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The New Israel Fund has issued a press release in response to the terror taking place in Israel which can be summarized as terrorism is bad, but its Israel to blame.

One can read it in full on their website, or skim the excerpts:


“Let us not bury our heads in the sand. When Palestinians have no hope for an end to forty-eight years of occupation, the waves of individual and collective violence will most likely continue. Therefore, despite the pain of the past few weeks, the Israeli government’s most urgent task is to work towards promoting a diplomatic solution of the core issues of the conflict. Neither repression of protest nor boycotts of Israel’s Arab minority nor collective punishment will result in greater peace and safety. Expanding the building of settlements in the occupied territories cannot be the answer to violence, and indeed will only spur more terrorist activity.”

Basically, they say Israel is to blame. The New Israel Fund naturally don’t address the fact that in 1948, 1956 and 1967 there were no settlements that the Palestinian Arabs could blame for the terror.

Yet, this is The New Israel Fund, an organization devoted to blaming Israel – and backed by American Jews including Barbara & Eric Dobkin, The Lopatin Family Foundation, Carole and Saul Zabar, The Jewish Communal Fund and others – and while Israel is under attack, American Jews keep funding Israel’s enemies. They claim to care deeply about Israel – how can they continue funding this organization? What more can be said?

Ze’ev Jabotinsky asked many years ago, “What interest can the Jewish nation have in individuals whose supreme pride consists in the fact that they have renounced their own people? The bitter root of our shame and our suffering is that we do not give our own people the full love of a patriot. It would be better if we did not love our people at all, if we were unconcerned as to whether it existed or had disappeared, rather than that we should love it halfway which means to despise it.”


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Ronn Torossian is Founder and CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR Firm in New York and one of the 20 largest independently owned agencies in the United States. Ronn is an active Jewish philanthropist through his charity organization, the Ronn Torossian Foundation.


  1. "Basically, they say Israel is to blame. The New Israel Fund naturally don’t address the fact that in 1948, 1956 and 1967 there were no settlements that the Palestinian Arabs could blame for the terror."

    You can make nice sounding comments by trying to hide unfavorable details and hoping people draw the wrong conclusion. You cannot however claim that the arabs came to Europe and started throwing stones at the Jews, so how then did Jews fall under attack? Hmm….

  2. The late Primo Levi wrote, "that to confuse murderers with their victims is a moral disease, or an aesthetic affectation or a sinister sign of complicity; above all it is a precious service rendered (intentionally or not), to the negators of truth." This describes David Adra and the New Israel Fund.

  3. Muslims are not bad people. They are just people with a bad belief system. Religion was in fact the beginning of science. Religion was man kinds first foray into figuring out the world that he lived in. The science of learning was undeveloped. But that didn't stop progress.

    Why does the sun come up every day and warm the earth? Of course nobody knew the answer to that question. So somebody imagined an answer. It was the Sun God. A whole body of ideology was developed around the Sun God.

    There were many other mysteries and wants and concerns. Many other supernatural ideologies came into being. They provided an answer to the mysteries of their world. Today we refer to those ancient ideologies as Paganism.

    We recognize today that they are or were no more than the fertile imagination of ancient mankind. But, what modern religion closes their eyes to, is that monotheism is just a natural evolution of Paganism. In fact there are still some of the relics of paganism still in Christianity.

    The new theology was carefully crafted to appeal to the broad masses.

    There are major differences between the three Abrahamic religions that are beyond the scope of this treatise. Nor will I delve into the theology of any of them.

    But let us explicitly note, that modern religion is just as much imagineered, as was it's forerunner, paganism. And that is what is taught in every reputable secular institution of higher learning the world over.

    And the urgency of the reality of this message is fueled by the role of religion in the death and destruction of war roiling the Middle East and the world today. And much of the misapprehension that is a monkey wrench in efforts to stem the violence is in Christianity itself. To wit, their belief that they are commanded by God to love the Jews and to support Israel.

  4. Boss , who asked your support to release press note ?

    Please answer to the below question …

    1. From How long and how much you are funding to Israel ? else remove Israel Name from NEW Israel Fund.

    2. Do you have enough experince to analyse the issue and to comment on this ?

    have your ever compared your age and palestine conflict age ? ( are you talking right points or false alligation )

    3. Have you released the Press note for below .

    How Many Jews Killed & How Many Palestines Killed and why ?

    How Many Jews Wounded & How Many Palestines Wounded and Why ?

    Who attacked and why who are back behind the attackes ?

    who is funding them ?

    4. Are you in the ground report place to see the issue , who correct and whose wrong ?

    I Request you dont make false alligation if you dont know exact truth from the ground level .

  5. Please! Jabotinsky's arguments emerged at a very different time and place! He was also a product of unbelievable trauma! The Jewish people now possess one of the strongest military forces in the world. We, or should i say, the Israeli Right, and its policies are the greatest threat to Judaism in a very very long time. The essence of Torah is a kind heart. As Hillel said …….That which is hateful to you, do not unto another: This is the whole Torah. The rest is commentary. Netanyahu and the Right represent the exact opposite of this….

    do unto others what is most hateful to you most before they do it to you……Yes, this is not Judaism…it is the opposite of it. And worse, it uses fear to bread hatred…..

  6. American Jews "care deeply" about a secular refuge state whose existence implicitly condemns the religious impulse–they are embarrassed by a JEWISH state in the HOLY LAND–and by the "inbred morons" of the American hinterlands who support it.

    American Jews are a piece of work.

  7. This is what most American Jews did during WWII, they were silent. Ben Hecht, an American writer, journalist, his book “A Child of the Century”.
    Hecht rallied American Jews to line up and expose the murderess Nazis to the world, to save Europe’s Jews. His calls went unanswered. Jews philosophical thought diffused the reality of the day. American Jews valued being Americans first, they chose not to be a Jew and silence followed. While they fought for all other causes “the Jew vanished” giving antisemitism power to thrive. Ben Hecht’s experience from 1940s is relevant, it is repeated in the indifference of today.

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