Correct on Trump

I wish to comment on Jeffrey Borell’s letter to the editor (“A Word For Trump,” April 19). The letter was right on target. Borell is clearly correct that Trump was the most pro-Israel president ever. “As Israel continues to struggle for it’s very survival, we need him more now than ever,” the letter said.


Might I add that he’s the smartest president and the most willing to tell it like it is.

Raquel Hanon
Via Email


Protest Theatricals

The notion that the pro-Palestinian protesters around the country have a right to protest is gravely mistaken. It is known that many of them get paid to protest. If this is true, they are no different than a group of paid actors from a Broadway play who decide to perform in public. They have no such right unless they acquire the proper permits. These “protesters” are paid performers. They should be forcibly removed as anyone else who disturbs the peace.

David Balsam
Brooklyn, N.Y.


Inconsistencies, or Why I Became a Conservative

Case 1: Soon after October 7 pogrom in areas of Israel near Gaza, most reasonable Americans seemed to understand that kidnapping, rape, torture and murder were undoubtedly wrong. Twelve hundred people were murdered and more than two hundred were kidnapped and brought to Gaza. I saw very few supporters of the Palestinian terrorists. As time passed, however, something made some people change their minds.

Now I see protesters involved in civil disobedience, stopping traffic and preventing people from getting to the airport or their jobs, all of which are illegal.

Case 2: The Israeli Army is accused by these radicals of genocide when in fact the Israelis have gone to the extreme in protecting civilians. By contrast, Hamas, which puts their military units in residential areas, gets a free pass. In addition, Hamas and Hezbollah, both Iranian proxies, intentionally fire rockets into Israeli civilian areas purposely.

In 1945, when American forces captured Manila, the capital of the Philippine Islands, approximately 100,000 innocent citizens were killed. This is far more than the 33,000 Hamas claims were killed in Gaza, and that number also includes Hamas fighters. To me, relying on and using Hamas’ information is a lot like asking Jesse James, the famous bank robber, to count the money and audit a bank.

Case 3: While Israel was involved in heavy fighting in Gaza and many terrorists were captured or killed, pro-Hamas supporters called for a ceasefire. However, when Iranian missiles were fired toward Israel, suddenly they were silent.

Case 4: Several years ago, the women’s movement voiced support for Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who claimed to have been raped decades earlier by a youthful Brett Kavanaugh, who was then being considered for a position on the United States Supreme Court. No substantial proof was offered but the movement maintained their vocal opposition to the nominee.

Several months ago, a large number of Israeli women living near the Gaza border were raped and then murdered, others were raped and kidnapped to Gaza as hostages. Pictures and videos were taken by the perpetrators, their telephone calls were intercepted and recorded of the perpetrators bragging to family members of their actions. Somehow, the women’s movement remained almost completely silent.

Case 5: During the Syrian civil war, approximately 500,000 Sunni Muslims were murdered in Syria and millions fled to Europe, yet very few people screamed genocide. During the 1970 Black September Civil War in Jordan, between 10,000 and 25,000 Palestinians were killed. Jordan was hardly criticized.

On October 7, 2023, thousands of Hamas terrorists in Gaza crossed into Israel and tortured and murdered an estimated 1,200 Israelis, beginning a war between Hamas and Israel. At first, even President Obama condemned it. However, soon after as the war progressed, the death toll provided by Hamas, the organization that organized the murders and tortures, was taken as truth. The fact that dead terrorists were combined with civilians was ignored as was the fact the number of dead increased by the same proportion periodically whether there was heavy fighting or little or no fighting.

Case 6: A search by Israeli soldiers of the dead terrorists found a remarkable discovery. Some terrorists had signed letters of permission by Gaza imams to actually rape, torture and murder Israelis during their invasion of October 7.

The only rejection of this activity I saw came from one imam living in Israel. I have no idea how many other imams in Israel were also appalled.

Charles Winfield
Princeton, N.J.


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