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Doesn’t it sound a little silly, not to mention paranoid, when we kvetch all day about the world being against us, and then when we discover people who actually like us, we work overtime to convince ourselves that they must really be out to get us and are covering it up with a smile?

I am very clear on my stand: I do not, have not and will not work with any group that has a missionary agenda targeting Jews. I will be happy to cooperate with friends of Israel, regardless of their theology, be they Muslim, Christian, Druze, Buddhist or whatever. The fact that there are some Christians who would like to convert Jews does not at all prove that all Christians embrace that agenda. There are about 5000 different schools of thought that all come under the “Christian” banner, and some of those totally appreciate the Jewish people’s unchanged “chosen” status and our Torah mission. There are probably others who believe that Jews must fulfill the rebuilding of the State and Temple to promote their own Messianic visions. That doesn’t worry or even interest me.


Some who claim the position of “anti-missionary activists” are not objective and manipulate information in an attempt to prove that any Christian who smiles at a Jew is doing so in order to convert them. I do not appreciate the harassment and bullying tactics they frequently resort to, but I am not afraid of them, either. I read and consider articles attacking Glenn Beck as a missionary. I’m sorry to say that they commonly show a very shallow understanding of the topic they are writing about. Beck, Waller, Gohmert and even Hagee are not missionaries. If they were, they would be really lousy ones, considering the fact that with all of the effort they have put into helping Israel, they have failed to make any Jewish converts at all.

If you believe sitting at home and reading Tehillim is all a Jew needs to do to deal with international pressures on Israel, then I wish you luck. But, if you think that we should actually try to build alliances with others outside the Jewish people, then I have news for you: people who are not Jewish have their own theological beliefs (that should be obvious – if they are not Jewish, then they are something else). If they appreciate the Jewish people and understand that helping Israel is beneficial to both sides, then there is nothing wrong with interacting with them. Of course, the Halacha and common sense guide us on ways to do so without compromising our Jewish identity and national respect.

With all of that said, and with no intention to insult our friends, we really should not have such an inferiority complex. If our own religion is the real thing, and so naturally superior to theirs, do you really think that some guy is going to say “the J word” and Jews are going to be so impressed by that as to question our own faith? Nu, b’emet. [Common, really.]

On one hand, if you come by a group that is offering a service – like a club with attractive facilities – but they are also offering classes in Christian faith for Jews, it is obviously a front, and they are probably taking advantage of you and trying to attract other Jews to their classes. But on the other hand, if a Christian offers you money to buy needed equipment and help produce books and discs, or for Jewish development of the land of Israel and asks for no involvement in your content whatsoever, only asking that you bless them by continuing your work, then they are helping you spread your message. In the second case, I would not even sweat worrying that they might come back some day and ask for something else – because even if they do, you can say “no” (and there is a good chance that they will not, because they are genuine lovers of Israel with no other agenda). Yes, we should always be careful with whom we do business, but I don’t have to tell you that there are other Jews who can lead you astray into dangerous avenues, as well.

No, not all gestures of friendship by Christians hide an intention to missionize us. I do not accept that as a given. I am not talking about a relationship in which one side is manipulating the other. Neither am I saying that I think I can trick them into helping us without allowing them the prize of converting us. I would not cooperate with Christians who wish to convert us any more than I would cooperate with Muslims who wish to slaughter us. I will gladly work with goyim who appreciate the Jewish people for who we are and wish only for us to become the best Jews we can be.

Believe it or not, there are goyim who believe in the words of the Bible – and they trust that G-d did choose the Jewish people for a special mission – to be a light unto the nations. They actually look to us for direction. But living in fear and exile for hundreds of years has corrupted us. Now that we have returned to our land and the nations are witnessing the fulfillment of prophecies and look to us as teachers, we go running for cover, fearing they mean us harm. We must seize our opportunities as they arise, stand proudly and teach the nations the truth of the Torah. We possess G-d-given greatness and blessing; we need not fear; G-d is on our side.


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As a child David Ha'ivri made Aliya with his family from the US in 1978. Married, with 8 children, he lives in a small town in Samaria. He is the director of public diplomacy and communications for the Shomron Liaison Office. He works with to promote Aliyah. He is social media master and strategic consultant. Follow David Ha'ivri's daily activity on Twitter @haivri.


  1. For many years I fell under the heading of “Christian” then I began to question what I was being taught. I realized that I had been deceived and began to embrace Torah.
    It hasn’t been an easy road. I’m often attacked for my beliefs–by the very “Christians” that were once considered friends. After reading some of the responses here, I have to say that I’m greatly disappointed to know that I am also being attacked by the Jews.
    Not all of the Goyim are trying to convert the Jews. But it doesn’t appear to matter what my agenda is because my friendship is clearly not welcomed by many Jews. Sadly enough, I’ve found some Muslims to be friendlier than some of the Jews who share my basic faith beliefs.
    Not to worry, I won’t be coming to Israel to convert you anytime soon. At one time I had really hoped to travel to Israel and experience the joys of visiting the place where my G-d established the everlasting covenant. But now I’m thinking that I’d be better off staying right where I am. There’s no need to travel thousands of miles to encounter animosity, I can get that right here in the USA.

  2. Turn your argument around and view it from a different perspective David. You say that the fact some xians are missionaries doesn’t mean all of them are. Think about this: Jews who point out that there are missionaries in our midst do not necessarily think that all xians are missionaries.

    This passive aggressive essay against the proud Jews who call out the missionaries amongst us is quite transparent, David. That there are fundamental flaws in your argument makes this piece even more deplorable. On the one hand you say not all xians are missionaries; on the other hand you cannot accept that Jews who say some xians are missionaries does not mean those Jews are saying all xians are missionaries.

    The proud Jews who condemn people actively seeking to make apostates of Jews (especially Jewish children), the Jews who seek to keep Israel a Jewish State, the Jews who seek to honor their heritage and covenant with G-d, these Jews should be applauded, not vilified or mocked by you. You dishonor your own mishpachah with your words David, and you do so in order to appease the Goyim. What a shanda.

  3. You remind us Jews have G-d on our side and also that we must teach the world the truth of the Torah. If you’re so assured of that fact why do you contradict Halacha and have your hand out for money from the Goyim?

    You say “people who are not Jewish have their own theological beliefs” which is not only erroneous but insulting to the B’nei Noach.

    You accuse Jews who despise xian missionary activity of being scared. You’re wrong. We’re not scared. We’re angry that people who say they’re friends of Jews want to change Jews and Jews like you are so quick to turn a blind eye to their hypocrisy. We’re angry that these xian missionaries use deception to target our children and we’re angry that Jews like you are so flippant about the continuity of Judaism.

    Your words reflect poorly on all of us and seem only designed to cause division amongst Jews. Stick to your office David and leave the lessons for the Rabbis.

  4. I am not only a Jew, but also an expert on Christianity. The Christians have two commandments. The first is to be baptized following their conversion. The second is to spread their religion everywhere. Now, like in any religion, whether a believer takes his commandments seriously depends on each individual. But, there is no question that every believing Christian has a mandate from the New Testament, which they hold as equal in authority to our Torah, to missionize. Christianity has always been a missionary religion.

    Many so-called Christian supporters of Israel claim that they do not have missionary intentions on Jews. Besides the fact that some of these people are on record as claiming to be biding their time, “building relationships” and a feeling of indebtedness within the Jews, before “sharing” their “good news,” they certainly make no secret of the fact that they continue to missionize the rest of the world. We, as Jews and guardians of the Truth of the Torah, also have an obligation to the rest of mankind not to see them mislead into the path of falsehood and idolatry. There are doubtless many ethical problems with accepting aid, financial and otherwise, as if putting a hechsher on those who are enslaving a large portion of mankind within a false system; one that could tell a single mother whose life is threatened by her abusive husband, that divorce is an unforgivable sin and she must “submit” to her husband “even unto death.”

    It’s a wicked, evil and emotionally and pyschologically abusive religion and according to many Torah authorities, it is idolatry. The Torah outright forbids us to settle idolaters amongst us or on Holy Land. It spreads tumah which causes us to be expelled from our land. Therefore, any attempts to prevent a Gaza-scenario from taking place in Yehuda and Shomron by allowing Christians to settle among Jews is counterproductive.

    The Christians famously accuse us of unreasonable “fear” of their “truth; that if we are so sure we are right, why should we be “afraid” to debate them. We fear only G-d and because we fear Him, we must obey His Torah first of all. Nowhere does it give us permission to allow them to air their views and to debate with them. Furthermore, whereas we may feel personally secure in our faith, what of our weaker brothers who may not be standing on the same firm footing.

    This learned dependency on outsiders and foreigners is antithetical to the Torah and the messages of all our holy prophets who admonished us over and over again to depend on G-d alone. I think the author has gone into the mikveh and emerged still holding a rat in one hand. No amount of verbal acrobatics will ever make the trief Christians kasher.

  5. We do not fear our so called “friends”, we fear Hashem and cling to his Torah. R. Melamed even says in his A7 article that these people practice a form of idolatry.
    You imply that you are just making “business relationships” with these people which isn’t true. You have bonded with them, made it possible for them to live in our land and even attended Waller’s son’s wedding, which he himself claims is a picture of yeshu and his bride (the xians).

    It is a negative commandment
    not to show them favor
    not to settle them in our land
    (see Rambam Hilchot avodat Koshacim v’chukkoteihem)

    “G-d decreed upon holy Israel that they must be separated from impurity and from the impure nations. The idolatry and foreign culture of the nations cannot coexist with G-d’s Torah or with G-d Himself. It, therefore, says, “You shall be holy to me, for I , the L-rd, am holy and I have separated you out from among the nations to be Mine” (Lev, 20:26). Our sages comment, “I have separated you out from among the nations to be Mine’: If you are separated from the nations, then you are Mine, otherwise, you belong to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylonia and his associates” (Torat Kohanim, Kedoshim, 9).” (Or HaRaayon)

    “‘G-d established that there must be no unity between Israel and the nations. They must not mix or mingle together. The walls separating them must never come down. Rather, there must be separation, borders, a division. This separation, indeed, serves the purpose of unity, but genuine unity of a world under Divine sovereignty, for a united world of falsehood is not G-d’s will.” (Or HaRaayon)

    Your argument that we must bond with idolators to keep our land is ridiculous. Hashem only gives us the land so that we can be separate from the influence of the other nations.

    “This separation is so basic that G-d, Who chose Israel as His holy, treasured, unique nation, separated them entirely from the nations and their abominable culture. He achieved this through the most complete isolation possible, placing them all in one land where they could build holy lives uninfluenced by non-Jewish culture. This is why Eretz Yisrael was chosen as a vessel to hold the Jewish People. It is also why G-d proclaimed (Bamidbar Rabbah, 23:7), “The land is dear to Me…. and Israel are dear to Me…I will bring Israel, who are dear to Me, into the Land dear to Me.” (Or HaRaayon)

    We are a light unto the nations only when we are a holy people separated from the nations fulfilling mitzvot not disregarding them.

  6. Why acrimony? Why can’t some people stand the unworried attitude of David Ha’Ivry? Why attack him with words like “shanda”? He has studied the issue and has come to rational, unfrightened results of his study.
    I, too have studied this issue and while it IS true that any believer in a “universal” religion, out of love of humanity, should try to bring all humanity to believe in their religion, NEVERTHELESS it is also true that not only the Catholic church but other Christian organisations have declared that the Jewish people are an exception to this rule, SINCE THEY RECOGNIZE THE FACT THAT THE JEWISH PEOPLE HAVE A SPECIAL COVENANT WITH GOD.
    In an interview, I was asked by a Christian Evangelist leader: Will the Jews accept J when he returns.
    As a Jew does, I answered with a question – a series of questions. The path I took received the approval of Hareidi Roshei Yeshivith [Litvaks and Hungarians].
    Question 1: Wasn’t J a Jew? The answer was: Yes, of course!
    Question 2: When he returns, will he be a Jew? Answer: Yes, of course!
    Question 3: When he returns, what will he do to receive recognition as Moshiah? Will he go to a TV station and say that God told him that he is the Messiah? If he does so, won’t he be asked to see a psychiatrist? Answer: Yes, probably!
    Question 4: So it is clear he will need the approbation of some authority. Answer: Yes, of course!
    Question 5: since he will be a Jew, he will go to get approbation from HIS authorities – from the leading rabbis, or Sanhedrin, at the time – does that seem right? Answer: Yes, it does!

    Summary: When the Moshiach comes, he will be appointed by the Sanhedrin at the time. The Christians will accept the Moshiah appointed by the Jewish Sanhedrin.

    Not only Roshei Yeshivot have agreed to this response – so have Christians in quite a few groups.

    Anyone who thinks he knows better, read Maimonides, Book of Kings and Their Wars, Ch. 12, para 2.

    HOWEVER, I DO NOT BELITTLE THE FEARS OF MY BROTHERS OF CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES. QUITE THE CONTRARY. We MUST strengthen our Jewish identity, not only in the diaspora but en Israel. Too many young Israeli Jews have no self-identification as Jews. They don’t know why one shold want to be a member of the Jewish people. They have not really heard about our 2000 year battle with Christianity. Education is a MUST.

    With respect to receiving money from non-Jews, See Yoreh Deah 254. We must not receive CHARITY FOR OUR POOR from non-Jews, but we may receive money from non-Jews to build a Beit Knesset [loc. cit. para. 2, in the Remah]. From where I stand, building Erets Yisrael is like building a Beit Knesset.

  7. It is a real shame that this website has purposely omitted comments which state the truth about this author: he has a serious criminal record, was arrested for celebrating the murder of a Jew, and to this day, tries to endanger Jews. Which Jews has he tried to endanger? The very one’s who have called him out for repeatedly endorsing antisemitic Xtian missionaries. He has sided with antisemitic Xtian missionaries over fellow Jews with whom he has repeatedly launched ad hominem attacks.

    This is not to be taken as any sort of threat, however, if you do not allow for the truth about this man to be published here, I will be launching a campaign against this publication and will be informing your advertisers of the type of evil you allow to flourish here.

  8. I suppose the author also has a problem with anti-missionary organizations such as ‘Jews for Judaism’ and ‘Yad L’Achim?’ It appears that this piece is a rationalization of the author’s own dealings with Christian missionaries and an attack against those of us proud Jews who are against such activities. It is a shame the Jewish Press published this. I will be re-thinking my support of this website.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, this piece is going against Torah Law.

    Please note:

    -It’s forbidden to accept public gifts of money from non-Jews (Rambam, Matanot Aniyim 8:9. Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 254:8)…..And if it’s exclusively for Jews, that is even worse.” (ibid. 254:16)

    -It’s forbidden [for a Jew] to enter [a church]” -(Chochmat Adam 84:16. Birkat Yosef on Yoreh Deah 145:15. Shut Yabia Omer vol. 2 Yoreh Deah #11)

  9. I quit reading after you kissed Hagees tuchus.

    “It was the disobedience and rebellion of the Jews, God’s chosen people, to their covenantal responsibility to serve only the one true God, Jehovah, that gave rise to the opposition and persecution that they experienced beginning in Canaan and continuing to this very day… Their own rebellion had birthed the seed of antisemitism that would arise and bring destruction to them for centuries to come…. it rises from the judgment of God upon his rebellious chosen people.” – Pastor John Hagee, Jerusalem Countdown.

    You wanna be buddies with a guy who blames antisemitism on Jews (and believes the world Jewish banking bull**** conspiracies) then go for it gever, but he’s still no friend of Israel.

  10. Sir; –

    There is no question that there are many fine, upstanding Gentiles supporting Israel at this time. While certain strategic, moral and political alliances with the non-Jewish world are to be encouraged, it is both naïve and misleading to deny the serious costs involved in Israel’s unregulated relationship with impassioned evangelical Christians.

    As content and research director of, an organization which monitors Christian activity in Israel, I regret to say that Mr. Ha’ivri has chosen to diminish the concerns of those working in the counter-missionary field and those investigating growing Christian influence in the Jewish state. Mr. Ha’ivri’s article was bereft of any facts. This may indicate that either Ha’ivri is unaware of the facts on the ground in Israel or that he chooses to ignore them. That Ha’ivri thoughtlessly and flippantly minimizes the spiritual threat that missionaries present in Israel is indicative of his detachment from his own people, many of whom are spiritually thirsty, vulnerable and lacking a proper Jewish education or the means to respond to evangelical overtures.

    Certain Christian individuals and organizations with whom Mr. Ha’ivri chooses to work with may not be aggressively proselytizing in the classical sense. However, they are on a religiously-driven mission with the intention to draw Jews close, or they strive for a theological unification between Judaism and Christianity. In addition, these parties are supportive of the messianic Christian sects in the Jewish state and aspire towards a Christian restoration in Israel. That makes them “missionaries” and it’s apparent that David Ha’ivri has a very shallow understanding of that term.
    If Jewish activists like David Ha’ivri choose to work with devout Christians, then they should be honest enough to acknowledge the problems and wise enough to use foresight, seek guidance, and draw red lines in such relationships.

    Ellen Horowitz
    Content and Research Director

  11. I see 3 issues involved: Truth, Right to Peace, and Joy of Jewish living in Yisrael.

    ‘Hidden agendas’ are deceptive; and, DECEPTION DESTROYS.

    IF not aggressive, hidden, or hostile to Jewish law or Jewish culture, classes are not deceptive or a threat. The Torah reveals sects designated by G-d. The Recabites, (Yermiyahu 35:2), are a good example of G-d’s Will not commonly known; however,…..valid and tolerated. Peaceful And Respectful ‘aliens’ may ‘see The Light’ and find ‘The Truth’ in Yisrael (Rahab, Ruth, Ittai of Gath…). Tikun Olam.

    Rejoice- Israel is The One place on earth documenting a Title Deed to the land by G-d. No other religion, people, land claim has older or better valid legal documentation. History, Literary, Archealogy (dating BCE)affirm Yisrael’s True Jewish Religion and The History of The Jewish People’s Right to Live In The Nation and Land of Yisrael.

    Please, continue to be the voice of Truth, standing firmly for the right of Yisrael to live in peace as a Jewish Nation, and engaging for understanding.

    Thank You,

    Shirl Lehoski

  12. Yisrael left Egypt with wealth when returning back to Yisrael.
    The lost tribes, dew on grass, will return to Yisrael, not one will be missing.

    Asenath, Egyptian, is Ephraim’s mother; Ephraim received double blessing.
    Ruth, of Moab, is King David’s grandmother.

    Torah Truth.

  13. First of all, if true that the author was arrested for expressing an opinion, no matter how dispicable that opinion might be, that’s a very scary thought, especially in a democracy. I hope that’s it’s not true.

    Second, while you don’t want him to be heard because he expressed opinions you don’t like, you’re busy threatening if you don’t get to express your opinion! And you’re also threatening if he gets to continue to express his opinion.

    What a hypocrite you are. Talk about being evil.

  14. Thank you, Mr. Ha’Ivri for your kind and generous attitude of trust and hospitality to us “goyim.” There are many of us here in Israel and in the “nations” who love Israel and continue to hold to our beliefs without trying to proselytize Jews or anyone else for that matter. Just saying – here’s one who doesn’t fit your generalizations. I live here in Israel temporarily, and I am appalled at some who won’t even look me in the eye on the street because they fear I’m going to jump out at them and try to change them. Where is the Torah in this? Are you sons and daughters of Abraham, or not? Are we welcome in your tent, or not? Make up your mind, please. Be friendly and be confident in the power of your Judaism. Let it stand or let it fall on how it manifests the truth of Torah. Treat the “ger” like Abraham did, wherever you encounter him or her. Don’t try to change us, either, as you have told us not to do to you. Your country’s laws are fearful enough – the threat of being thrown out of the country makes it scary enough for me. I, for one, love the Jews and Israel and can’t even explain why. The fact that this love is planted in our hearts by G-d ought to be a clear indication that He is working to draw the ten men who grab the tzitziyot of a Jew and ask to be taught. Teach us the ways of your Elohim, please! Be our teacher and our brother!

  15. ” Treat the “ger” like Abraham did, wherever you encounter him or her. Don’t try to change us, either, as you have told us not to do to you.”

    Well, Actually Avraham DID try to change people. He taught the people of the One True G-d and not to follow pagan ways. He even did so with how own father when he broke all the idols, save one, and put a hammer in its hand, telling his father that it was this idol who destroyed the others.

  16. Talk about being damned with faint praise!

    In one comment you manage to insult Jews and Israelis in addition to patronising us about our Torah knowledge.

    You are a prime example of all that is wrong with this picture. If you’d bothered to read the comments you’ll see where Jews and Israelis like myself are coming from on this issue. Instead of condemning Jews and Israelis why don’t you condemn the active missionaries operating within Israel, funded by people like Glenn Beck, who intentionally target Jewish youth? But no, you point your finger at the Jew to blame for your feelings of inadequacy.

    Jews generally don’t believe missionaries are going to “jump out” and change them and your (I believe false) accusation that we do smacks of an inherent insecurity of your own. Generally Jewish people, and especially us Israelis, are very welcoming of all. But there are only 13 million Jews in the world and the loss of even one Jew to apostasy is a tragedy.

    Missionaries do not target those of us who are secure in our identity and faith. They intentionally target the vulnerable and the young using tactics to draw them in until they’ve got them hook, line and sinker. I am not remotely worried about missionaries targeting me (Ha’ivri, please take note) but I do care about all Jews, not just those confident within their faith. I care about Jewish children and Jewish continuity and missionaries target them ~ fact.

    If you cared about Jews as you say you do, you would deplore missionary activity too.

    By the way, if you’re going to be a sockpuppet you could at least try to disguise the fact.

  17. You really wish to be educated by criminal who tries to breach the privacy, safety, and security of his fellow Jews, and who was, in fact, arrested for celebrating the murder of a Jew? What can you possibly learn from this man other than how not to behave? This man is a disgrace. I have always been a supporter of the “settlers” but with “leaders” like David Ha’ivri behind the movement, it makes me understand why the entire world (including many Israelis) have such a hostile bias against them. He goes out of his way to suck up to non-Jews (including non-Jews who want to convert and kill us) while he attacks and endangers his fellow Jews. This man is truly sick. I’m not sure why the Jewish Press would legitimize this criminal, but it’s disgusting.

  18. Mr. HaIrvri (that is how its spelled above!) is totally right when he says that we should cooperate with friends of Israel regardless of their theology. Christianity is just as wrong about their beliefs regarding the State Of Israel as they are wrong about their Jesus, his dying for our sins, his having been Gd, and all the other beliefs that make up Christian theology.

    That is not the point.

    Would ‘Mr. HaIrvri’ cooperate with organizations and religions that were spreading counterfeit Isreali shekels around Israel? Would ‘Mr. HaIrvri’ and the State of Israel cooperate with organizations and religions that were spreading counterfeit U.S. dollar bills around the U.S. and the world? I think not.

    However that is exactly what these Messianic “Jews” and the Christian denominations that support them do in Israel and around the world. They take our holidays and holy days and our rituals and claim that their Christian theology can be learned from them. Quick examples: the three matzot on the Seder Plate represent the Trinity. The matzah represents Jesus since it has stripes and holes (at least the machine made Matzah does), which are the stripes of the scourging and the holes of the cross. These perversions of Judaism are the counterfeit Judaism they sell when they proselytize our ignorant Jews who have psychological and emotional needs not being met in our synagogues and homes.

    They and those Christians who support them should be shunned by Jews! But every example of a “”good friend of Israel”” given, has strong ties to those who counterfeit our faith!

    Yet Israel welcomes them because of their dollars, along with their counterfeit version of our faith, and those who support them. And what is it called when someone disregards ethics and morals for the sake of some gain, usually financial? Prostitution!

  19. In a recent article, David Ha’ivri comes to the defense of “Christian Zionists” who he claims are not out to convert Jews to Christianity. His article, while passionate, is naive, and completely devoid of facts.

    Ha’ivri states that he has not, and “will not work with any group that has a missionary agenda targeting Jews.” Yet, Ha’vri has a very narrow and myopic definition of what a missionary is. While I would agree that “not all Christians” embrace the agenda of converting Jews, it is not limited to people who are “offering classes in Christian faith to Jews.” It is also not an “inferiority complex” relative to Judaism, that causes me to be concerned about interaction with people who come “with a smile.”

    A missionary is one who ultimately has the objective of bringing people who don’t believe as they do, to that belief. Whether they are “lousy” missionaries or not, is not the issue; the issue is whether their ultimate objective is to bring people to their belief. Granted, there are people who say that the Jewish people still have a valid covenant with G-d, and that as Christians, they are willing to wait until Moshiach comes (or in their case, comes back) and let it be decide then, who is correct. They generally do not actively work for the conversion of Jews. But there are others, who clearly state what their objective is, and work to accomplish it.

    It is interesting to me that Ha’ivri claims that “some who claim the position of ‘anti-missionary activists'” are not “objective” when it comes to determining who is trying to convert Jews. He claims that “anti-missionaries” “manipulate information” in an attempt to prove someone is a missionary. However, Ha’ivri chooses to ignore the words of those he claims “are not missionaries.” I prefer to allow the “missionaries” to speak for themselves, because it’s their own words and actions that prove what they are trying to do.

    As an example, Ha’ivri mentions Waller, as one of those who is not a missionary. Waller, who brings hundreds of non-Jews to Israel to work in the vineyards of the Shomron, came to Israel several years ago. In a video that explained why he and his family came to Israel in the first place, Waller says that, “We are dedicated as a family to sharing the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) by serving the people of Israel within the agricultural settlements and Kibbutzim. We believe that we are living in, what has been prophesied as, the end times.” This is clearly not passing out leaflets or “offering classes in Christian faith to Jews,” but the objective is the same. This type of proselytizing is called “friendshipping.” It places Jews into a position of questioning, not their faith, but rather why someone would go out of their way to help the Jews. This opens a door for the missionary to explain their faith to the Jew; after all, would you deny a person the ability to answer a question asked honestly? It is a back door approach to missionizing, and it works.

    Ha’vri also ignores the people that Waller is associated with. An example would be the Ortiz family. This “messianic” family that lives in Ariel, and openly proselytizes in Israeli cities. Waller and his family can be seen on a rather anti-Jewish video about the Ortiz family, which includes footage of Ortiz passing out leaflets in Israel. Is this guilt by association. Perhaps so, but my question for Ha’ivri is, if he wouldn’t “work with any group that has a missionary agenda targeting Jews,” would he work with those who aid and comfort such groups? Waller and his family continue to do so, working with many such groups in the U.S.

    Yes, as one of the “anti-missionaries” who has worked for over 30 years to counter the efforts of Christian missionaries to destroy the Jewish people, I do believe as Ha’ivri does, that “not all gestures of friendship by Christians hide an intention to missionize us. But it is self-serving on Ha’ivri’s part to ignore the evidence. While he himself may not be vulnerable to their message, there are many in Israel and in the Shomron who are not knowledgeable or sophisticated enough to resist or even recognize missionizing. These are the Jews who we are concerned with, and when they embrace Christianity as unfortunately many in Israel have, at least as an “anti-missionary” I’ll be able to say to their families that I did everything to try and warn them of the danger. What will Ha’ivri say?

    Akiva Powers
    American Director
    MAGEN, The Counter Missionary Organization

  20. Reading comprehension problem?

    You didn’t write he was “was arrested for celebrating the murder of a Jew”?

    I don’t know his background, but you’re the one doing the ad hominum attacks instead of addressing the subject he’s talking about.

  21. David states the following: “I am very clear on my stand: I do not, have not and will not work with any group that has a missionary agenda targeting Jews.”

    Perhaps David was asleep during while his buddy Waller was speaking in a 2-hour program on God’s Learning Channel (GLC), a missionary television network dedicated to “help you see Yeshua (Jesus) in the Torah”.

    In these excerpts from the 2-hour show, Tommy Waller quotes from the new testament and describes his Christian mission.

  22. David, you work so hard to ensure the Samaria towns for the Jewish people yet you are willing to empower those Christian evangelicals who clearly see the land of israel as belonging to christianity when all very soon accept jesus as the messiah, according to the belief of many of those whom you encourage.
    The temple mount is to be the throne of jesus according to so many of their sites,blogs and quotes . David , would you possibly want to empower these beliefs in our homeland ?????
    Why would you want to have your picture taken with the christian groups that are used together with descriptions of how you accept their funding ,are grateful and jealous of their success ==all these as means for their raising more funds for the missionary or messianic groups they support financially even more generously than they support Israel.
    This is surely not true of all Christian Zionist Evangelists but David if you check diligently you yourself willsee it is true of many of them.
    David HaIvri ,you are a representative of the Jewish people living in Samaria—with this comes a serious responsibility. Unfortunately the article you wrote was in my humble opinion reckless and irresponsible.

  23. Did I mention paranoia?

    I won’t bother repeating what I already wrote in the article. Criticism on my stand is based mainly on the critics fears and their say so.

    Guilt by association, statements taken out of context and reference to nothing (things that weren’t said or done).

    I took the time to investigate thoroughly and am convinced that I am not cooperating with Christians who targeting Jews. But, only the type who wish Jews to be loyal to Torah and the land of Israel.

    I am concerned no less then others that weak Jews might be manipulated by missionaries. The best protection for that is that strong Jews care for our own weak. In the Shomron we take care of our own needy within the framework of our community. We also reach out to needy Jews in places like Ramla. Instead of speculating and building imaginary monsters, wouldn’t it be better for caring Jews to put their efforts into reaching out to Jews in distress and actually helping them in a positive way. Teach more Torah to those who are lacking it.

    Facing the nations with a strong Jewish message. They are waiting to hear and learn from us, but, it will be very difficult for us to address them as a nation if we are terrified of facing them.

    The nations will see that the name of HaShem is on us and they will fear and respect us.

  24. While Mr. Ha’Ivri’s desire to embrace all who support Israel is noble, many of his comments in this article are uninformed. As a counter-missionary who was a born-again Christian, in Christian leadership for 17 years, a graduate of bible college, certified in Evangelism Explosion and a former counselor for the Billy Graham Crusade, I am considered somewhat of an expert on this subject.

    While it is true that Israel needs all the friends she can get, unfettered embracing of such friends at the expense of the spiritual survival of her people is not just naive, its a crime.

    Mr. Ha’Ivri claims in his article that Pastor Hagee and others have not produced any converts, but that simply isn’t true. As a counter-missionary who works primarily “in the field”, I have met dozens of Jews who have embraced Christianity because the generosity and charisma of men like Hagee have caused them to be open to a message they previously would have rejected.

    And while Mr. Ha’Ivri may have met well meaning Christians who claim not to be missionaries, the truth is that the same theology that causes them to take seriously and literally the verse that says, “I will bless those who bless you” causes them to take seriously the Great Commission of Jesus which states that Christians are to go into all the world and make disciples (converts) of every people – and to quote Paul – “to the Jew first and also to the Gentile”.

    The famous preacher, Charles Spurgeon, said it best – “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.” His words, not mine.

    The dilemma of the double-edged sword of Evangelical Christian support for Israel is not an easy one, but acknowledging the situation for what it really is, and admitting that we really do have a problem, is the first step in developing healthy boundaries in public policy that will protect the Jewish people both spiritually and politically, and guarantee that there will continue to be a Jewish nation to protect.

  25. If it is halachically forbidden to accept money from Christians please explain how: The Young Israel, the OU, Colel Chabad, Nachal Haredi, Rav Grossman (yes THE Rav Grossman) accept money from Pastor Jon Hagee? (Along with many other Chareidi institutions whom I will not name that also take $) Of course you will respond that they are all going against halacha…but I don’t think so. There are DEFINITELY poskim who permit it.

  26. David:
    If you really want to be a responsible Jewish person then you would be teaching these
    goyim the 7 laws of Noach. It is proven over and over that Waller, Hagee, and others support missionary efforts in Israel. Hagee supports “Daystar”, a missionary satellite television station in Israel. has many thoroughly researched articles and videos that attest to the problems posed by the people you list as benign.
    Further, I would caution you not to dismiss Jews who “stay at home and read Tehillim”. Your discounting of this serious practice may show a disdain for your own people.
    It’s time for you to do a serious re-evaluation of your efforts and the people you
    associate with. Look around: the Haredi and other observant rabbis of Israel and the Diaspora do not associate with these people. Look to these rabbis for guidance. (not the wackos like Shlomo Riskin or his ilk.)
    You are doing a great dis-service to the Jewish people and your own life by giving
    power and credence to those who are proven to be exemplars of the “kiss of esav”. Google that one, Daivd: The Kiss of Esav by Eser Agaroth. and read how the founder of xianity is a gilgul of the evil esav.
    Wake up brother, and stop steering your people wrong.

  27. Mr. Ha’Ivri,
    How can you expect regular Jewish people to believe you when you appear on a program like this?
    A program whose creepy introduction and content is clearly about spreading xianity.
    And you sit next to tommy waller while he quotes the false book of xianity.
    Any normal, sensible Jewish person would have to suspect this.

    You need help, David. Stop associating with these smiling edomites with evil
    intentions to undermine the Torah of Israel.

  28. Yashir koach!! Beautifully stated. I know that it is very hard to believe until one meets some of these amazing Christians who, yes, love Jews for being Jews and love Israel for being Israel. They are fearless advocates, they are many. They are awesome! I have attended 2 CUFI conferences in Washington, joined them while I was in Israel at enormously moving programs with Glenn Beck, Pastor Hagee and others. Most moving were the people, the many of whom were in Israel for the first time ever, at great expense for them (physically as well as financially) and who were moved beyond belief at the beauty and spirituality of Israel and Israelis.
    I first attended a CUFI session with Pastor Michael Stevens. Many people were actually crying at a film about the holocaust and how they felt Christians were guilty in allowing it to happen. I was moved to tears by his words as they showed a film about the light that Israel brings to the world, with clips about the Israeli medical teams who were the first to go to Haiti, to help after the disasters, bringing the Ethiopians Jews home to Israel, medical and scientific developments that benefit the world – really deep and wonderful examples of Israel being an Or LeGoyim and of miracles happening that we are not always able to step back and see.
    They honor us because we are Jews, Hashem’s chosen people. I’ll take it. Bless them, their courage and willingness to stand up strongly for us and for Israel. That’s more than I can say for alot of our “friends”, for whom many are willing to bend over backwards explaining away what sounds so much like the same words our enemies use.

  29. I have only read some of these comments. But as a non-Jew, albeit a person who truly loves the Jewish people and the Land, I want to make a comment on something that I think is sorely misunderstood or avoided in this ongoing midrash. There were 10 tribes who left Egypt. When they came to the Promised Land Joshua allocated each tribe his portion of the Land. Judah is only ONE of these tribes. Yes Judah was the only one who remained faithful to Torah, the other tribes became “Lost” and were dispersed into the nations. But Hashem tells us over and over again in the Tanach that He will eventually bring Ephraim, referring to the lost tribes, back to the Land and that He will bring the two sticks – Judah and Ephraim – back together again. This is scripture and Hashem will bring it to pass. We – goy – are not the pagans that Abraham was told not to mix with – we are your Israelite brothers who were lost and are now being brought back to the Land at great personal sacrifice and expense without even understanding why. I believe that a lot of the problem in the relationship between the Israelites (all Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews) is that the Jews fail to see and/or acknowledge that Hashem is working out His purpose here. Israel needs all the friends they can get. I am not only your friend, I am also your brother. I have absolutely no hidden agendas. I am here because I love you and I love Hashem’s Land and I want to stand next to you. And there are many others here in Israel now, and who want to be here also, who are exactly like me. We would love to feel welcomed !!

  30. “Why can’t some people stand the unworried attitude of David Ha’Ivry?”

    Because it is dangerous to the Jewish people and to efforts to retain control of the Land of Israel. And because he is simply wrong and falsehood must be fought with Truth at all times and in every place.(Btw, HaRav Dov Lior, for one, has paskened that it is forbidden to accept xian donations. Perhaps the Jewish Press will ask him to respond for a Torah-perspective which is sadly lacking here.)

    There is a two-pronged agenda behind the current rush to “buy into” the settlements. 1) Knowing the hakarat hatov of the Jews, they want to build a feeling of obligation, so that Jews will feel they have no choice but to listen to their “good news” when the time for pay-back arrives. 2) They know that the West is going down and they want to bail out of America and flee to Eretz Yisrael. They believe that it is their “brithright” as well, and after all, they have already invested millions of dollars into it, haven’t they. How could we possibly refuse them? Again, a payback will be expected. (Note that if the expected “pay-back” fails to materialize, then there will be “blow-back” in the form of heightened antisemitism. We’ve already been set on a collision course with these so-called “friends.”

    Nothing good is going to come out of this. Mark my words well.

  31. A “loophole” can always be found, if one looks hard enough, or if the amount of money involved is large enough. There are no popes in Judaism – no one without sin. Even Moshe Rabeinu erred. These people and organizations have also erred and they will each pay a price for this sin. If you want to join them, know that the price they are going to pay is far greater than any perceived benefit they might have derived from their ill-gotten gains.

  32. You are seriously deluded. The only question is, are you really that ignorant or really that evil.

    No, I don’t expect this comment to pass muster, but I had to say it anyway.

    There is another side to this that no one talks about and that is the ethics of 1) taking their money (and free labor) knowing that they are expecting something in return and you have no intention of giving it to them and, 2) you have no problem with them proselytizing other gentiles as long as they leave the Jews alone.

    On the first score, it provides fuel for the Jews as “money-grubbers” accusation and on the second, being a “Light to the Nations” requires that we ensure that falsehood is replaced by Truth for ALL people, not just the Jews!

  33. There is one more consideration which I would like to point out. In the past, I have been in touch with groups of Noahides throughout the world. They do not have the massive church and missionary machinery behind them which provides the only voice many Jews seem able to hear these days – money (and lots of it) and (perceived)political clout.

    Most of them came out of Christianity, many of them at very great personal sacrifice. Some lost relationships with children and grandchildren who cut them off when they rejected the Yeshu idol. Some expressed that they had felt emotionally and psychologically enslaved and abused by this false system. They expressed to me their chagrin and resentment at witnessing their only natural allies, the Jews, embracing their former tormentors, while they and their needs were totally ignored.

    This is the greatest chillul Hashem in the world today!

  34. I certainly don’t think all Christians and/or “Messianic Jews” that are trying to be friends to Israel and the Jews are trying to convert Jews (at least not actively), however, I do think they have a very different viewpoint on “why” Israel should be supported that is deeply rooted in their threology.
    Many Christians do not fully realize how very different Jewish theology and eschatology are from their own.

    The issue with this is not major until certain situations arise in which their Zionist politics get questioned or assailed in the public eye and the reasons they state have to do primarily with Jesus rather than with democracy or some mutual respect in regards to the Jewish religious culture. It gets confusing for some and culturally very touchy for many when this happens.

  35. I just wanted to give my thanks to Devorah and mrabenu and Yonatan for recognising the B’nei Noach. It is sweet to read their words, especially after hearing all the praise for ‘Israel’s best friends’. Their words are a balm to me.

    It is completely spiritually fulfilling being B’nei Noach, but it is a lonely place, emotionally. I live in an ‘in between zone’, not Jewish, yet not anything else. I have no spiritual community, except the few Jews who understand what B’nei Noachs believe. Christians view me as ‘worse’ than Jews because I believe what Jews believe yet I’m not ‘chosen’. Many Jewish people I know don’t know what B’nei Noach is and view me with disdain as a follower some archaic sect of Judaism.

    When I hear, pretty much constantly, the praise for ‘Israels greatest ally’ I think two things.

    First: The Nation of Israel’s greatest ally is HaShem.

    Second: An ally, a friend, is not a person who thinks you need to be perfected, or need changing, or puts up with what they consider your bad habits of denying their beliefs, or believes you will come around to their set of thinking at crunch time. A genuine friend accepts you exactly as you are, embraces who you are, listens, learns from you and is grateful for your being, with no agenda attached. That is the B’nei Noach.

    I don’t have a lot of money. There are not many of us. But I give to both Israel and Jewish charities. The Nation of Israel has my unending support, spiritually and financially. Why are there no op-eds for the Noachide?

    Reading David Ha’ivri’s words, and others here who seem to be in an almighty rush to praise Christians as the best friends of Jews, is truly hurtful to me. It is an old hurt, and one which will be repeated. I still hope for the day when some Jews recognise the friendship of the Goyim who have accepted and have love for the Torah and the Jews, unaltered, and hope these Jews come to see the B’nei Noach as the genuine eternal friends of the Jewish Nation.

    I don’t know if my words are worth anything to anyone here, but as a former Christian, I know their agenda better than most Jews do. Please listen to the counter missionary people. They speak the truth.

    Thank you again, Devorah and mrabenu and Yonatan.

  36. While non-Jews are welcome to reside in our homeland, there are those among them that have their own agendas – like changing our identity to match theirs. It’s manipulative and wicked. Haivri says that he wouldn’t cooperate with Christians that want to convert us – yet he does! His appearance with Waller on God’s LEarning Channel – (FTR – said channel is based on what? says that either Haivri has no idea what he’s talking about, or is lying.

  37. You should study the book of Joshua – they all received tribal land allotments, so they all left Egypt. The only tribe not to receive an allotment was Levi.

    Stranger In The Land, if you’re claiming you’re from the lost tribes, you have a very difficult case to make, likely impossible. The land was given by G-d to the Jews, not to Christians that want what we have. Further, the Torah teaches that we’re to rid our land of idolaters – not accept messianics as our brothers. Welcoming them to the land that G-d gave us can’t make Him happy.

  38. David,

    “took the time to investigate thoroughly and am convinced that I am not cooperating with Christians who targeting Jews. But, only the type who wish Jews to be loyal to Torah and the land of Israel.”

    Okay…then why the public appearances with Waller? We’re not afraid of them, as you accuse – it’s your embracing them that’s troublesome. I’d rather give all that land up than lose one soul to them…would you?

  39. What a tragedy your words are….You get an ego trip from these xians…I’m saddened by your words Karen. You are naive. This teary gratitude for friendship smacks of desperation. Jews have no need to feel desperate. We have HaShem….We are HaShem’s ally and HaShem is ours. People who want to change us and people who use deception to target the vulnerable in our communities are not our friends.

    Why be grateful that some xians have finally stopped vilifying Jews? It’s about time. It only took them 2000 years.

  40. Are you at all aware that the picture accompanying this article captures an ecstatic moment of worship of their false god Yeshu? Is that really something you want Jews to be viewing? You may scoff at the implied criticism, but the truth is that everything we see touches our souls, for good or for bad. Eyes are “windows to the soul in more ways than one.

  41. Torah Truth before Esav usurped Levi.

    We agree Ruth was not born a Jew; Ruth moved to Yisrael. Ruth asked Boaz to Redeem.

    Yosef’s wife- no convert; Her descendant Phineas’s lineage questioned during Exodus.
    Yosef in idolatrous nation, ‘foreign’ clothes, & ‘foreign’ language.
    Yosef’s heart for Yisrael and for Yosef’s brothers; Yosef knew all Good from G-d.

    Ezra rebuilt the Temple with foreign aid from an uncoverted pagan King.

    I hear the concern for Yisrael to be a Jewish nation; I hear the concern for protecting the hearts and mind of the children to live freely in a Jewish nation.

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