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While much of the Jewish world has mourned the loss of Malahi Rosenfeld, Danny Gonen and Eitam and Naama Henkin, Israelis who have been killed in recent days by Palestinian Arab terrorists, there are amongst American Jews a sub-community which stands with the families of the terrorists.   Those people are The New Israel Fund, and their donors including The Jewish Communal Fund, The Jim Joseph Foundation, The Leichtag Foundation, Lopatin Foundation and others.

A grantee of The New Israel Fund, Hamoked, today successfully petitioned Israel’s Supreme Court topostpone the demolition of terrorists’ homes who have recently carried out attacks against Israelis.  Strengthening the enemy, this group who received $720,301 from NIF in the past six years filed petitions for the families of Hamas terrorists that killed Israelis.


Israel’s Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett today said that The New Israel Fund had “reached a new peak of Israel-hatred with yet another one of its organizations, which filed the motion to the High Court.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu noted “Look, we destroyed the home of a terrorist three days ago. Now, we have a policy of creating a price for suicide terrorists, because the suicide terrorist commits suicide after all, it is reasonable to assume he realizes he is committing suicide, but we know that this is one of the effective tools. Our problem is the gap between the deed and the result of the deed. That is why we are really asking cut down the time, and I hope that the High Court decides whatever it decides quickly, and better that it decide fast and not slowly. If they decide – and usually they do decide to demolish – better to do it close to the deed, in a matter of a few days and not weeks or months.”

Deterrence of terror matters greatly.  These fools strengthen the enemies of the Jewish people. The New Israel Fund must be stopped – and their donors must be shunned.

How can the President of UJA-Federation, Alisa Doctoroff remain in her position when she openly funds NIF – and stands with the families of terrorists?  How can Temple Israel of White Plains stand in silence while their Rabbi, Gordon Tucker proudly finances an organization that defends the families of those who killed Israelis?  Have we no shame?


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Ronn Torossian is Founder and CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR Firm in New York and one of the 20 largest independently owned agencies in the United States. Ronn is an active Jewish philanthropist through his charity organization, the Ronn Torossian Foundation.


  1. This is nothing short of an obscenity. I really don't understand those anti-Semitic Jewish people. Are they even Jewish anymore? If someone were killing their family members in cold blood, in their neighborhood, on their streets, would they be taking their side? Funding terrorism is, in my opinion, a treacherous act. They live in the U.S. so they get away with it. Israel has always been the U.S.'s closest ally until the current administration decided go get into bed with the enemy. Do they think they can sit around a campfire with them and sing Kumbaya? We have enough anti-Semites in the word, Jewish People Need NOT Apply.

  2. The court made the decicion, not the petitioners. I would really like to see what was presented and why the court made the decision. Perhaps there is some logic that we are not seeing here. I can anticipate some logic that suggests that the families were surprised by the actions of their children. This is–mostly–a bit different than the mass suicide bombers and what appeared to be terrorsit organization funded efforts. I am not trying to make excuses, only to understand the thought process.

  3. There's no reason to upset at the Jews, or the ones who hate the Jews. As the BIBLE clearly states that the Lord will make Jerusalem a 'burdensome stone' for all the people. HE also clearly stated that Put and Cush (Iran/Russia) will come against Israel and all nations will gather around her to destroy her. Then the Lord God himself cuts them to pieces. So you see people, ISRAEL WILL REMAIN FOREVER. Read the bible because its real and its unfolding right in our faces. The most terrible thing on earth is to be a Muslim. They are on the wrong side of history.

  4. It is harder every day to feel bad for Israel and the Jewish people. Jews give their money and votes to the Democratic Party. Look what the Democratic Party does for them. But they keep giving and supporting the Democrats. Obama and democrats are on a path to destroy Israel and the Jews of America or helping them. American Jews better wake up Trump is the only one that can help us make America strong and great again.

  5. I fail to understand these people. Who can go against his own people? Who is so stupid to support terrorrists?. Those who do are guilty of the same crime whether they support with their money or otherwise. Have vthey not learned from WW II? what happened to those who supported Hitler and his nazi's? Many of them received the death penalty and they deserved it. Even if they were not germans.

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