Photo Credit: Majdi Fatchi / TPS
Rockets being launched from Gaza. May 12, 2021

One of the hundreds of rockets that were launched from Gaza at Israel overnight struck in Lod at around 3:30 AM. According to reports, the missile hit an adult (52) and his teenage daughter (16) who were outside in a car. The hospital confirmed their deaths. On social media sites the victims of the Gazan missile attack were identified as Arabs. A number of homes in the central Israel region have been hit by Gazan missiles tonight. A home in Yahud was hit around the same time as the strike on Lod, but no one was injured in that attack.


A bus was hit in Holon earlier in the evening, but it was empty at the time. Some 600 rockets have been fired at Israel so far.

Two more Israelis were killed during the rocket fire on Tuesday in Ashkelon. Dozens of Israelis, including a 5-year-old girl from Holon have been injured in the attacks, and an 84-year-old man running to the bomb shelter.

Lod has been the scene of massive Arab pogroms against the Jewish community. The Arab rioters have burned multiple synagogues and attacked Jewish residents. Border Police have been sent in to the city to quell the Arab violence.


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