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Iron Dome intercepts rockets launched from Gaza. May 10, 2021

Israel is under attack.

It is not the first time and it won’t be the last time either.


As per usual, the usual bunch of Jew haters have jumped aboard the hatefest to condemn Israel in every possible way they can think of. Even as rockets rain down on innocent men, women and children forcing them into shelters to protect themselves, Democratic party senators – among them Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaid, continued their blood libel against the Jewish people by peddling their lies accusing Israel of apartheid and attacking innocent people while praying.

Not to be outdone by his fellow Jew haters, Bernie Sanders quickly jumped aboard the hurtling hate train, accusing Israelis of instigating the violence in Jerusalem. As did Elizabeth Warren who said “these evictions are illegal and must stop immediately.”
So what exactly is Elizabeth referring to?

Well, much of the media will try to tell you that the latest bout of violence has been instigated by Israel, when the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Arab residents could be evicted from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. And naturally the people revolted.

Except, what the media will not tell you is that that it is not their homes at all and never was. The area of Sheikh Jarrah is on Jewish-owned land that was ethnically cleansed by the Jordanians in their genocidal attempts to destroy Israel in 1948. Then, in an illegal action, the Jordanians colonized that Jewish-owned land. It remained under their control until the Israelis conquered the area back in 1967 in a defensive war when the Jordanians once again attempted to complete their genocidal attempt from back in 1948. From that point on it once again came under Jewish control, even though the Arabs remained there. In fact the Supreme Court actually ruled that the illegal squatters could stay if they paid rent – which they refused to do anyway – hence the ruling on evictions.

By the way – do you think these international groups who are so vocal now in condemning Israel for these evictions were as vocal when the Arabs colonized and ethnically cleansed Jewish land of its Jewish residents? No… nothing… not a word. The illegal and brutalized actions of the Arabs were greeted with nothing more than silence.

And if you also thought these evictions are the cause of the violence we are seeing in Jerusalem right now, including the rocket attacks by Hamas, you’d be mistaken.
Because let it be made abundantly clear that the violence we are seeing in Israel right now, including the rocket attacks and the riots in Jerusalem have nothing to do with a bunch of illegal squatters refusing to pay rent on Jewish owned land.

It has nothing to do with access to Islam’s 3rd holiest site on the Temple Mount – a Jewish area that the Arabs purposely decided to build their mosque upon.

It has nothing to do with the so-called freedom of Muslims to pray on this site.

All of those things are just frivolous distractions to make the most ignorant and hateful, including those American senators above, think the Arabs somehow have a good reason to unleash violence on innocent people.

Because the cause of the violence – the real root cause – is the exact same cause of the Gaza wars, of the Lebanon wars, of all the Arab wars and of the thousands and thousands of terrorist attacks we have witnessed over so many years and so many decades in this small patch of land. It is the cause of countless Arab pogroms of the 1920s and 1930s – long before the State of Israel itself became a legal entity.

And that cause is the existence of Israel itself. But even more importantly, it’s about the fact that Jews – the people of this land, in which our origins and our history and our culture and our prayers and our nationhood stretch back further than any Arab can ever dream of, are back.

To them, the talk of borders that so many international parties are obsessed with have no relevance, for they do not see Israel as a country that should exist at all. The two state solution is not the goal – and it never has been. The goal is not even the creation of a fictitious state called ‘palestine.’ It’s never been that too – for they had ample opportunities to do so if they wished.

No, the goal is nothing so noble as to create a better future for their people. The goal is simply the annihilation of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.
Every Jew who cares about Israel should be angry right now, because the world, as usual, is purposely blind to our history and our connection to this land.

How is it right that in the Al Aqsa mosque that sits atop the Temple Mount, the Arabs have collected rocks in order to throw down at Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall? How is the world media silent on this premediated act of violence?

And how is it right that the Israeli government bars only Jews from worshipping on the Temple Mount, but allows these same Muslims who gather stones in their holy mosque for violent use free access? It is shameful that the world applauds this blatant act of discrimination against Jews, yet remains silent when Arab colonisation has taken much of our land.

Sometimes we look at the violence that occurs in Israel and we think how can it be ended? I don’t know if it can, but I do know that if Israel didn’t defend itself not only against the marauding mobs of Arabs who scream death to the Jews on the Temple Mount, but also against the many organizations whose determination to delegitimize Israel continues relentlessly, there would simply be no Israel.

We are living in a time of such hatred towards the Jewish people – a time when the existence of Israel is debated with such casual disdain, it’s downright frightening for every Jew alive. As the Guardian newspaper in Britain said the other day, one of their biggest errors in their 200 years of publishing history was their editorial support at the time for the Balfour Declaration – a declaration that led to the Jewish state being formed. Think about that for a moment – for a western published newspaper basically just said they regret the fact that the State of Israel exists.

And we all know the price of not having a Jewish state to protect us.

So our reaction to these attacks against our people from so many spheres must never be to shy away, but to step up.

Because every Jew should hold their head up high with absolute pride and respect for our Jewish homeland. We must support the People of Israel and the Land of Israel, for in doing so we support our own existence and our freedom and ability to live our lives with dignity and pride wherever we are.

The Arab mobs, the Jew hating press, the hate-filled international organizations don’t want us to stand tall but to cower away. But we are stronger than the strongest hate against us and we are mightier than the mightiest forces against us too.

To the great distress of many, the People of Israel live, and to the great horror of our enemies, we aren’t going anywhere either.

Jews hold a giant Israeli national flag at the Western Wall on the eve of Jerusalem Liberation Day, May 9, 2021.

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Justin Amler is a noted South African born, Australia-based writer and commentator on international issues.