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Ronn Torossian

A poll conducted today by the Rafi Smith Institute found that 53% of the Israeli public support a law banning the New Israel Fund from operating in the State of Israel. 24% oppose banning the organization which has been accused of extremist activities opposed to the interests of the State of Israel.

The organization – which supports a boycott of Israel – was last investigated by the Knesset in 2010. At the time, Yisrael Hasson, a Knesset member from the centrist Kadima party and former deputy director of the Shin Bet security services, implied that the NIF could be receiving funds from Israel’s sworn enemies. At the time, he was quoted in the Israeli media saying, “If I were Al-Qaeda, I wouldn’t think twice, I would give to them.” Wikileaks revealed that the New Israel Fund (NIF) Associate Director in Israel Hedva Radovanitz said to the American government that “she believed that in 100 years Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic.”


And while New Israel Fund works to harm Israel – and Israelis across the political spectrum shun this dangerous organization, their American Jewish donors continue to include Barbara & Eric Dobkin, Sally Gottesman, Arthur & Edith Stern, The Jewish Communal Fund – and Rabbi Gordon Tucker of Temple Israel of White Plains. We say to the trustees and board members of Temple Israel of White Plains – President Ellen Salant, Ken Kanfer of Snitow Kanfer & Holtzer, Audrey Samers, Magan Schain, Sam Kahn, Joel Wolfson, Renana Rosenbloom, Bruce Wexler, Randi Kattan and Lewis Polishook – stand with the Jewish state, and don’t allow Rabbi Tucker to continue to financially support the New Israel Fund, and a boycott of Israel.


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