness to coexist with such a state, peace is impossible.

The truth is that if the Palestinians genuinely wanted peace, they would have had it a long time ago. Several Israeli leaders offered them a viable state, which included part of eastern Jerusalem. Their offers were categorically rejected.

According to recent polls, the majority of Palestinians oppose signing a peace treaty with Israel. They want Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem – Israeli cities all of them. So long as they demand them, there won’t be peace.

Brian Goldenfeld
Oak Park, CA


The Name ‘Giuliani’ Is Not Enough

Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani, has just announced himself as a potential candidate for governor of New York. This must be a late April Fool’s joke.

Young Andrew is attempting to trade in on his famous father’s name. But you need more than the inheritance of a name to be successful. Andrew has never built a business from scratch, has never created a significant number of new good-paying jobs, has never balanced a budget, and has never managed a small government agency or business.

Andrew’s ego is greater than the current $212 billion state budget. He needs a reality check. State Republican Party leaders and 2,745,827 registered GOP voters will pass on this offer. They know a joke when they see one.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, NY


Masks: It’s All Politics

Dennis Prager is correct. Mask mandates are based on politics, not science.

I wear a mask in public and encourage others to do the same. But I do so for social and legal reasons, not because I’m convinced a flimsy piece of cloth will actually help control the pandemic.

As a lifelong research scientist, I admit to being biased to the notion that when one advances a theory, one must back it up with convincing evidence. In the current pandemic, I have seen little if any credible evidence that flimsy masks actually do any good.

In fact, quite the opposite. What little evidence has been presented to support mask mandates is often anecdotal or – worse – conflicting. Yet, world leaders continue to mandate wholesale mask-wearing.

They do so, as Prager correctly argued, for political reasons. The politicians and health “experts” want to appear to be doing something to justify their control of hundreds of millions of people.

Their predictions of disaster if we don’t wear masks bear much resemblance to climate change doomsday predictions. Our earth has withstood catastrophic changes for over four billion years and has emerged just fine. Yet, world leaders and many scientists have cowed the world’s populace into believing that Earth will be destroyed in the next few years we don’t mend our ways – to fit theirs, of course.

In the climate debate as well, even a cursory look at the conflicting and shifting evidence forces one to conclude that alarmist climate pronouncements are primarily based, not on science, but economics, politics, and self-interest.  ​

Max Wisotsky, PhD
Highland Park, NJ


Bring Them to the Politicians’ Backyard

Since the dictatorial, divisive, and destructive Harris-Biden administration won’t visit or acknowledge the humanitarian, security, or health crisis at the southern border, I suggest we bring the border to them.

That is, instead of the border states bearing the brunt of the costs of feeding, housing, clothing, educating, and providing medical care to the 172,000 migrants who illegally entered our country in March, Washington, DC, should bear it. All the migrants should be sent to Washington and let Harris – the “border czar” – figure out what to do with them.

Or maybe just send the 19,000 unaccompanied minors to Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district since she believes the administration is doing such a dandy job.

Meanwhile, the media has not been given access to the detention/holding facilities at the border. Even U.S. senators and the governor of Texas have been denied entry. So much for the transparency of this abominable administration bent on destroying this country.

Theresa Rosenfeld
New York, NY


My Fears Are Unfolding

Before the 2020 presidential election, I was very concerned that a Biden victory would endanger the security of both America and Israel. Now I see my deep concerns coming to fruition.

Instead of focusing on the threats of China, Iran, and Russia, the Biden administration is focused on social engineering.

With regard to Israel: The threat of a nuclear-armed Iran is not being taken seriously. The Iran deal President Obama signed was remarkably flawed since it only delayed Iran from developing the bomb and did not deal with Iran’s support of terrorism. But Biden wants to reenter it.

He also is providing generous financial aid to the corrupt Palestinian Authority that President Trump stopped. Much of this money will line the pockets of Abbas and his cronies while some of it will probably makes its way to Palestinian schools that teach Jew-hatred and extol terrorism.

Arthur Horn
Fort Lee, NJ


Impressed By Curtis

Re “New York’s Angel? Curtis Sliwa Has His Sights On City Hall” (interview, April 9): I have been very impressed with Sliwa’s work as a Guardian Angel to keep New York safe. He has accomplished so much, making life better for everyone in New York in the 1970s, ‘80s, and beyond.

His gang of Guardian Angels patrolled the mean streets of the city in a tough but kind way, and turned in many criminals to the police.

Raquel Hanon


Rapprochement Is Being Attained

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, in his usual self-proclaimed position as ultimate expert on the Jewish state, now claims Israel will always be divided into two camps – secular and Orthodox – with very divergent views.

While I share Friedman’s concern about the division between the Orthodox and secular in Israel, I am a little more optimistic about the future unity of the nation.

Although the progression of Orthodox Jews into mainstream Israeli society may be slow, it is occurring. Many Orthodox Jews, while exempt from serving in the military, have joined it nonetheless, and a number of Orthodox Jews have chosen jobs that require higher education.

The world does not stand still, and rapprochement between Orthodox and secular Jews is slowly being reached

Nelson Marans
New York, NY


Is the ADL On Our Side?

The Anti-Defamation League is calling out Tucker Carlson for speaking out to save America. Seriously?

The ADL befriends the likes of Al Sharpton of all people! And where has the ADL’s voice been on the horrific anti-Semitic activities against observant Jews?

Tucker Carlson does not necessarily say the words the left wants to hear, but he does care about America. The left does not!

As an observant Orthodox Jew, I am proud to stand up for America and only hope that one day the ADL and the brainwashed liberal Upper West Side Democrats and their likes wake up!

Sara Winter


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