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President Trump announces his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Submitted by Shlomo Walfish

Is Rabbi Sacks comparing Moshe/Moses to the Eurocrats of today? The establishment and bureaucrats of today are precisely the ones who want to stifle the voice of the people and of other views. They are the ones against the people and freedom of speech. What the UK has done to Tommy Robinson is a classic example. Populist Tommy Robinson and many other populist leaders are righteous men standing up for the welfare of the people. Tommy is trying to expose Muslim migrants, rapists, child molesters and murderers in the UK while they are on trial in a public court of law, and has been under attack for years from the establishment in the name of political correctness. The UK has draconian laws limiting freedom of speech in the media who can not report on these thing including reporting on Tommy. Who’s trying to silence whom???


It’s the establishment media in many countries that publishes FAKE NEWS all the time to control the masses.

The silencing of unpopular views in university campuses today is funded by globalist leaders who fund the establishment like the evil George Soros, the Rockefeller and Clinton foundations and it’s flames are fueled by the establishment media. Not by populist speakers like Ben Shapiro, Pamela Geller or independent reporters like the Drudge report or who are constantly under attack from the establishment along with Black Life Matters, Antifa and mindless useful idiots on university campuses.

Trump is a populist leader who is standing up to the corrupt establishment globalist leaders that don’t care about the people’s freedoms. He will drain the swamp of them and make America great and FREE again by returning it to the PEOPLE. He just prevented a nuclear war with NK saving millions of lives. He is a GOOD populist.

The reason Populist Nigel Farage won Brexit is because enough Bits have brains and sense and realised that being part of the establishment EU is destroying the UK. The EU consists of a bunch of unelected Eurocrat dictators who make laws for people who did not elect them. They are modern tyrants with nice suits.

While there may be some anti-freedom rights populists like Marine Le Pen in France, many of the others simply want to drain the swamp of corrupt politicians and do what’s good for the people. Like the new leaders in Italy and Poland who will not let any more illegal migrants destroy their countries.

Korach wanted to do what’s good for himself like most of the globalist leaders and bureaucrats of today. That would be a more accurate comparison. The greatest enemy of freedom is the establishment–bureaucratic, tyrant leaders who try to silence the public in the name of political correctness. The British, German, Swedish French, Irish and Canadian Governments among others are all guilty of this. Electing good populist leaders who are anti a corrupt establishment like Farage, Trump, Putin, The new Italian, and Polish leaders, Moshe Feiglin and the Zehut party in Israel, are perhaps the ONLY thing that can SAVE western civilization.


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